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9. Poor Florida


This week Garrett and Yury bring you all the dumb news you can handle.  From a Mother/Daughter boxing team, to a town in Missouri who just can’t seem to figure out why a vaccine can help save lives.  Join us for fill in the dumb this week where one of our loyal Dumbinators Chris joins us to play (spoiler alert Garrett STILL didn’t win). Listen for a tale of a speeding vehicle and the best excuse to get “out” of a speeding ticket. Finally our dummy of the week may just be the dumbest person we have met yet!

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Episode Transcript

Voice Over: [00:00:00] It’s time for the this week is dumb podcast. A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a bit and hear about some of the dumb things that we found this week. Now, here are your hosts, Garrett and Yury.

Garrett: [00:00:15] Hi, everybody. Welcome to episode number nine of this week is dumb. I am your first dumb co-host. My name is Garrett and joining me as always is the other dummy in my life, Yury.

Yury: [00:00:26] What’s up dumbies

Garrett: [00:00:27] Dumbledoors  dumbineers  dumb, dumb.

Yury: [00:00:30] That was last week I had,

Garrett: [00:00:31] I still think we’ve locked in on anything. Do you think people are tired of hearing us talk about what we’re going to call them?

Yury: [00:00:35] I think people are just tired of hearing us talk.

Garrett: [00:00:37] Probably somehow they keep tuning in every single week

Yury: [00:00:41]  Every week.

Garrett: [00:00:41] Well, I came up with a couple of articles and instead of our listeners having to listen to me, talk about it. I thought for this first one, I’m just going to play you a little audio. All right. So here, take a listen,

Voice Over: [00:00:53] Listen to this story. A mother showed up to her daughter’s  school wearing boxing gloves. Police arrested Edith Riddle. After they say she got into a fight with another student at DuPont middle school and the police report States that RI riddled told school leaders, the glove was super glued to her wrist and she couldn’t remove it. The victim had bruises on her knees and her forearm

Garrett: [00:01:15] First off, I pulled this legitimately off of a news site. Like this is a news site with legitimate news and it’s like, you know, some station in New York or whatever, Florida, I don’t even know. It’s Florida. Right? Some station in Florida that posted this article. And so can we just talk about the person that was giving the news story first? Because he sounds terrible.

Yury: [00:01:39] He sounded like he was from a 1960s, like radio commercial, selling oatmeal,

Garrett: [00:01:46] Putting that aside, this woman shows up to the school wearing a boxing glove. She told, uh, the officials at the school that it was super glued to her wrist and couldn’t remove it .

Yury: [00:01:57] Right.

Garrett: [00:01:57] How do you superglue? Oh, you don’t? I didn’t even think about Yury, maybe it’s because she was using gorilla glue

Yury: [00:02:05] Too soon. Too real.

Garrett: [00:02:07] I don’t think so.

Yury: [00:02:07] Why would you superglue boxing gloves onto your hands?

Garrett: [00:02:10] I don’t know, and how do you as a school official believe someone has this super glued to her hand. So that’s my first question.

Yury: [00:02:17] Right?

Garrett: [00:02:17] Like we expect our school officials to be smarter than that. And yet in this case, I don’t think they were.

Yury: [00:02:23] All right. So I’m confused who had the boxing gloves superglued? Was it the daughter or the mother?

Garrett: [00:02:28] No, it was the mother. So the mother has that.

Yury: [00:02:31] But the daughter is the one that got into a fight.

Garrett: [00:02:33] No,

Yury: [00:02:34] I have so many questions. Was the mother called to the school because the daughter got into a fight or the mother just showed up with boxing gloves super glued to her hands, and then she got into a fight.

Garrett: [00:02:45] So that’s what kills me about this story. So according to the article, this, this mother had just left the school with her own daughter after meeting with the vice principal on campus. So apparently she was called there, some sort of meeting with her daughter and the vice-principal.

Yury: [00:03:00] Gotcha.

Garrett: [00:03:01] And then rather than them just walking off campus together and going home mom with her superglued hands  intact, that daughter, went out of her way to go to the cafeteria in order to get into a fight with this other person.

