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7. Shrimp and Bath Bombs


Welcome to another week in Dumb with the This Week Is Dumb Podcast.  This week Garrett and Yury welcome Jamie Pityinger from the Does That Make Me a Dick Podcast. For this dumb week not only do we play your favorite Fill In The Dumb Game, but we are introducing our newest segment Dummy of the Week!

Call us on the FanDumb line at 888-FAN-DUMB and be a part of the show.  When calling give us some ideas for the dumbest fiverr ideas that you can come up with.  We might just try them out! Also check out our brand new website https://dumbweek.com where you can listen to all of our episodes and even leave feedback on them with other fans of the show.

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Episode Transcript

It’s time for this week is dumb podcast.
A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a
bit and hear about some of the dumb things that
we found this week.
Now here are your host Garrett and Yury.
Hi everybody, welcome to this episode #7 of this week
is dumb.
Wait, this is episode. #7 isn’t Yury?
Did I get that wrong?
For some reason I thought it was six?
Is it 7? No it is 7.
It’s definitely episode seven we had Dave last week.
Dave was episode 6. This is episode 7.
Is there an anniversary for that?
It’s lucky number so you know what?
Dude I missed it episode #5 that we did.
Yeah that was our fifth week.
That means we actually made it past a month.
We’re almost two months in on this podcast.
We’re kind of a big deal now.
Yeah, that’s right. It means we’ve made it longer than
of the podcast that start out there.
I don’t know what that says about us,
but continue. Alright, so this week’s guest is host of
her own podcast,
and her podcast is called.
Does that make me a Dick?
And if that she wins the award for best title
of A podcast on the Internet,
totally agree. I actually thought ours was the best and
then I found her podcasts and I’m like I got
Hands down. She wins. Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my pleasure to introduce Jamie Pityinger that I
say your name right Jamie?
Or did I just butcher it?
You did a fantastic job.
So thank you for that and thanks for liking the
title so much literally I feel like it’s a question
that I just mean my friends are asking each other
constantly. Does that make you a Dick?
I do that, you know.
So I think we’re all Dicks in our own way.
Doesn’t make you a bad person,
why don’t you tell us a little bit about your
Jamie so that our listeners may want to come over
and listen to your show too.
Yeah, so basically I started this show not too long
Few months ago, just to one I was bored.
I wanted to do something that was fun.
I’ve done podcasting for a really long time professionally and
was like why don’t I just go out on my
own and see what I can kind of wrangle up
here and really like it started out as like I’m
just going to put my friends on random people that
I find funny that.
Will actually respond back to me in a DM.
You know, if like so,
you know crossing my fingers all the time.
And I just think it’s funny because people find it
so hard to put themselves in other people shoes and
see things from a different lens.
So I was like I’m going to make this show,
and while it’s going to be funny and I’m just
going to kind of pull out different things that I
think make people Dicks or things that I do that
I think make me a Dick,
I’m going to say hey,
you know, maybe you can get some people to get
a little bit better understanding.
On the dickery that goes on in the world,
we all got it. It’s in effect by then.
It’s funny because I’ve had in my mind ’cause I
love puns.
I’ve had to come up with so many different Dick
words that I like to use.
So Dickery is one, you know.
And then my other favorite one is called,
I call it Ritala dicking.
That’s a good one. And that is when you are
a Dick in retaliation to someone being addictive.
Ritala dicking alright? Well, we should probably get into our
stories here,
and I’ll get us started with the first one.
I found this article this week and this article is
entitled Drunk Driver crashes into Car of Drunk Driving friend
that he was coming to help.
So the articles first line actually made me laugh.
It says ready this is high quality journalism here.
Make it a double.
See, it’s a joke because it’s a double D,
never mind. Anyway, a car belonging to a woman who
drove into a ditch after leaving a bar was then
hit by a truck driven by her friend who was
coming to her aid when police arrived on the scene.
Both drivers tested it, double the legal amount for their
blood alcohol content,
so they both got arrested for DUI.
Isn’t that amazing though? That’s just amazing karma.
I mean you can tell by their friends,
right? That’s the best drunk date as you get drunk
and you play bumper cars with your friends.
But in actual cars. I had a friend who actually
accidentally backed up into a cop.
So really, really bad person.
Play bumper cars with for sure bumper cars with the
Not something that you want to see she didn’t.
She actually didn’t get a ticket.
I was. I was very surprised.
