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13. COVID and Drones


This week Garrett and Yury welcome a special guest Jeron Dooling to the show. The guys hang out and talk about COVID, how Felonious Blockbuster can be (even today) and about Drones (among other things). Don’t forget to listen all the way to the end for our Dummy Of The Week…You WON’T be sorry!!!!

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Check out Jeron’s Improv Group on Facebook as well as his podcast Just Kiss Already

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Episode Transcript

Voice Over: [00:00:00] It’s time for the this week is dumb podcast. A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a bit and hear about some of the dumb things that we found this week. Now, here are your hosts, Garrett and Yury.

Garrett: [00:00:15] Hey, everybody. Welcome back in. This is episode number 13 of this week is dumb. Thanks for joining us and coming back to hang out with us for another week of just dumb shit.

Joining me as always. My cohost, the man of the hour Yury say hi to everybody Yury in case you forgot.

Yury: [00:00:29] What’s up, everybody. And I know you’re all expecting me to come up with some new term. I’ve gotten nothing this week. I am stumped.

Garrett: [00:00:36] So can we just call our listeners dumdums this week?

Yury: [00:00:39] I think dumdums, it is for this week.

Garrett: [00:00:41] Well, the problem is did anybody win the game last week?

Yury: [00:00:44] Uh, I mean it wasn’t you, so I think by default, we can say someone won the game. It just wasn’t you.

Garrett: [00:00:50] I don’t understand how I can never win that game. Maybe this week I’ll do better.

Yury: [00:00:53] I highly doubt it, but here’s to

Garrett: [00:00:55] hoping Yury, I have brought us a guest this week and I hope you’re going to enjoy our guests this week, because I know I’ve enjoyed getting to know him.

Uh, this week, joining us is, Jeron Dooling. Now Jeron is actually part of an improv group and also has his own podcast called Just Kiss Already. I’m really excited because Jeron’s our first guest hosts that’s coming from you guessed it, the state of Florida. So let’s say hi to Jeron.

Yury: [00:01:21] Oh boy.

Jeron: [00:01:22] Howdy y’all.

How’s it going? Hello from Florida.

Garrett: [00:01:26] Howdy y’all does that mean you’re from Texas, or you from Florida? I’m confused.

Jeron: [00:01:31] I’m from Florida. We’ve appropriated the y’all, but howdy, he is a lifestyle choice. I’m a practicing cowboy.

Yury: [00:01:36] I mean, wouldn’t you go one step further and say, just living in Florida in general would be a lifestyle choice.

Jeron: [00:01:42] Yeah. It’s it’s for some of us, it’s a thrust upon us. We don’t have much of a choice, but it is definitely, you can adapt to it. We accept non-natives.

Garrett: [00:01:51] You know, we, we do end up with quite a few stories on this podcast that come out of Florida. Uh, so we’re very familiar with Florida. I’ve been to Florida a few times.

As I mentioned last week, I was actually stationed in Orlando, Florida, not at Disney world. So shut up Yury.

Yury: [00:02:05] Lies.

Garrett: [00:02:07] I was stationed in Orlando, Florida back in the day, which was a Wednesday, by the way. Uh, so I’ve lived in Florida. And interestingly enough, the one thing that I remember the most about living in Florida was the sun showers every day at like 3:00 PM.

I could walk outside and there would be a sun shower happening. It was just raining, but the sun was shining and it happened to me here in LA. This last Tuesday was unbelievable. I walked outside. It was like three o’clock. Boom. All of a sudden rain is falling, but the sun is out.

Jeron: [00:02:37] Oh, wow.  When you were in Florida, did you ever experience a zebra storm?

Yury: [00:02:41] Oh, a zebra storm, like raining animals or is that just like a nickname for something?

Jeron: [00:02:45] No, it’s like when you’re going down a major highway and there’s, alternating patterns of sunspot, dark cloud sunspot, dark cloud sunspot, dark cloud. So you’re just driving through like a layer cake of rain. And you never know when to turn your wipers off.

Yury: [00:02:59] So you mean just Florida weather?

Jeron: [00:03:00] Yeah, pretty much.

Yury: [00:03:02] Yeah. So you have a term for it. We just call it Florida weather. 

Jeron: [00:03:07] I used to have a forecast on our weather stations. Now it’s just a section that says Soup Du Jour

Yury: [00:03:12] Soup Du Jour. You can, you can feel the air in Florida, like. Every time we flown into the airport and like stepped out of the Gates of the airport.