Yury: [00:03:15] So mom was already there with the boxing gloves and then daughter is like, I’m going to go start some shit.

Garrett: [00:03:21] Yeah, exactly.

Yury: [00:03:23] Mom came prepared.

Garrett: [00:03:24] Mom was prepared to be the backup for the fight. So this daughter goes, gets into a fight, starts pummeling on this person, the person that she’s fighting ends up on the ground. And then. Mom decides, Hey, you know what? I got super glued boxing gloves on. I’m going to go after this girl too. And she just starts pummeling on this victim who was laying on the ground.

Yury: [00:03:44] Sounds like a bad superhero attempt. Like I’m going to be a superhero. And my superhero powers is I have boxing gloves, but crazy glued in my hands.

Garrett: [00:03:53] I just, I don’t get it, man. Like if I saw somebody show up at my kid’s school that had boxing gloves on, I wouldn’t even let them in the front door, let alone having a meeting with them.

Yury: [00:04:02] So she not only showed up with boxing gloves. She had the meeting with the vice principal or the principal 

Garrett: [00:04:08] She met with the vice-principal with the boxing gloves, super glued to her hand, and the vice-principal allowed her to stay

Yury: [00:04:15] Awkward beginning to the meeting when the principal was like, would you mind taking off the boxing gloves? And she’s like, funny story. Can’t do it my man. Crazy glued.

Garrett: [00:04:24] That gorilla glue is no joke. I tried it in my hair last week. It did some great work for me, decided to try it with my boxing gloves this week.

Yury: [00:04:32] Poor Florida.

Garrett: [00:04:33] So Yury, I reached out to Chris and he is called in and is joining us to help us play, fill in the dumb. So Yury say hi to Chris.

Yury: [00:04:40] Hello, Chris. Thank you for, uh, joining us today.

Chris: [00:04:43] Hello. Thank you for having me guys and thanks for the Starbucks a few weeks ago.

Yury: [00:04:46] Oh, you’re very welcome.

Garrett: [00:04:47] Did you enjoy your Starbucks? What did you drink?

Yury: [00:04:49] Explain to us. What did you order from Starbucks?

Chris: [00:04:51] Well, I had to share with my wife. Of course she would have killed me otherwise.

Yury: [00:04:55] Obviously smart man.

Chris: [00:04:56] She has her usual non-fat skinny cinnamon, Dolce latte .

Yury: [00:05:01] You know Starbucks has an actual policy that if your drink order is more than seven words, they are allowed to spit in your drink.

Chris: [00:05:09] I know I told her that and she still goes with it. They started like Hocking it up as I’m spitting out the word for the drinks though.

Yury: [00:05:27] Well, it’s another Monday and it’s another, Chris, were you singing or jingle? It’s a compliment. The fact that you were actually singing it, Chris, if you didn’t know, we play a game called fill in the dumb. You’re probably aware of the rules and the steps that we take to play this game. But basically we take actual headlines from the news. I’m going to read the headline. I’m going to leave one word blank, and I’m going to leave it up to you and Garrett using process of elimination to determine what the right answer is. We have created a prize, Garrett.

Garrett: [00:05:54] Yes. I know.

Yury: [00:05:54] You want to go ahead and tell them what we created.

Garrett: [00:05:57] Uh, yeah. We’ve created a virtual trophy that we will send to you so you can proudly display it on your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter TikTok  wherever it may be, but only Chris, if you win,

Yury: [00:06:11] I can go ahead and guarantee that you’re going to win because I’m the one that decides at the end.

Garrett: [00:06:14] Dammit.

Chris: [00:06:15] Well, hopefully I’ll win without having to cheat.

Yury: [00:06:17] Starting it off with our first question. Evangelist. I think it’s evangelist, right? Somebody who praises God and has a ministry, right?

Garrett: [00:06:24] Yeah. That sounds right.

Yury: [00:06:25] Starting with our first question. An evangelist apologized for predicting blank and says because of his wrong answer, he now has to dismantle his entire ministry. Possible answers are. The end of the world related to an alien invasion, Corona virus would be eliminated in three months or less, or the fact that Trump was  reelected. Chris, I’m going to start off with you since you are a guest.