Too bad you couldn’t be in the car when she
’cause you know it’s kind of startling when you hit
something like if you bump into something and then you
look in the rearview and you see a cop and
you’re like,
oh, fuck my life.
Well, police say Natasha Nansel,
24 years old, admitted she’d had a glass of wine
at an espresso martini at the Fox Bar before she
drove her car into a trench.
After checking her cell phone.
OK, so she’s drunk driving and checking her cell phone.
It’s a winning combination. Folks forget all that.
What the hell is in Expreso Martini?
Like it’s uh, and why are people ordering this?
Because some people like to drink a coffee flavored drink
with vodka or gin.
Why they do this? I think we’re getting a little
crazy with the alcoholic hybrids here.
It’s a little beyond me,
but the funny, yeah, every person that’s going to get
pulled over there.
Yeah, just like, OK. Have you been drinking tonight?
Yeah, I had about you know six shots of tequila
I didn’t know you had so many partners.
There is like four partners here.
How do you fit? Is this already apologize for backing
into you?
I mean, you snuck up on me,
so really I feel like I should be.
We should be exchanging information,
right? I need to call my insurance about this.
I actually have another follow on question though.
So Nancy, the one that was in the ditch,
can she actually be charged with DUI for this situation?
Because technically she wasn’t driving when the cops showed up,
right? She was just there and the only way she
probably got in trouble was if she said,
Oh yeah, I was driving like couldn’t she have said
I was in the car with my friend she was
And then she took off after the accident.
I don’t know where she went.
I mean, you know she was.
She says she had a glass of wine and espresso
and unless she was £10 we know she drank more
than that is she’s not thinking with her right brain.
She doesn’t know she Melvin.
Melvin just sounds like a stand up guy name.
So she probably thought she was making a smart decision
when she called this friend that she was severely mistaken.
Then she was just flustered.
I think that’s what the cop was like.
Are you drunk? Yes, were you driving?
Yes, no wait, what’s right answer what do you want
I don’t know. I can just imagine her being like
looking at the cop like where you driving.
She’s like she’s like my cars in a fucking ditch.
Like yeah I was fucking driving.
How do you think that it got into the ditch?
Sorry officer, I’m just really drunk right now.
I’m freaking out.
Hey Gary, can we play a game?
I’d love to play game.
Alright Jamie, it’s time for a game we play every
week called Fill in the dumb.
This is where I take actual news headlines that are
that have been recently put in the news.
I’m going to read the headline.
I’ll leave one word blank.
I’m going to give you 3 possible answers.
It’s going to be too UN Garrett to try and
figure out through process of elimination.
Which is the correct answer.
I assign points that mean nothing.
Prize that is nothing at the end points mean nothing
because I just picked the winner at the end.
I made the game so I make the rules it
So for the first question Adblink solved a 9 year
old burglary cold case in Germany.
Adblink solved a 9 year old burglary cold case in
Germany and your answers are a Pokémon card Collection,
1/2 eaten sausage or a strand of an eyelash hair.
Jamie your guests so I’m going to go ahead and
start with you.
OK so when you first read this I thought the
choices were going to be like.
Like a little girl or like a dog or something
that’s alive so totally threw me off,
but let’s see. So we have a Pokémon card collection,
an eyelash and what was the other one,
half eaten sausage and half eaten sausage.
You know I’m going to go with I’m going to
go with the Pokémon Card collection just because I don’t
know something striking to me about that and I feel
like an eyelash would be hard to find and I
have even sausage like.
I mean I can see it a Pokémon card collection
on 60 minutes.
Yeah, shown to solve a cold case.
Well, Pokémon cards are really super popular.
Dude. We talked about this last week.
Don’t get me started. Alright.
So Jamie says Pokémon card collection.
This is a 9 year old murder.
You say it’s a 9 year old burglary cold case
and it was in Germany.
OK so 9 year old burglary cold case.
So not a 9 year old that committed a burglary.
It’s nine years old, God,
that range that would be much more interesting story.
Now I’m clarifying it’s a burglary cold case which is
9 years old.
Got it so Jamie says Pokémon Card collection.
My initial instinct was 1/2 eaten sausage,
but then I thought after 9 years with a half
eaten sausage,
even really still exist. Then I heard you say something
about a strand of eyelash hair and eyelash hair.
DNA like it’s all connected to the body so I’m
going to have to go with a strand of eyelash
hair locking in for a strand of eyelash hair.
Well you were close with the DNA.