It just hits you like a wall. It’s like this thick, dense, like disgusting, murky, hot, but cold at the same time. What kind of air?

Garrett: [00:03:31] Yury you’re this is our guest, man. You gotta be nice to him. Why are you insulting where he lives?

Jeron: [00:03:36] No he’s there. He’s right. Like, that’s the thing is that people from other countries like people from other countries, people from New York even will come down here and I’ll tell them other countries.

Yury: [00:03:48] Anybody who doesn’t live in Florida would be considered another country, you know, from your perspective

Jeron: [00:03:54] for tax purposes, certainly.

Uh, I was just going to say that I have this thing that I can feel whether or not it’s going to rain by the angle, the hair on my arms is standing. And when I tell people from other places that they’re like, what are you talking about? No way, but the sheer amount of moisture in the air affects the angle. So if it’s above like 45 degrees, I know it’s going to rain within the next three hours without fail.

Garrett: [00:04:18] Jeron, I’m thinking you might be in the wrong field. I don’t know what you do for a living, but if you’re not a weather forecaster, you’re definitely in the wrong field.

Yury: [00:04:27] Can you imagine if he was a weather forecaster and they were like Jeron, uh, with the weather. Uh, over to you, Jeron. And he goes, he just looks at his arm and he says, well, there’s a 20% chance of rain.

He looks at the other side of his arm, possibly some thunderstorms. And, uh, check back in with me. I’ll look at the other arm in 10 minutes and see if we can get something a little more accurate.

Jeron: [00:04:46] Unfortunately, I am peeling this afternoon, so we won’t be able to get that seven day forecast for another few days.

Garrett: [00:04:53] He’s he’s even got the voice for it too. Hey Jeron, why don’t you tell us about, uh, tell us about yourself real quick, you know, and your podcast and the improv group that you’re a part of.

Jeron: [00:05:02] Oh, yeah. I love to, uh, I’m a biology student from Florida. I’ve been doing improv for the last three years. I perform with my team, daytime delusions and my teammate, Kara and I co-host a podcast called just kiss already where we review romcom content that she has seen before and I have never seen, and it is kind of a whirlwind lesson in how not to date, is sort of a takeaway.

Garrett: [00:05:28] Yury loves romcoms. I think he seemed like every single romcom that’s ever existed

Yury: [00:05:32] or ever will be existed will be existed.

Garrett: [00:05:35] I’m sorry. Could you say that again?

Yury: [00:05:37] That’s a sentence. I speak English. I’m trying to make our guests sound more at home because I’m trying to speak Floridian.

Jeron: [00:05:43] Touche sir.

Yury: [00:05:48] What is your favorite romcom Jeron?

Jeron: [00:05:50] Uh, so I honestly, my favorite romcom I, have always been a big fan of

Yury: [00:05:58] Saving private Ryan?

Jeron: [00:06:01] I was gonna, I was gonna say Hook, the Robin Williams movie, just because something about like Julia Roberts played Tinkerbell. And that was like, I was very young when I watched that and I just want to be like, Oh man, uh, Robin Williams, the guy from Flubber is in love with Tinkerbell

Garrett: [00:06:15] and not to, not to outdo your story there, but you remember the twins that were in, uh, hook, uh, the twins that were lost.

Yeah. I actually played baseball with them. They were my friends, Brett and Brian. They wouldn’t remember me for anybody now, but I actually played baseball with them back in the day.

Yury: [00:06:31] So Brett and Brian, if you’re listening and you’d like to sponsor a webcast with your, uh, uh, Hook money that you are probably still getting residuals on.

Jeron: [00:06:40] Oh, you’re sweet, sweet Disney dollars. If you haven’t watched it recently, the first 25 minutes of Hook are the best horror movie ever made. And then it’s all downhill from there.

Garrett: [00:06:51] All right. I think we should jump into our first story. Uh, and the title of this first story is McDonald’s robber demands, chicken nuggets, but has to accept breakfast food because it was still too early.

Yury: [00:07:02] He tried to Rob them?

Garrett: [00:07:04] Yeah, that’s correct. So this happened in England and this guy has been,

Yury: [00:07:08] Oh, you know it’s going to be good then.

