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  • 19. Beatles and Bear Mace

    This week Garrett and Yury talk about Garrett’s taste in music (or perhaps lack thereof you be the judge). We hear about how Bear Mace is used and in our Fill in the Dumb this week, Yury gets to take a shot at answering questions. Will he do better than Garrett usually does? Find out!

  • 18. Billions & Burgers

    This week Garrett and Yury discuss a bank error in someone’s favor (it’s like real life monopoly), the best and worst burger joints in town and a new type of cocaine for all the vegans out there. Stick around to the end where you will learn how to tell the world’s best knock knock joke!

  • 17. The Corona Pirates

    We’re BACK!!! Did you miss us? We totally missed you! Join Garrett and Yury this week for some catch up time. Hear WHY we were not able to record and what we plan to do going forward. (HINT: We will be recording again). This week we discuss, The Corona Pirates, Ironically crashing into a Taco Bell sign, an exorcism broken up in a Pennsylvania Home Depot store among other things. Don’t forget to stick around to the end to hear our Dummy Of the Week. You will NOT be disappointed we promise!

  • 16. Garrett and Yury’s Express Episode

    This week Garrett and Yury play fill in the dumb against each other. The end is something you would never imagine happening! Listen to the end and you might be surprised.

  • 15. The Instagram scene and beyond with special guest Nicol Concilio

    This week Garrett and Yury have a very special guest host. The guys are joined by Nicol Concilio a beauty/lifestyle content creator with 1.1 Million Instagram followers and over 860K YouTube Subscribers. Nicol comes by and brings the funny this week! Join us as we discuss “sober” boat building with Home Depot materials, Manure and how NOT to get more Instagram followers.

Welcome to the This Week Is Dumb Podcast!

This podcast focuses on dumb news and other dumb things that have happened in the world. Join us weekly for some of the most outrageous news that we can find. Let us search the web for the news that really shouldn’t even be talked about and yet we can’t stop! 

Join us for a game of “Fill in the Dumb” or interact with the show by calling us at (888) FAN-DUMB. If your voicemail is dumb enough it might just be featured on an episode!

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