German police say they’ve solved and 9 year old burglary.
After DNA found on 1/2 eaten’s piece of sausage,
are you serious wow matched that of a man detained
in France over an unrelated crime.
So basically at the time nine years ago they had
pulled DNA off his sausage and it went into a
The DNA archive is. I think brother Database.
Yeah, I think it’s just dna.com yeahandancestry.com ancestry.com sponsor us.
And then he got detained in France for an unrelated
crime and.
They pulled DNA and it clicked in the system that
he matched this burglary.
Excuse me Sir, did you register with ancestry.com or 23
and me?
Why yes, I did great.
Thanks for providing us your DNA.
You’ve now been linked to this nine year old case
and you’re screwed.
But they did say this.
The statue limitations on the burglary has expired,
meaning he’s not going to go to jail.
OK, so This is why it threw us off.
Garrett is because I assumed that the have eaten sausage
with something from present time.
And not something that they tested nine years ago,
so now that makes more sense.
Jamie, I totally agree with you and Yury does this
shit to me every single week,
every week when he when he tells these stories and
he brings the possible answers,
he always phrases them in a way.
So there’s no way I can figure out what it
actually is.
So OK, thank you. I’ll add fine print.
You are more than welcome to ask follow up questions
to these questions.
Wait what? OK, the game has just been changed.
But this is good information if there’s another question,
it’s shifted you can you can ask,
follow up questions. Remember, Yury makes up the rules for
the game,
which means he can change the rules at any point
in time and 100%
one 100% neatly in 100%
and respect that you know it’s created.
The best part about this article is it said it
wasn’t clear what type of sausage known in Germany’s worst
the burglar had nibbled,
though police said it was a hard variety and he
said the suspect remains free and in the worst case
scenario he may escape punishment,
but they spelled worst. WURST the worst lipstick scenario?
Yeah that guys a big I mean so so wait
just so I can understand this.
So this guy went into to burgle something something burgle
yeah and he ate the sausage he got like tired
in the middle and he needed fuel so he ate
half a sausage yeah but he’s running out of time
so he couldn’t finish the sausage in the world’s best
German Sherlock Holmes was scanning the house.
Found the sausage, said somebody get DNA off of that.
Alright, moving on to Wisconsin in Wisconsin and taking it
over to Wisconsin.
Taking it over to Wisconsin and a driver was pulled
over in Wisconsin for blank and your answers are replacing
all the interior chairs with foldable camping chairs drive.
I hope that’s the answer.
Go ahead, keep going. Sorry.
Driving with a live deer attached to his hood or
driving without a steering wheel and Garrett,
we’re going to start with you on this one.
And honestly, in Wisconsin any one of these as possible
so that was going to be my first statement is
that we’re talking about Wisconsin here,
so are any of the three of these possible answers
really ones that couldn’t happen?
Possible interior chairs replaced with camping chairs?
You know what? That’s a great idea,
and I think I want to do it because I
think as long as you have a seat belt.
It’s legal, right? ’cause that’s really requirement.
You gotta have a seat belt on,
so maybe they kept the seatbelts in the car and
have good camping chairs.
I think that’s a great idea.
Live deer attached to the hood.
How do you put a live deer and attach it
to your head?
A dead deer, maybe I could see.
Maybe hit the deer where he was going deer hunting.
Yeah OK I could see that one but not alive
What if you went hunting and you thought the deer
was dead?
See attached to them.
We heard the expression deer in the headlights and the
third one was no steering wheel.
That one’s a little bit too far fetched even for
Yury because I don’t know how you could drive a
car without a steering wheel,
but honestly, I don’t think you’re creative enough to come
up with that as one of the possible answers,
so I’m going to go with no steering wheel and
I’m going to lock that in now.
Hold on geared Teslas are self driving,
but they still have steering wheel correct,
but they don’t. They don’t need a steering wheel.
Am I wrong? No they do.
Yeah, they’re not. They’re not fully autonomous,
although according to Uncle Elon it’s coming this year we’ll
Alright, so I’m locking in with no steering wheel because
it’s a Tesla in Wisconsin,
right? Clearly? Get locks in a driver was pulled over
Wisconsin for driving without a steering wheel and moving it
over to Jamie.
OK, so I mean about not having a steering wheel.
I can picture like if the wheel is off there
still like going to be like something I don’t know.
It’s called me. There’s going to be like us something
you can maybe grasp onto it.