Garrett: [00:07:09] Yeah, this guy has been thrown in jail, uh, with not only some cash, but also some food that he made off with. And unfortunately for him, not only did he get caught, but he also wasn’t even able to get the meal he was hoping for because he asked them or he demanded, I guess, after he said, give me the money.

He said, and a 10 pack of chicken nuggets. And they said, I’m sorry, sir. It’s breakfast time. Can I offer you a egg McMuffin instead?

Jeron: [00:07:34] What, what, what rag published this article? May I ask

Garrett: [00:07:38] it’s on Fox news. Okay.

Jeron: [00:07:40] Well, you know,

Yury: [00:07:40] Jeron it’s on the internet, so it must be true.

Jeron: [00:07:43] Well, here’s the thing who was writing this and miss the opportunity to start the headline with perspective Hamburglar.

Denied service because of breakfast hours.

Yury: [00:07:52] Oh, man.

Garrett: [00:07:53] Uh, well, the, the guy who wrote the article is named Michael Holland. So I suggest you reach out to him. Tell him you got his byline and tell him he missed a huge opportunity. Cause I think you’re right. That would have been far more interesting.

Jeron: [00:08:03] Okay. I’ll tweet at them.

Yury: [00:08:05] So they have a gun pointed in their face. They’re emptying the drawers in the safe, and then they decided to make their last stand, like we’re not serving the sketches and nuggets because I’ve been to McDonald’s a little early. Right. And you want some lunch? It’s not like they don’t have the nuggets at the ready.

Garrett: [00:08:21] Right? Exactly.

Yury: [00:08:22] You know what I mean, like give them, give them all the hundreds.

He wants chicken nuggets. Absolutely not.

Garrett: [00:08:27] Hey, you have to draw the line somewhere. Okay. And if the drawing the line is, I’m not giving this guy, these chicken nuggets, which cost us a ton of money to make, then that’s where the line’s gotta be. Right.

Yury: [00:08:38] Apparently in England.

Jeron: [00:08:39] I feel like for every one of these guys who succeeds, there’s probably three who gets shut down by the sheer bravado of a cashier going, sorry, cash machine’s broken.

Yury: [00:08:49] Yeah. You know, then nevermind. Just keep the money. I don’t even want to rob you guys. Can you point me in the direction of the nearest McDonald’s that is serving lunch?

Jeron: [00:08:56] It’s down the block.

Yury: [00:08:57] What are you pointing at Garrett?

Garrett: [00:08:58] I was pointing at you to take us into the game.

Yury: [00:09:00] You can just say, take us into the game. We can edit that out.

Garrett: [00:09:03] Hey, Yury.

Yury: [00:09:04] Yeah,

Garrett: [00:09:05] Take us into the game.

Yury: [00:09:16] All right, Jeron well, it’s another week of fill in the dumb today. You are our ghost today. You’re a ghost.

Oh man. Uh, today you are our guest for fill in the dumb. And if you weren’t aware of how the game is played, basically, we’re going to pretend to play a game for about 10 minutes. And then I’ll dub you the winner and Garrett, the loser. That’s basically how it works.

Garrett: [00:09:41] Wait a minute. That’s not the way this is supposed to happen.

Yury: [00:09:43] Oh, come on Garrett. We both know. The game we’re playing here. All right. So, Jeron, again, these are actual news headlines. I did not make these up. However I did make up two of the answers. Uh, one of them will be correct.

For your first question. A flight was canceled after a man was arrested for blank and your possible answers are attempting to break into the cockpit claiming he was the pilot throwing six coins into the plane engine for good luck. Or offering COVID vaccines to fellow passengers in the airplane, bathroom and Jeron, I’m going to start with you.

Jeron: [00:10:19] Ah, geez. I feel like a, is the plot to Catch Me If You Can, and anybody who’s flying Delta definitely can’t afford the six coins that they throw into the engine.

Garrett: [00:10:29] So very well said,

Jeron: [00:10:30] I’m going to go with C because I love the mental image of a sign on an airport bathroom that says the doctor is in and then you flipped it and it says the doctor is out.

Yury: [00:10:40] I mean sure. It’s, it’s a sterile place. I’d probably get one on

Garrett: [00:10:44] What airplanes have you been in Yury that you would think a bathroom in an airplane is a sterile place?