Chris: [00:06:48] Oh man. I was hoping for a  process of elimination thing. Okay. Let’s see. I feel like the COVID thing is too on the nose there, and why would you want Trump again? I’m going to have to go with a, because I like aliens a lot.

Yury: [00:07:05] Chris locks in with. A the end of the world related to an alien invasion.

Garrett: [00:07:09] Damnit Chris, that was exactly what I was going to go with. Uh, because I was thinking it had to be something related to an alien invasion, you know, whenever I think about alien invasions. I think about that store in Baker, you know, that place in Baker, Yury when you’re driving. Okay.

Yury: [00:07:22] How about it’s the one that has all the hot sauce, right?

Garrett: [00:07:24] Yeah. Beef jerky, alien store. Oh my God. They have such great, but you know what, who the fuck wants to pay $10 for one piece of beef jerky? Because seriously it’s overpriced.

Yury: [00:07:34] I think it depends whether you’re driving to Vegas or from Vegas. Cause when you’re driving to Vegas, everything’s kind of on the up and up and you’re pretty excited.

Garrett: [00:07:41] Yep. And what happens when you’re driving back Yury? I must’ve missed that.

Yury: [00:07:43] No joke. We went to Vegas once last minute trip and, uh, we lost all our money.

Garrett: [00:07:47] Shocking.

Yury: [00:07:48] On our way back, we were starving and we had the foresight to fill up our gas tank before we pulled into Vegas. So at least we had a full tank to get home, but on the way back, I vividly remember all of us pitching in all the change we had in our pockets to come up with $2. So we could buy one Krispy Kreme, donut, and split amongst four of us.

Garrett: [00:08:08] How was that Krispy Kreme doughnut was it yummy?

Yury: [00:08:10] Better with little $10 hot sauce, but you know, to each his own yeah, to Garrett.

Garrett: [00:08:14] So I was going to say the end of the world related to Alien Invasion we determined that’s what Chris said and despite Yury modifying the rules. I still don’t think I can agree with Chris. So coronaviruses Corona virus would be eliminated in three months or less. Or Trump’s reelection. I’m going to say, I think the obvious one is the right one here. And I’m going to say it’s Corona virus would be eliminated in three months or less. And that’s my final answer.

Yury: [00:08:37] And don’t you wish that was the correct answer? Well, the prominent evangelize evangelical man, say that word four times fast evangelical, evangelical. Uh, Jeremiah Johnson of Jeremiah Johnson ministries had to apologize in a YouTube video after predicting that Trump was chosen by God and would be reelected against all odds. Now I’m not a psychic, but it seems like ministries. You’re just pretending to be a psychic at that point. Yeah.

Garrett: [00:09:04] Well, I mean, this guy is, this guy is obviously not just ministering to people. He is trying to predict the future. Right? And I think that’s the difference here is this is a  prediction versus ministering to your flock, right? I mean, this is ridiculous.

Yury: [00:09:22] What does it take to start a ministry aside from just adding the word ministries at the end of your name, as in the case of Jeremiah Johnson, which also sounds like an alias, right? It sounds like you’re opening a fake bank account.

Garrett: [00:09:31] I can totally tell you what it takes because I Yury actually. Yeah. I’m a licensed minister in the state of California, able to do weddings. As a matter of fact, I have married people before. So let me tell you what it takes to start your own ministry and become a licensed minister. Are you ready? I signed up for free on a website with the universal life church and got a certificate.

Yury: [00:09:51] Is there, there’s nothing you can’t do on the internet by the way.

Chris: [00:09:54] Now we just need a couple of people to follow you and it’s your ministry.

Garrett: [00:09:57] That is correct. And here’s the thing. Yury. I can sell my stuff on Fiverr now.

Chris: [00:10:02] Can we all agree though, that he should dismantle it if he tries to predict that?

Yury: [00:10:06] I agree. And it’s not just about the ministry. It’s about the merch attached to your ministry because that’s really how you fund your business with God. And by the way, if any of our listeners were married by Garrett Bundy ministries, and you are still married, please call in and let us know how it’s going. One eight one eight, eight, eight FANDUMB call us in if you want to married by Garrett Bundy ministries,

Garrett: [00:10:27] Because let’s be honest, that’s a pretty dumb thing to do.

