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6. King Of Mexico


This week Garrett and Yury welcome Dave “The King Of Mexico” of Kevin and Bean fame and now the cohost of the Janky Town Podcast. In this episode join us to hear:

  • The winner of our first ever give away (a 25.00 Starbucks gift card)
  • How a Convict landed himself back in prison because of a video game
  • Fill In The Dumb (and Antiques roadshow???)
  • How Cheeto residue helped to catch a would-be burglar

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If you’re interested, we also had Omar on Episode #2 which you can find here

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Episode Transcript

Hi everybody welcome back to episode number six of This Week Is Dumb. Hey guys, we are excited to tell you that we have got our very first sponsor on the podcast it’s double smoke BBQ.
Double smoke BBQ is a small business that’s run out of Las Vegas currently selling their dry rub and artisan barbecue sauces online.
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What’s up everybody.

It’s time for the this week is dumb podcast a chance for you to disconnect from reality for a bit
and hear about some of the dumb things that we found this week. Now here are your hosts, Garrett and Yury

Podcast world? Are we not going to call the podcast world and yeah, what

did we What did we finally land on Dummers?

We landed on anything

the dumbinites, dumbineers? Yeah, I

have no idea. Before we get too far in anything today. If you remember we had a little contest going where Yury put up 25 bucks of his own money for whoever would call in with their dumbest story. So as you remember last week, we played you the lovely voicemail from mother Bundy who did not win thank God because I did not want to call her on the phone. Yeah, we should

definitely probably at least give her a consolation prize.

Let’s play the winning voicemail because we actually have a voicemail that won you ready and by the way, Yury and I listened to all the voicemails that came in and it was a really close call. But I think we’re both really happy that we selected this as our winner. So take a listen. Hey, Garrett

Yury love the podcast. This is Chris from Colorado calling in with my dumb story. About five six years ago, I was planning on taking a camping trip with the wife and the five kids was able to borrow my mom’s pop up camper and everything. Got it all hooked up. We’re heading out of town. As we’re driving down the interstate, I felt a little jerk and a bump come to find out our trailer pop up camper is riding next to us on the interstate I pull over and the best solution I could come up with was to park the car on the side of the interstate while my camper is still going down the interstate hop out of the driver’s side and chase it on foot for a good quarter mile until thankfully did happen to pull over on the shoulder of the road. I left the kids and the wife all in the car crying, I decided to chase it on foot down the middle of I 25.

So let me see if I can recap what you just heard. So Chris was driving down the freeway with a rented pop up trailer. The trailer came disconnected and started going down the road by itself. And instead of like following it in his car, he pulled over to the side of the road got out of the car and started running after it leaving his wife and kids behind. Is that what you got out of that one Yury?

I think the best part of the story is probably when he was in his car. And he sees this thing coming up next to him. And his first thought was probably like, hey, check it out. That guy’s got the same camper,

we have the exact same one we have. Well, Chris, thank you for calling in and sharing your dumb story with us. Yury is going to personally send you that $25 Starbucks gift card. Thanks for leaving us your email. We didn’t play the email on the podcast because well, you know, we don’t want to give everybody your email. But we’ll definitely be sending you that. But if you would like

to reach him on his personal cell, his number is six, seven.

Go ahead. Keep going. I was listening.

Just guessing numbers at that point.

Hey, Yury, I gotta be honest, I’m a little bit excited about our guests this week. Last couple of weeks, you brought in guests, and they’ve been a lot of fun. But, you know, we’re from Southern California. And I got to tell you, the man that I’m going to introduce to you today as our guest hosts. He’s a little bit of radio legend in my book, spent a good portion of his career on the longest running morning show in Southern California, the Kevin and Bean morning show on KROQ. Ladies and gentlemen, Dave, the king of Mexico is joining us today. Hey, Dave.Yo, what’s up guys? How’s it going?

So Dave, that that was the king of Mexico.

Yeah, but I thought Garrett was introducing someone else. I got excited. I was like, oh, who else you got? Sorry. It’s just me. Yeah, that’s

It doesn’t matter what Garrett says, it just sounds epic.

Yeah, it’s true.

Why are you known as the King of Mexico?