Yury: [00:10:49] I’ve I mean, Southwest is pretty nice. Southwest is not nice. Actually. Southwest is basically like a bus with wings, but if you want to fly somewhere for $49,

Garrett: [00:10:59] Want to get away?

Yury: [00:11:00] Yeah.

Garrett: [00:11:01] Hey Southwest. If you’d like to sponsor our podcast, please reach out.

Yury: [00:11:04] It’s also the only airline you can get free COVID vaccines in the bathroom.

Jeron: [00:11:09] In a place where you have to be vaccinated to even go.

Garrett: [00:11:12] Oh, you know what you just did right there. Jeron, you may have just proved yourself wrong. Okay. Yury, go ahead and toss it over to me, cause now I have a good idea.

Yury: [00:11:19] Well, on Garrett’s note, I’m tossing it over to you.

Garrett: [00:11:22] Oh, thanks for tossing it to me, Yury. Uh, so Jeron actually said COVID vaccines in a bathroom to passengers, which I gotta be honest, I was leaning towards, but then he made a comment just now that said you have to be vaccinated to even get on.

Oh, you know what though? Maybe that’s not really the case. You don’t have to be vaccinated. You just have to, to have a COVID test thing that says you’re negative. Okay. Nevermind. So breaking into a cockpit. Or throwing six coins. Well, I’m going to say it’s probably breaking into the cockpit cause I don’t see how coins could have absolutely anything to do with canceling a flight that doesn’t make any sense to me.

So I’m going to go with, they tried to break into the cockpit and therefore they had to cancel the flight. That’s my final answer.

Yury: [00:12:05] Well, Garrett locks in with attempting to break into the cockpit Jeron thinks that they’re offering COVID vaccines in the bathroom.

Garrett: [00:12:11] I still think his answers better regardless of what the truth is.

Yury: [00:12:14] In China, uh, and I can’t pronounce the airline, but an airline was canceled after a male passenger threw a handful of coins into the engine of a plane for good luck.

Garrett: [00:12:22] I’m sorry. An airline was canceled?

Yury: [00:12:24] The airline canceled a flight, after a male passenger threw a handful of coins into the engine compartment. In the statement shared by the airline.

They said that the, uh, staffers noticed coins on the floor under the engine in an inspection before takeoff. And then basically the man admitted that he was throwing the coins for good luck. I didn’t know. That was a thing I’m not really hip to Asian culture, uh, or superstitions or anything like that. I didn’t know, that was a thing that you throw coins, but the article does say that, uh, people have been caught throwing coins at like the outside of an airplane for luck. This guy just chose to do it into the engine compartment. I don’t know how lucky that’s going to end up, but

Garrett: [00:13:03] I was going to say like, even if you don’t know much about an airplane, wouldn’t you say, throwing something into the engine just doesn’t seem like a really good idea.

Yury: [00:13:10] No, it’s lucky. Throw coins.

Jeron: [00:13:12] Man, season two of the Witcher is a lot weirder than I thought we’re tossing coins to our pilots now.

Yury: [00:13:19] So the question is what flight Jeron would you rather go on? One where there’s throwing coins into the engine or where they’re offering free vaccines in the bathroom by some shady guy named Mitch.

Jeron: [00:13:29] I think I’d rather go to the one where the airline itself has canceled for some problematic tweets they made. That was a really interesting concept

Yury: [00:13:36] I don’t know man, free vaccines.

Garrett: [00:13:38] I’m in for the free vaccine.

Yury: [00:13:39] All right. Well, I’m going to give neither of you a point on that one. Normally I would give you the point Jeron, but I, I feel like I’ve been hurting Garrett’s feelings on that.

So I’m going to basically keep it a level playing field and

Garrett: [00:13:50] I am a sensitive person.

Yury: [00:13:52] We will make it zero, zero for the first question.

For your second question in Oklahoma, which is similar to Florida, a woman was charged with a felony for not returning a blank 21 years ago. And your potential answers are a rental car. A VHS tape rental or 3000 library books. Garrett, we’re going to toss it over to you.

Garrett: [00:14:18] So this is in Oklahoma, not Florida.

Does anybody travel to Oklahoma and have to rent a car? Probably not. So I’m going to go. It’s probably not the car rental, uh, VHS, does anybody even. How would you, I VHS, like that’s like back in the blockbuster day, which

Yury: [00:14:35] Such an awesome time.