Yury: [00:10:30] Yeah. Also, if any of you have bought any of his merch, please call in and let us know the quality.

Garrett: [00:10:35] Okay, hold on. I gotta stop you right there because my little girl turned seven years old yesterday and she has started watching YouTube videos, which I tried not to let my kids watch YouTube videos, but now we’re on YouTube. So I’m like, okay, I’ll let you watch a few YouTube videos, by the way, don’t let my kids watch our YouTube videos. She came to my wife and said, mom, I’m in love with this YouTuber and I need a shirt from him. So my seven year old has a YouTube merch shirt.

Yury: [00:11:00] Who’s the YouTuber.

Garrett: [00:11:01] I think it was, I like making videos for a seven-year-old dot com.

Yury: [00:11:06] So it’s basically just like weird egg openings. And like,

Garrett: [00:11:09] I don’t know. It’s just some, some guy who plays Minecraft and is building blocks and designing sheds.

Yury: [00:11:15] Yeah, my kids are just addicted to Blippy.

Garrett: [00:11:17] What the fuck is Blippy?

Yury: [00:11:19] Oh man. If you don’t know, then you don’t know

Taking it over to the second question. Taiwan officials are urging people to please stop changing their name to blank. And your possible answers are salmon T-bone Ville or tea Ville. Garrett. I’m going to go ahead and start it with you.

Garrett: [00:11:38] How the hell do you find these things, man? The salmon T-bone Ville or T Ville?

Yury: [00:11:47] Yeah.

Garrett: [00:11:48] Uh, well I’m thinking it’s Oh man. Um, Jesus, I don’t even know where to start with this one Yury. Um, Well, you know, T-bones a really good steak and we’re talking about Taiwan’s. I don’t know how they do with beef and steak. I don’t know

Chris: [00:12:05] Can I ask a question for both of us.

Garrett: [00:12:08] Oh, sure. Go ahead, Chris.

Chris: [00:12:09] Is it, uh, for the last one? Is it he as in like the letter T or is it tea?

Garrett: [00:12:14] His question is, is it tea, like tea? Ville or is it T -Ville

Yury: [00:12:21] TEA-Ville

Chris: [00:12:22] okay. Cause the other one’s kind of gangster, correct?

Garrett: [00:12:26] Gangster in Taiwan. So T-bone Ville or. Tea  tea Ville. Right? Well, Chris, I got to tell you, you obviously have listened before because you knew you could ask follow up questions. So thank you for that. Cause I was going in a completely different direction. But now that you’ve asked that question, I am going to say it’s T-bone Ville because I just think that people are changing their name to be more gangster in Taiwan. So I’m going to lock in T-bone ville.

Yury: [00:12:53] So people, people in Taiwan are changing their name to T-bone ville. All right, Chris, we’re going to move it over to you.

Chris: [00:12:58] Sounds like Garrett took the last two answers together. So when I’m going to go with a

Yury: [00:13:06] Chris locks in with salmon, well, an official has pleaded that many people are changing their names to salmon. They’re changed to salmon. And let me tell you why. It started from a sushi restaurant and they had a two day promotion where any customer whose ID card contained the Chinese characters for salmon would be entitled to an all you can eat sushi meal along with five friends. I would change my name in a heartbeat.

Garrett: [00:13:32] How hard is it to change your name and Taiwan though? That’s what I want to know, because

Yury: [00:13:36] According to their laws, you can officially change your name up to three times.

Garrett: [00:13:40] That’s amazing.

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Yury: [00:14:26] In Florida, an assistant principal and his daughter were arrested for blank. And your possible answers are creating a popular kids, only Facebook group casting, fraudulent votes to become homecoming queen or stealing food from the lunchroom, so they didn’t have to cook for a month. And Chris, we’re going to start with you on this one.

Chris: [00:14:42] Well, I have to say, I’m glad all of these are PG answers. I feel like the food thing that’s probably, I mean, Cafeteria food, those following up

Yury: [00:14:51] Who’s stealing cafeteria food.