Uh, one day. You know, Jimmy Kimmel used to work with us on the Kevin and bean show. I forgot what show it was. And we were out at lunch, the one you worked on for a lot of years. Yeah, that one. And we were out for lunch. And we were just discussing about you know, they asked me why don’t I know Spanish and or, you know, if I know Spanish, and I let them know that I failed Spanish four times in six, six chances in high school. So Jimmy Kimmel is what are you the fucking king of Mexico or something and there it is.

It just kind of stuck, right?

Yeah, it just kind of like well, which is good. Because you know, at that moment, I don’t know how long, Garrett, you’ve been listening to Kevin and Bean show, but I was known as half salad. So, so welcomed is, I welcome this name. I was like, Oh, that’s so much better than the other one. So yeah,

I’ll take it. So why are you known as the half salad?

Because, again, this was, you know, we used to go out to lunch to do your show planning. And, you know, I was this, you know, like a 19 year old kid who’s going out with these millionaires. And I’m like, yeah, I’m not gonna I can’t afford anything in this fucking place. So I’m going to order this half salad for lunch that cost 20 bucks. And I was like, all right. And so the guys are like, What the hell are you ordering? A half salad? that that name stuck with me. It literally happened one time. One time I did it. And then they they made fun of me for you know, months before king of Mexico came along.

Alright, I’m going to kick it off with the first story and the title of this story is escaped convict lands himself back in prison after coming out of hiding to buy a video game. So our first story today was actually submitted to us by listener Paul from New York, and the article says that an escaped convict Clint Butler assaulted two police officers and had to be restrained on the ground after he was stopped in Birmingham City Centre. So the story is from the UK, which makes sense because the articles on Sky News, there’s actually body cam footage of this happening. The guy is kicking one of the police officers in the groin and punching another one in the face before they were finally able to restrain him. I guess he’d escaped last year while serving a 17 year prison sentence for charges of robbery and the article said firearms offenses which I think that’s probably UK speak for armed robbery. I don’t know but the guy hadn’t been seen since he escaped back in November and had been labeled as labeled as a wanted fugitive since then. Well apparently the new Call of Duty game was enough to get him to come out of hiding because he went into the city center to purchase it so somebody called the police on

him or they just said hey, there’s the guy.

No, that’s actually where it gets really interesting. The dumbest part of the whole story is I was gonna ask you how you thought he got caught but since you already said that the story actually says police officers spotted him and his friend walking around and the only reason the only reason they stopped the pair is because the two changed directions immediately when they saw the police and tried to get out of there which caused the officers to be suspicious so Mistake number

one right there did the Benny Hill music Come

on right as they started running away did it it did it did did he yucky sacks so he’s you know there in the UK. So

that’s like, but isn’t that like, isn’t that like rule number one though, that if you’re if you’re trying to avoid suspicion, don’t draw attention to yourself and do something dumb like change directions and run away? That’s that’s usually in criminal school 101.

Yeah. Be Cool, man. Be Cool.

So Dave, if you didn’t know we have a game that we play weekly called fill in the dumb

Of course, I know man, I listen every week.

Dave, the way this game works is I’m going to read you actual headlines. These are headlines taken recently from the news. I’m going to leave one word blank. I’m going to leave it up to you and Garrett using process of elimination to figure out what the correct answer is. Again, these are real headlines recently taken and I’m gonna start with the first question. A restaurant owner filled his empty tables after reopening post COVID with blank and your possible answers are cats wax figures or cardboard cutouts of his family. I’ll go ahead and start with you Dave.

All right. Well, you know cats would be the best answer but I think he’s he did the cardboard cutouts cuz that’s what a lot of stadiums did. You know, a lot of sports did that too. So why not do it for restaurants?