Garrett: [00:14:37] Like, do you remember when you had to go like to the video store and then there was the people standing there and you had to ask them, Hey, do you have a copy of this in VHS or when DVDs first started coming out?

Yury: [00:14:47] I remember I got into a huge argument with a cashier at a blockbuster because they tried to tax a late fee and being the, 19 year old street attorney that I thought I was, you know, I’m all hip to federal, uh, renting laws, laws, tax, federal tax laws. Uh, I, my argument was how can you tax a fee that your own company is imposing?

Man, kids are dumb.

Garrett: [00:15:14] Did you have to pay the fee?

Yury: [00:15:15] Of course, I had to pay the fee because I wanted to rent Free Willy.

Jeron: [00:15:19] No, you should have threatened to come back and throw all their stuff into the water. Like some kind of blockbuster tea party.

Yury: [00:15:24] Well, I kept throwing pennies at her cause I thought it was gonna make me lucky to win the argument.

So that’s kinda what got the police called, but either way, uh, Garrett off to you.

Garrett: [00:15:34] Um, let’s see. So I’m going to say it’s probably not a VHS because nobody rents VHS tapes anymore. Uh, and the third one

Yury: [00:15:41] This was 21 years ago.

Garrett: [00:15:43] Oh, did you say it was 21 years ago?

Yury: [00:15:44] Oklahoma woman charged with see Jeron, this is the problem with a co-host and a podcast. There’s a, there’s an act of communicating and listening.

Garrett: [00:15:52] Wait, I have to listen to you. Stop trying to help me got this. All right. I know the answer. The answer is 3000 library books because somehow somebody let this person check out 3000 library books and they never returned it for 21 years. And that is my answer.

And by the way I know I’m right, but you can let Jeron go anyway.

Yury: [00:16:11] Ooh, well being the humble man that Garrett is he tosses it over to you, Jeron uh, what are your thoughts? Rental car VHS tape or, 3000 library books.

Jeron: [00:16:21] I was going to say what’s the over, under, on the childhood literacy rate of Oklahoma at the turn of the century.

Garrett: [00:16:27] That’s a great point, follow-up question.

Yury: [00:16:29] 4%, 4%.

Jeron: [00:16:32] All right. So I feel like I like the, the sheer comedy of somebody having to be 25 years old to rent a car and then being like, I’ll be back when I’m 46. So I’m going with that.

Yury: [00:16:45] Yeah. How many miles would you like? A 300. It’s an annual or daily. They’re all annual.

What do you mean annual?

Jeron: [00:16:52] Do you charge what’s your per diem rate?

Yury: [00:16:54] Sir, this car is due back Monday. I don’t know.

Jeron: [00:16:57] It was actually a typo. They thought they were returning it on time, but somebody accidentally hit an extra two in the year column.

Yury: [00:17:06] All right. So are you locking in with rental car?

Jeron: [00:17:09] Yeah. Final Answer.

Yury: [00:17:09] All right, Jeron locks in with rental car.

Well, in Oklahoma, A woman was charged with a felony for not returning a. V H S

Garrett: [00:17:17] Oh my God, are you serious?

Yury: [00:17:20] I’m a hundred percent serious. Basically. She rents this video. Doesn’t return it and they file a, uh, they file a stolen property, form report thing. I speak English.

Garrett: [00:17:36] You’re doing well today. Yury.

Yury: [00:17:42] Yeah. And the business is actually no longer around and she, they put a warrant out for her and she didn’t even realize she had this warrant. Uh, until she was applying for a job and, uh, I guess it popped up and, uh, yeah, she had a felony charged on her for this tape. 21 years ago.

Garrett: [00:18:00] She just randomly found out that she had a felony against her because she didn’t return the VHS tape.

Yeah. Oh my God. That’s terrible. You know,

Jeron: [00:18:08] as, as somebody who was born in 97, like stealing videos from blockbuster was a big part of my culture growing up. And I’m just imagining, like having a copy of inspector gadget two for like two decades rotting in my VHS, this poor person.

Garrett: [00:18:24] I hate to tell you, but, uh, even though we invited you to be a guest on this, this was actually all a sting. There, are federal agents at your door because you didn’t return your tapes properly.

Jeron: [00:18:33] Too late. I’m a ghost. Take me to ghost jail.

Yury: [00:18:36] That’s true. I’m reading this article, the online documents show that she was charged with felony embezzlement, of a rented property in March of 2000.