Chris: [00:14:53] Most of the time you’re going to have to pay people to eat that uh, I’m gonna have to go with the votes

Yury: [00:15:00] All right, well Chris locks in with B casting fraudulent votes. Garrett, what are your thoughts?

Garrett: [00:15:05] Well, I had the same thought about stealing food from the lunch room, because lunchroom food at a school that’s just fucking disgusting and I would never steal food to eat from there. I actually am leaning more towards option A Yury, I think in Florida, this assistant principal and her daughter were arrested for creating a popular kids, only Facebook group, because. Is that even a thing, you know what that’s fuck it. I’m locking it at creating a popular kids only Facebook group I’m in.

Yury: [00:15:34] All right. So Garrett locks in with that answer. But before I give you the answer, are any of you guys, part of Facebook groups, like public groups where they have like admins and stuff like that?

Garrett: [00:15:43] Oh, absolutely. I’m part of a bunch of face group. Facebook groups, 

Yury: [00:15:45] It drives me nuts, drives me up a wall and then people can get banned and the admins will like block you.

Garrett: [00:15:51] What kind of Facebook groups are you in that you’re getting blocked by admins Yury.

Yury: [00:15:55] I was asking for a friend.

Well, in Florida an assistant principal and his daughter have been accused of using privileged access to cast homecoming queen votes at their school. In some small towns, this is like a big deal. Homecoming queen.

Garrett: [00:16:15] This assistant principal helped their daughter win homecoming queen by casting fraudulent votes. Like when I was in high school and I realized I’m dating myself now, shit. But when I was in high school there wasn’t. How do you cast a fraudulent vote? Don’t you just fold a piece of paper and stick it in a box somewhere. Am I missing something

Yury: [00:16:32] Negative Garrett. It’s a 2021. We do everything digitally electronic. Now, hold on, actually. Now that I’m thinking about it, wasn’t it. Wasn’t it Florida. That was the hiccup in a presidential vote too?

Garrett: [00:16:43] Hanging Chad man. Hanging Chad. Right? What the hell, man? I don’t care if it’s homecoming or if it’s presidential or if it’s. Election for school board trustee, number 37. I just, what the hell is going on in Florida, dude?

Chris: [00:16:58] I feel like they would have been better if they just got to the person that announced them said, Hey, I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you announce her instead.

Yury: [00:17:05] I wonder how they got caught. Like somebody was auditing the votes and they’re like, all right, uh, Denise got 6,000 votes. And everyone else got one.

Garrett: [00:17:13] Can we take this a step further if they got caught doing this? Yeah. And as you say, Yury, it’s 2021. So it was digital. What else were they doing? That’s what I want to know

Chris: [00:17:22] What was the punishment?

Yury: [00:17:23] They got arrested. It doesn’t say what the punishment is, but they did get arrested for a crime. I wonder if there’s a specific crime. Like, I wonder if the crime was either like altering. Like a digital system or if there was a specific crime for fraudulent homecoming queen votes.

Garrett: [00:17:37] Well, I have good news for them. Now they can go run for homecoming queen of the prison they’re in. Yes?

Yury: [00:17:44] Buh Dump Dum

Garrett: [00:17:45] Rim shot. No? Didn’t work. Landed like a lead balloon.

Yury: [00:17:48] I wouldn’t quit your day job. Unless of course, your day job is standup comedy. Then you should probably quit that.

Well, Chris obviously is the winner of fill in the dumb for this week. We appreciate you calling in, man.

Chris: [00:18:02] Yeah, no problem. You guys can say use it or not, but I got one for you cause you never get a play Yury.

Yury: [00:18:09] Oh man. I would love to play. Do you have a question for us?

Chris: [00:18:11] Yeah,

Yury: [00:18:12] Let’s do it for the first inaugural guest provided fill in the dumb question. Go ahead and shoot Chris.

Chris: [00:18:18] All right. Spanish  drug smugglers build submarine out of blank. Alright, so your options are plastic, two liter bottles Plywood, or um, I wrote down here,

Garrett: [00:18:33] I guess it’s not the third one,

Chris: [00:18:36] I have three written down the third one was out of tarps.