In turn it, I mean probably not but sure,
who knows? He attached strings to it so he could
pull it in the directions that he needs to go
I want to say the ’cause the live deer.
It just depends on what kind of deer.
If it’s a giant deer like a male deer it.
If it was oh wow it’s going to get real
dark and I was going to say it was like
Bambi’s mom.
They don’t think we have many deers that listen to
You can say it, it’s OK.
OK, I apologize to all the deers out there.
Sorry if that makes me a Dick,
but the guy killed Bambi’s mom and then or thought
he did tide him to the top of the car
and then the deer just starts moving around and freaking
out. And that’s what caught the cops attention there and
Also yeah, if they have beach chairs in your car
instead of real seats,
that’s bold and that just means you like to relax
all the time.
And it is a life that I really I can
get with ended with.
But I think I’m going to deer on this one
just because I feel like.
The cops would be difficult for them to see the
chairs being replaced depending and then also being able to
see the steering wheel from driving.
I don’t know. I feel like it would be not
be able to tell,
so I’m unlocking it with deer are logic to get
It was like right? Wrong,
I can’t even like argue with her logic to get
Well way to bring it home.
The Wisconsin State Patrol shared a photo on their Twitter
account from a traffic stop in which a trooper discovered
the driver of the vehicle was sitting on a camping
chair basically. The trooper notice that the vehicle had no
car seats inside the car.
I mean, how much. OK,
so this is my other thing with that if you’re
doing that,
like how do you get the seats to the state
place within the car?
Like wouldn’t they be shifting around?
They would be felt and I would imagine that’s why
doing this would be illegal the vehicle.
Just for that reason, yeah,
it said the vehicle was pulled over for an equipment
violation and then on his approach.
The trooper noted that the vehicle had no car seeds
and the driver was sitting on a camping chair.
What an awkward 3 minutes before he probably noticed.
Excuse me Sir. License and registration please.
I’m sorry is that a beach chair you’re sitting on?
Also, did you know this deer scratch your head is
actually live?
And where the fuck is your steering wheel?
Jamie’s logical conclusion to that answer,
that’s going to be 2 points for Jamie Garrett.
Yeah, again, I can’t argue with you.
I totally agree she had me convinced that she was
right anyway,
so I agree, give her the point.
Hey guys, we are excited to tell you that we
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and if you didn’t hear me say it the first
2 times,
double smoke bbq.com.
Alright, so for your third and final question,
an online company is hiring for the position of blank
with starting salary of $70.00 an hour.
Your possible answers are a font creator am Mouse pad
tester or a Minecraft gardening consultant.
Jamie I’m going to start it with you.
OK, well one is it.
The job still available because I would love to make
$7.00 an hour is it is still available.
There’s there taking applications on their website.
No man, I really hope it’s I’m not calling about
any of those,
but you know, OK, so making fonts I feel like
creating a font is actually really hard to do.
Especially I would agree. I think so,
and they’re expensive. I don’t know if you guys ever
tried to buy a font like a really good looking
fun hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
Yeah, so so that’s a really big that’s where I’m
leaning but OK,
but then the mind I feel like people get crazy
with Minecraft.
I personally have never played it,
but I heard it’s really cool so I could see
someone needing a consultant for that.
Just really wanting to make their Minecraft.
What is it like a world,
a place? You know I don’t play Minecraft but again,
just like you said I know a lot of people
that go nuts over it and played for hours and
hours and hours and there’s a whole formula to it
like there’s statistics and how many?
Blocks you mined crafted yeah and the person that they’re
hiring to consult for their gardens.
Probably like 10, so it’s $70.00 an hour to a
10 year old.
Making $70.00 an hour. Yeah,
exactly. And then what was the third choice?
There’s font in the font creator,
Mouse Pad Tester or Minecraft gardening consultant.
See, I feel like Mousepads aren’t as much of a
thing like obviously they kind of are,
but they’re kind of not.
I haven’t used a mouse pad in a really long
I’m going to go for the.
Minecraft creator thing. ’cause that just sounds I could just
see some person and I’m sorry if you are paying
someone $70.00 an hour to mine craft your garden thing
your Dick.
Like you’re just a Dick,
I don’t even. I don’t know if you’re addicted for
paying someone.
I think you’re a Dick for charging someone $70.00 an
hour to do.
Oh no you’re smart Jamie locks in with Minecraft game
gardening consultant onto you get it.
Alright, so I’m going to preface this.