Jeron: [00:18:47] She’s stolen from her own store.

Yury: [00:18:50] Yeah. She told Fox 25. Uh, she doesn’t even remember even renting this movie. That’s the best part.

Garrett: [00:18:57] Does it say, hold on, does it say what movie it was?

Yury: [00:19:00] Uh, Sabrina, the teenage witch.

Jeron: [00:19:02] Excellent.

Garrett: [00:19:03] I was wondering if it was behind the

Yury: [00:19:04] curtain?

 If you’re going to get felony embezzlement charges, like that’s the way to go Sabrina, the teenage witch, I think, because anything else shouldn’t taste. Sure. Of course. Since I’d lived with a young man, this was over 20 years ago, he had two kids, daughter was eight, 10, 11, or something.

And I think they rented it and we never got this. Just whole thing is hilarious.

Garrett: [00:19:25] Wait, was it actually Sabrina, the teenage witch? Cause I thought you were just making that up to be funny.

Yury: [00:19:28] It was, It was actually Sabrina, the teenage witch

Garrett: [00:19:31] that’s even better.

Jeron: [00:19:32] She’s Sabrina the mid thirties, witch now

Yury: [00:19:35] she’s, she’s the Sabrina than menopausal, witch

Garrett: [00:19:40] This too far man,

Yury: [00:19:41] What’s her name?

Uh, the girl who plays Sabrina the teenage witch. Uh,

Jeron: [00:19:46] was it the same as in the show is in the movie

Yury: [00:19:48] No. Her name is,

Garrett: [00:19:49] uh, Oh my gosh. I just did a, I just did a search on Google for Sabrina, the teenage witch, and the first things that come up is Sabrina. The teenage witch VHS tape rented in 1999 leads to felony charge

Yury: [00:20:02] I’m telling you, man, I’m telling you,

Garrett: [00:20:05] Melissa Joan Hart,.

There it is also, I think, um, uh, Blossom was in that show too. Wasn’t she? Soleil Moon Frye.

Jeron: [00:20:13] Yeah, she was Roxy King

Yury: [00:20:14] Soleil Moon Frye was not Blossom. Blossom was, uh, Mayim Bialik.

Garrett: [00:20:20] Well, how do I know Soleil Moon Frye?

Yury: [00:20:21] That was Punky Brewster.

Garrett: [00:20:22] Punky Brewster. That’s what I meant. Sorry.

Jeron: [00:20:25] They’re bringing Punky Brewster back by popular demand.

Garrett: [00:20:28] Man. Like, are they remaking it or they’re just bringing back the old episodes.

Jeron: [00:20:32] No, she she’s older now. She’s the same character.

Garrett: [00:20:37] Can you see her running around with little pig tails? Like, hi, it’s me. I don’t know.

Yury: [00:20:42] Her dad’s like, Punky you are, you’re 47. You don’t need to be in foster care anymore.

Garrett: [00:20:48] You aged out of the system years ago.

What are you still doing here?

Yury: [00:20:51] You need to get a job. And also you’re 40. And you still call yourself Punky. Can we just go with a regular name? Mrs. Brewster.

Uh, all right. I’m going to give Jeron, uh, the point on that one, just because he’s having a great hair day and, uh,

Garrett: [00:21:09] Hey, what’s wrong with my hair?

Yury: [00:21:10] Yeah, okay.

Your last and final question in Virginia, Girl Scouts were making cookie deliveries via blank. And your possible answers are Amazon, a drone or turtles and Jeron, we’re going to start with you. What do you think in Virginia? That’s pretty close to Florida. So you might be in their mentality.

Jeron: [00:21:36] Yeah. Let me assume the mind of a Virginian and real quick. Hmm. Monticello George Washington. There’s a West Virginia. For some reason, I’m going to say drone. I feel like that’s an obvious right answer, but the idea of like a very militant girl scout troop with air support is also very funny to me.

Garrett: [00:21:56] Militant air support and Girl scouts. Those are the three words I never thought I’d hear in the same sentence.

Yury: [00:22:01] Like the idea that they could be using a drone, but like they put missiles on them. So like either buy cookies, you know, one side has a missile. One side has like Tagalongs. So it’s like

Jeron: [00:22:13] A sticker on the front that just says, choose Girl Scouts of America.

Yury: [00:22:16] Choose wisely. Have a nice day.