understandable. Understandable. Someone’s got the doorbell but he’s pizza. Just

share Amazon. Whatever they need to get that Dave know they could do it. Okay, leave it leave it at the door. But if it’s pizza, somebody might walk off with it, dude, that’s okay. I can order another one. All right. So Dave, Dave said cardboard cutouts. That leaves me with cats or wax figures. By the way, Dave, I’ll never use the same answer that you give because I can’t agree with the guest. It’s just it’s in the rules that Yury made. Alright, so Dave said cardboard cutouts and because I just can’t agree with him no matter what. I either have to pick cats or wax figures. I personally Dave think you’re wrong because cardboard cutouts is just way too obvious of an answer. And so I think about wax figures and I think that’s just a little bit too much of an investment but a wax figure at the table and cats. Where was this place at Yury? New York in New York. Cats are readily available in New York. They’re everywhere. So I’m gonna go with cats as my answer. Brooklyn’s famed Peter Luger Steakhouse has teamed with Madame Tussaud’s to have celebrity wax figures mingle with patrons promoting the easing of Coronavirus pandemic restrictions on indoor dining. Yury, I call bullshit I call bullshit on this because the way you asked the question, it made me think that the guy had purchased these things to put there. So if you told me he had rented wax figures, I would have gone with the wax figures. So Screw you.

I’m gonna post a link to this article when we post the podcast because if you can see pictures of this, it actually looks amazing. It looks like a movie set filled with people that shouldn’t be there, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Don Draper from Mad Men, and it’s pretty amazing. But yeah, he decked out his whole bar with these people just kind of frozen about

well, this dude’s a baller man to partner with Madame Tussauds, and have this these like, these wax figures aren’t cheap, you know, so to let them borrow them. Like, that’s crazy. And I stand by my answer though, even though it was wrong, but cats would have been the best answer. It would have been the actual best thing to have cat food. That’d be awesome.

I wonder if he was at the display like at Madame Tussauds, and was just like, Hey, can I borrow all these? Well, taking it over to California, a blank crashes through a window into a California dentist office. And your possible answers are an airplane, a drone, or a turkey.

Well, it’s a well known fact in the animal kingdom that turkeys are very fucking stupid. So I’m gonna go with turkeys, you know as a turkey.

Alright, so Dave is going with Turkey. That leaves me with either airplane or drone. Drone again seems a little bit too obvious to me. So I’m going to go with airplane as my answer because I don’t know I got absolutely nothing other than I’m just gonna say airplane.

Well, let me tell you it was a turkey that crashed through a window into his office. So according to the article, an employee at a dentist’s office in California received a scare when a large turkey came crashing through the window and into the patient’s consult area

was it a live turkey or was it a frozen turkey? You think someone threw a frozen turkey that’s what I’m wondering Did somebody throw a turkey in the window

What a weird gang initiation like to drive by

Oh guys check it out. Hold on it’s a drive by the with turkeys Got it? Yeah, can’t

arrest us then. I couldn’t imagine sitting in a dentist’s office especially like if you’ve never been to that dental office and you’re like, I’m just going to go for a filling and you’re sitting there and a goddamn turkey comes flying through the window. Alright, and for your final question. A blank was bought for $35 at a Connecticut yard sale. Was it a 15th century Chinese Bowl 100 Pokemon charzards, or a locket of Elvis’s hair and I’ll start with you Garrett this time

hold on I get to go first once Dave. if that that wasn’t in the rules,

so I’m gonna protest

how much was it $35

A blank was bought for $35 at a Connecticut yard sale and your answers are a 15th century Chinese Bowl 100 Pokemon charzards and a locket of Elvis’s hair.

Well you know you’re you seem to like stories about hair. We had George Washington’s hair in a previous episode. And so I’m going to go with for 35 bucks somebody sold a locket of Elvis’s hair that was absolutely not real because there’s no way in hell somebody would get rid of that for $35 but I’m still gonna say

Elvis has hair but was Elvis big in Connecticut.

Elvis was pretty big when he died no matter where he was. And I’m not talking about his music.

Garrett locks in with Elvis’s hair.

Alright, well the like. Like Garrett usually says the China bowl is probably the obvious answer, but I hope it’s the Pokemon Charizard cards because those will be pretty cool to get for 35 bucks currently worth a lot

before I give you guys the answer. Dave Do you or did you or have you been familiar with Pokemon cards?

Dude hold on hold on hold on. Hold on Yury. Dave is like the Pokemon GO champion no he is on Pokemon GO he’s friends with my kids on Pokemon Go. Oh yeah, no, he loves Pokemon Go.

Okay that With that said, No, I know nothing about the cards. So

well Damn it. Thanks Dave made me look like an idiot.