Yury: [00:18:42] So they built a drug smuggling submarine

Chris: [00:18:46] Yup, out of A 2- liter bottles. B plywood, C tarps

Yury: [00:18:51] The fact that they have the know-how to build a submarine. Uh, that’s pretty impressive in itself. And I’m assuming this would have to be able to submerge completely to avoid any kind of like law enforcement detection. It’s not like the Disneyland submarine. What are the top is always sticking out of the water because then the coast guard will be like

Garrett: [00:19:08] Look Mommy, what’s that in the water.

Yury: [00:19:09] Oh, that’s just a plastic, two liter attached to some plywood covered with a tarp. Um, okay, so plastic two liter bottle, obviously. I’m kind of leaning towards that because it’s plastic and I don’t know, you can melt it together. Plywood doesn’t seem like it would be submersible, right. Because plywood floats. If we’ve all seen Titanic

Garrett: [00:19:30] Plywood doesn’t float, what the hell are you talking about?

Yury: [00:19:32] Doesn’t plywood float.

Garrett: [00:19:33] No. Plywood sinks.

Yury: [00:19:35] Okay. So wood floats. Plywood does not float.

Garrett: [00:19:38] I don’t know. I got nothing.

Yury: [00:19:39] Okay, then what are they on at the end of Titanic?

Chris: [00:19:41] Yeah, that it’s the wood. That’s wood!

Garrett: [00:19:43] They were on water.

Yury: [00:19:44] They were on water on a piece of wood. I don’t know. I don’t know when, I don’t know what the science is behind plywood or when that was invented. Okay. Regardless and tarps tarps is to pliable. I’m going to lock in with the plastic two-liter bottles. Garrett, what are your thoughts?

Garrett: [00:19:57] What I actually am going to add my own choice on this Yury, because I think you may have hit the nail on the head with this when you said it. I think it is a plastic two-liter bottle constructed submarine built on top of plywood and covered with tarps. So I’m locking in with D all of the above.

Chris: [00:20:17] Well, no, it was actually made out of plywood.

Yury: [00:20:20] Oh my God.

Chris: [00:20:22] 30 foot long, 10 foot wide. And capable of moving 2.2 tons of cargo. At the time they got busted for $500 million of cocaine,

Yury: [00:20:32] In a plywood submarine. So clearly the science that I was thinking

Chris: [00:20:35] Could you even think about putting that much product into something that is plywood and going in the water.

Yury: [00:20:40] Even better. I wish I could have been there when they walked into home Depot and they said, yeah, where’s your plywood? And they said, Oh, what are you building a submarine submarine, plywood. That’s aisle seven.

Garrett: [00:20:55] Hey Chris, thanks for joining us and being our first ever guest on fill in the dumb, sir. Really appreciated having you on.

Chris: [00:21:02] I really appreciate it. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Yury: [00:21:05] In Kansas police pulled over a driver for going 149 miles per hour.

Garrett: [00:21:11] I’m sorry. 149 miles per hour,

Yury: [00:21:13] 149 miles per hour.

Garrett: [00:21:16] What was the speed limit?

Yury: [00:21:17] It must’ve been at least 140. If they pulled over. First of all, Holy shit. I’ve gone fast. And it’s frightening how much your car shakes and how much you just don’t feel in control of the car. But they got pulled over for going 149 miles per hour. But, it’s not that she got pulled over for going 149 it’s that she argued with the officer when he asked, you know, how fast you’re going.  Which I hate when cops do, because it’s such a rhetorical question. You know how fast I was going. You tell me how fast I was going, but she already knew,

Garrett: [00:21:46] Wait, have you ever said that to an officer if you’ve been pulled over, because I’m going to go with that probably wouldn’t go over very well.

Yury: [00:21:52] Do you  know, how fast you were going fuck no!

Garrett: [00:21:54] My speedometer maxes out at 120. I’m sorry, sir.

Yury: [00:21:57] She argues with the officer and when he says, do you know how fast you were going? She said that she was only doing 128 miles per hour.

Garrett: [00:22:03] So her argument wasn’t that she wasn’t speeding. It was that she was only doing 128 miles an hour and not 149.