Garrett: [00:22:18] Choose wisely.

Yury: [00:22:19] Jeron locks in with drone over to you, Garrett, what do you think? Virginia girls Scouts delivering cookies via Amazon drone or turtles.

Garrett: [00:22:28] So I am thinking Girl Scouts are pretty darn restorative.

Yury: [00:22:33] They are pretty damn resourceful and you see them everywhere and they sell things better than most car salesman.

Garrett: [00:22:38] I mean seriously before pandemic, of course, you’d go to the grocery store during girl scout cookie season. And did you ever successfully walk by a stand and not buy a box of $3 cookies? Aren’t they three bucks?

Yury: [00:22:50] They surround you and they’re like, please, please, please. And then, you know, one pickpockets, you takes your money.

It’s like getting attacked by the cast of Annie.

Garrett: [00:22:58] Or the lost boys. Wasn’t that like the plot of Hook? Just to bring it back.

Jeron: [00:23:02] Yeah. Kiefer Sutherland comes out and he turns you into a vampire, if you don’t buy girl scout cookies.

Yury: [00:23:07] Is that really a thing?

Jeron: [00:23:09] Yeah, it’s the Lost Boys.

Garrett: [00:23:11] I think we’ve gotten far off track here

Yury: [00:23:12] Back on track Garrett.What

Garrett: [00:23:13] do

Yury: [00:23:13] you think?

Garrett: [00:23:14] So super resourceful, Amazon, I just, I feel like that would cut into their profit margin too much. You know, they’re already making very little money. I’m sure. Per box,

Yury: [00:23:24] Unless you subscribed to girl scout prime.

Jeron: [00:23:26] Oh, good one.

Garrett: [00:23:27] I didn’t realize that was a thing. If that’s not a thing Yury, we should make that a thing we should call, you know what?

Hold on. Let me reach out to Jeff. I’ve got Jeff on speed dial here. We need to make girl scout prime a thing because I think everybody would be happy. Could you imagine. Being able to have girl scout cookies delivered to your door in two days or less, no matter what time of the year it is?

Yury: [00:23:46] But wouldn’t that take the whole fundraising aspect out of the troops? Like, I don’t know how girl scout cookies work or how the whole sales in my mind, it’s like Amway. Like it’s all just a pyramid scheme. Like the girls are just trying to get other people to sell Girl Scouts. I don’t know. Hey Girl Scouts, if you girl Scouts of America, if you’d like to sponsor our podcast, uh, contact us Garrett or Yury at  dumbweek.com.

Garrett: [00:24:08] I’m proud you got our you got our email addresses, right. All right. Um, I think drones are a little bit too sophisticated. So I’m going to go with, because they’re super resourceful that they were using, turtles to deliver girl scout cookies. And I’m pretty sure I’m right again.

Yury: [00:24:23] Well, in Virginia, a girl scout council is offering a unique spin on contact, free cookie delivery by having boxes distributed via drone.

They basically teamed up, uh, with a subsidiary of Google. Say that three times fast, they’d basically teamed up with a company that was part of Google to offer the drone delivery. What you’d almost buy that just to see it happen, right? Like, I’ll take the bag.

Garrett: [00:24:50] Yeah. A hundred percent I’m in, I will buy 12 boxes, right now.

Yury: [00:24:54] Yeah. Do you think they had one of the girls out there, like in a vest and a bright yellow helmet with the flashlights, like waving their hands, like helping the drone take off and land because it’s all about theatrics.

Jeron: [00:25:03] For sure.

Yury: [00:25:04] Well, uh, I think once again, Garrett, uh, you are not the winner this week.

Garrett: [00:25:08] Yeah, but this time I actually got beat legitimately. Like he actually beat me. He got one question. Right. And I got none, which seems to be a recurring pattern for me.

Yury: [00:25:18] It does seem to be a recurring pattern. Jeron, you are the winner this week of fill in the dumb.

Garrett: [00:25:23] And tell him what he won, Yury.

Yury: [00:25:25] You win our pride admiration, and respect.

Jeron: [00:25:29] Uh, I’m sorry. I took another man’s pride as victory?

Yury: [00:25:38] It’s the biggest win of all. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Jeron: [00:25:41] Truly the only prize worth engaging in struggle for.

Yury: [00:25:47] Actually we have a GIF right? A JIF a GIF a photo picture, a picture.