Yeah, I like the TV show. I played the game but not not the cards not the the system games. None

of those. Pokemon came out like 20, 25

years ago this week.

So right now, McDonald’s Happy Meals offering Pokemon cards as a toy

are they though?

And so my kids got some Pokemon cards and they kind of got into it and they only give you like five cards. And so my kid was like, Well, how do you play? Well, you can’t play with just five cards you need like a it’s a whole thing. So I go to the store to buy some Pokemon cards impossible to find right now. Impossible. There. It’s It’s so hot right now. First of all to be a grown man asking for Pokemon cards in a store and I have to like preface it with like, No, no, it’s for my kids. It’s for my kids. I’m

not anytime you have to preface your ask with It’s for my kids. It’s a problem just so you know. They were

probably looking at you like sure like this dick trying to use his kids to get the cards like not like no, he wants them for himself. But says he has kids, this guy doesn’t have kids.

Can’t find these damn cards right now. I mean good on Pokemon. For selling all these cards, so Garrett locks in with a locket of Elvis’s hair. Dave chimes in with 100 Pokemon Charizards. Well, let me tell you in Connecticut, a small bowl was bought for $35 it ends up being a 600 year old Chinese antique selling for auction for $500,000.

Is that good?

for a bowl? Dave. I

thought $35 was kind of high for a bowl. Like who buys a bowl at

a garage sale for $35? Who buys China nowadays, right? Like I remember my parents used to have China and like, oh, bring up the China you’re like, Okay, sure. And now no one even talks about it anymore. So

my parents used to, we used to have the paper plates called Chinet. And so whenever my parents would say to break out the fine china, I always knew it was time to get the paper plates out. Chinet is really nice. To me, that’s

high end. Like I would much rather use Chinet that have to wash dishes

after so the best part is no dishwashing at the end of the day. That is correct.

Well, we wash them and reuse them. Because you can wash the paper plates and leave them out in the sun and they’ll dry.

Someone can hear your frugal tips.

What I want to know is okay, so to me $35 for any kind of a bowl is kind of overpriced for a yard sale, right? I would never pay $35 for anything at a yard sale either. This person knew it knew what it was, which would be mind boggling to me but somebody brought it home and said Dude, I swear to God that looks just like a 600 year old Chinese antique.

Alright, I’m gonna bring the next story here. And this one is titled Cheeto residue helps Tulsa Oklahoma police arrest suspected burglar. This next story was also submitted to us by a listener. This one came from Victor over in Alabama. Apparently we are being heard across the US which is always nice. So yeah, this time we’re heading over to Oklahoma Tulsa, Oklahoma. To be exact. We’re police were sent to a call about a woman breaking into a home with two children inside When police arrived they found the screen pried off the window and a bag of Cheetos and a water bottle on the floor nearby the window. So this led the police to think Hmm, maybe the person they’re looking for had dropped this on their way out. Now the article doesn’t say exactly how they found the suspect. But it does say that in this case, the police have arrested Sharon Carr for this break in and the Cheeto residue in Carr’s teeth is what actually linked her to the crime. They found Cheeto dust in her teeth and that’s how they linked it to the crime.

Was it flaming hot cheetos or was it just straight Cheetos?

Whatever detective piece two and two together on that one to crack that case open. give that person a raise. Right.

Well, thanks everybody for joining us again. Episode Number Six Special thanks to our guest host this week. Dave the king of Mexico.

No worries man.

Don’t forget to like rate review five star I don’t know what the hell do they say about podcast? Hey, podcast world don’t forget to rate our podcast and leave us a five star review on Apple podcast. Your reviews help us grow this show. And you know, Dave, anything you want to promote while you’re here? No, I’m good.

So Dave is on.

I’ll pitch it for you. Dave. You can follow him on all the social medias. Except for Facebook. As Dave doesn’t use Facebook. It’s Dave k zero m that’s Dave king of Mexico with a zero instead of an O thanks. Yeah. Thanks,

Dave for coming out. We appreciate you. We appreciate having you man.

Yeah, call us on the

fandom line. 888 FAN DUMB that’s 888 FAN DUMB and if you didn’t hear me 888 FAN DUMB. Thanks again for joining us and we’ll see you next week. Bye.

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