Yury: [00:22:10] I wish there’s body cam footage of this. Cause it could, can you imagine the look on her face 149? No way I was doing 128, buddy.

Garrett: [00:22:17] Do we know what kind of car she was driving because I can’t imagine very many cars that could do 149 miles an hour without coming apart at the seams.

Yury: [00:22:25] God even going downhill with the wind. That’s what?

Garrett: [00:22:28] Wait, hold on. I got it. It was a Prius.

Yury: [00:22:31] It must’ve been a Prius, a hybrid Prius with a turbocharge engine

Garrett: [00:22:35] I think all Prius’s are hybrid Yury.

Yury: [00:22:37] Are they? I don’t know. The only reason I, I never bought a Prius is cause to me, they look very Priusy

Garrett: [00:22:44] Cool Prius Bro! Said, no one ever. Hey Yury, we’ve got one more thing. We’ve got to talk about this week. Are you ready for it?

Voice Over: [00:22:51] It’s time for the dummy of the week. Oh who will it be? Let’s find out!

Garrett: [00:23:00] Our Dummy of the week this week comes to us from Florida.  Where a missing Florida woman was rescued after being found naked in a Storm drain.

Yury: [00:23:09] So she’s not only in a storm drain, but she’s also naked.

Garrett: [00:23:11] Yes, that is correct.

Yury: [00:23:13] So I’ll bite. Why is she the dummy of the week aside from the mitigating factors?

Garrett: [00:23:17] Well, aside from the obvious factors, it isn’t really the fact that she was rescued from a storm drain and naked, but rather how she got there in the first place.

Yury: [00:23:26] Well, I’d love to know why.

Garrett: [00:23:27] This person was found yelling for help from a sewer drain in a little town called Delray beach, Florida. She told the police that on March 3rd, she had gone for a swim in a canal near her boyfriend’s house. She then told them that while she was swimming, she came across a doorway in a shallow part of the canal.

Yury: [00:23:44] Okay.

Garrett: [00:23:45] She goes into the doorway and says, Oh, Hey look. A tunnel, let’s go exploring. She claims she became curious to know where the tunnel led. And so she went into the tunnel and started following it. She said that tunnel led to another tunnel, which led to another tunnel. And so on until she realized she was just lost.

Yury: [00:24:04] Okay. So at what point did she, like, I need to strip off all these clothes.

Garrett: [00:24:08] Apparently her boyfriend reported her missing three weeks before she was found. So she actually was in there according to the article for three weeks.

Yury: [00:24:17] Yeah, she’s stuck in a storm drain for three weeks.

Garrett: [00:24:19] She was stuck in a series of tunnels and a storm drain for three weeks.

Yury: [00:24:23] Jesus

Garrett: [00:24:24] What did she eat?

Yury: [00:24:26] I have no idea, like you just blew my mind. Is she the dummy of the week or the genius professor from Gilligan’s Island of the week?

Garrett: [00:24:33] Why would she be genius for being stuck in a series of tunnels for three weeks?

Yury: [00:24:37] Well, she’s not dead. So clearly she came up with some kind of food system. She’s basically became her own colony of one.

Garrett: [00:24:44] Yury, I want you to think about this for a second? She’s stuck in a storm drain, which has sewage in it.

Yury: [00:24:50] Did she start eating sewage?

Garrett: [00:24:52] I don’t know. It doesn’t actually say, but that was my thought. How else could she possibly survived for three weeks, right?

Yury: [00:24:58] Yeah. Once again, poor Florida I think that’s about as much dumbness as we can handle for one week. I want to thank Chris for calling in, for fill in the dumb for this week. Again, if you guys would like to come on as a guest host, or if you’re interested in being a guest for just the fill in the dumb segment, give us a call one, edit eight FANDUMB and let us know again, thanks for Chris to coming out. And I think that does it for episode. What is it? Nine. 10. Yeah.

Garrett: [00:25:23] That’s right. Episode number nine. Remember you can interact with us on all of our social medias at this week is dumb. Check out our website dumbweek.com or as Yury said, give us a call on the fandom line eight, eight, eight. FANDUMB, um, and so, uh, with that, Hey, we’ll see you in the next episode.

Yury: [00:25:38] Till next week.

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