Garrett: [00:25:53] A virtual trophy is what you get for it. And you can proudly display that virtual trophy on anywhere you’d like, or you can just throw it away because it’s a non fungible, token and NFT.

So you will own the rights to it.

That’s incredible.

Yury: [00:26:07] Did we actually create an NFT?

Garrett: [00:26:08] No, I don’t know how to do that.

Yury. I think it is time for our dummy of the week. Are you ready?

Yury: [00:26:21] Uh, if you stay ready, Garrett, you never have to get ready.

Voice Over: [00:26:23] It’s time for the Dummy Of The Week, oh who will it be? Let’s find out!

Garrett: [00:26:33] Well, this week, our dummy of the week does not go to a single person, but rather to an entire school located in Miami, Florida.

Yury: [00:26:44] Shocking

Garrett: [00:26:45] I know, I know, sorry, Jeron. But uh, this one definitely came out of, out of Miami and the reason it goes to them is because this school has decided to warn its staff, not to get vaccinated because if they get vaccinated, They will no longer employ them. They will fire them on the spot.

Yury: [00:27:04] Wait, so they’re, they’re punishing people for getting vaccinated.

Garrett: [00:27:08] I mean, we hear all these things about people saying, Hey, go get the vaccine, get your there’s commercials. Get the vaccine for hugs, for concerts, for going to see an improv show, somewhere in Florida, all these things that you want to do so that you can get the vaccine to get back to normal life. But these people are like, you know what?

Fuck it don’t get vaccinated. If you get vaccinated, we are firing you. You cannot step foot on our campus.

Yury: [00:27:29] How did they even know though? How would, how would you even tell if someone that’s not like somebody, somebody can see you and go, wow, your face looks very vaccinated this morning.

Jeron: [00:27:39] Yeah. I feel like everything the faculty at this place knows are from movies, so they probably just do the blood test from the thing.

Yury: [00:27:46] Oh, can you imagine a school that straps you down to take blood to see if you were vaccinated to determine your future employment? I just made a movie idea

Voice Over: [00:27:53] That was the Dummy Of The Week!

Garrett: [00:27:58] Well, Yury. I think that’s just about enough fun and dumb for one week. What do you think?

Yury: [00:28:02] I would agree that that was a, a lot of it comes from Florida.

Uh, again, sorry, Jeron, no offense.

Jeron: [00:28:08] None Taken!

Garrett: [00:28:08] And special, thanks to Jeron Dooling for joining us this week for This Week is Dumb. For beating me in the game. Once again, I lost, don’t worry though. Your NFT is on its way. Your trophy will be to you before you even get done with this entire session.

Jeron: [00:28:22] Wow. That’s incredible service better than Amazon or Google.

Garrett: [00:28:26] But not as good as the girl Scouts.

Yury: [00:28:28] Or drums

Garrett: [00:28:29] or drums?

Yury: [00:28:30] Drones.

Garrett: [00:28:31] Drones. Got it. Okay.

Yury: [00:28:33] We talked about it during the podcast. You can listen to it, we’ll upload it.

Garrett: [00:28:36] Okay. Yeah. I’d love to hear it, cause I totally missed that part. If you want to check out Jeron and his improv group. Uh, it’s called what Jeron?

Jeron: [00:28:45] Daytime delusions on Facebook and Instagram

Garrett: [00:28:47] Daytime delusions on Facebook and Instagram. Go see them. If you’re in the Florida area, we’ll put links in the show notes that you can check them out on their Facebook and Instagram page. Remember they only perform at night because they’re called daytime delusions. Right? That’s how that works, Jeron?

Jeron: [00:29:01] Yeah, that is exactly the intention.

Garrett: [00:29:03] Perfect. And if you’re looking for a new podcast and you want to listen to Jeron talk about romcoms, that he’s never seen. Check out the, just kiss already podcasts. Remember, uh, subscribe to the podcast, leave a nice review. Again, five stars is great, but leaving some words in your review really does help the show grow. Tell your friends about us, make sure that they get to enjoy the dumbness that is us. Check us out dumbweek.com or on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook at ThisWeekIsDumb or wherever you get your favorite podcast from.

Yury: [00:29:30] And as Garrett said, five stars is great. But six stars is better. Have a good night.

Garrett: [00:29:34] Six stars is better. Why you got to one up me every time, man?

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