Do you have any follow up questions?
Was there anything about the question you didn’t understand?
Yeah, I’d like to know what the font that they’re
trying to create is.
Do you have an answer to that?
Something with a sand script italicized?
Maybe a high resolution lower discipline like lower subscript font?
Did you just pull like every 80s possible computer font
You could think of making up words at this point.
Yeah, I actually think this one.
I don’t think it’s font creator and,
well, Minecraft game gardening consultant really does sound like something
that could be.
I think this one is going to be a mouse
pad tester because as you mentioned,
mouse pads are not as big of a thing anymore.
So if somebody is building a brand new version of
a mouse pad,
they probably want to have it tested by enough people,
and by enough people I mean one person so it
only cost them 70 bucks to test out their mouth.
That’s all I’m going to lock in with mouse pad
Gary locking it with mouse pad tester,
but you know the one thing I pulled out of
As you said you said mouse pads aren’t really a
thing anymore,
or mouse pads ever really a thing.
Oh totally, what are you learning a mouse pads hold
on you Sir,
sent me a text message the other day with a
picture of a mouse that had the ball in it.
Still, that’s when you use the mouse pad.
Thank you very much. British website that reviews garden sheds.
Posted a job listing.
Yes, a British website that reviews garden Sheds posted a
job listing for Minecraft gardening consultant listeners uses man.
This is like the peak.
Well the website said it’s seeking candidates with a working
knowledge of Minecraft and have a creative flair.
While not essential previous experience in landscape gardening is beneficial.
Hold on, it says a passion for gardening in the
outdoors must also be demonstrated.
Let me tell you, people have a passion for gardening
in the outdoors.
Are not playing Minecraft. They’re not playing Minecraft.
That is a correct statement.
They’re not approaching their correct target audience.
For the you know your target demographic,
please and literally wow well,
I think James is going to go ahead and win
that went on all three fronts.
As usual, Garrett loses will send Jamie the trophy GIF
that she can probably display on her.
Phone desktop background. I don’t know.
Yeah dude. I’m putting it up on my desktop.
I’ll take a little screenshot of that.
Phil and Don, the best part of this game when
I’m coming up with these questions is not coming up
with questions.
It’s coming up with the two possible wrong answers because
you have to make implausible in relation to how weird
the actual answer is.
You know what I mean?
So how was your process like for that?
I have to figure out how weird the actual answer
So like a blank solved 9 year old Burger cold
case in Germany and the answer was half eaten sausage.
Well, if I want to just put half eaten sausage
and then I made the other two answers like you
A drop of blood and a fingerprint.
Then you know the weird one is going to be
the one that sticks out.
So I have to kind of camouflage the real answer
with two other weird fucking answers that one threw me
The most, though I literally thought like it was going
to be like someone solved this case,
I’m not in your old solved the cold case in
which is odd because she was French.
’cause he was. It was in France that France interested
so I got it.
That took me a minute.
Sorry so we have one more story that we get
to tell.
I actually found two stories that I found really interesting
and so I’m going to read you the title and
you’re going to tell me which story we should talk
about. OK, so the title of the first one is
another shrimp theft and the title of the second one
is Texas Man drove dealership loaner car to Rob a
bank, tried to use his loot to then buy a
What do you think, Jamie?
Another shrimp. Theft obviously. Gary,
yeah, I’m 100% another ship theft because that indicates that
there’s been previous shrimp thefts,
so this is becoming an epidemic of shrimps that are
getting stolen so my notes to myself and this is
first of all.
Can we just talk about the fact that the title
of this article actually is another shrimp theft?
Why are people stealing shrimp?
The article says police are investigating the theft of shrimp
from a grocery store on Sunday.
Last month, a thief stole over $1000 worth of shrimp
from a different store in another town in the same
Is there a black market for shrimp like is there
a resale market for that ’cause I’ve never seen it
on eBay.
Someone messed up somewhere I needed to cater something.
Frank, I got 400 people coming over in 20 minutes
and I promised them all 40 pounds of shrimp.
Can you hook it up?
I’ll be right back. Well,
police said. Two suspects entered the stop and shop and
there was video footage showing the suspects arriving in a
newer model.
White Nissan Pathfinder. Why the article had to say that
I don’t know.
So I took a look at these photos.
I can barely make out anything in the photos and
how the hell.
Can we beam images from spacecraft to earth and breathtaking
high definition but every single security photo,
whether it’s a bank robber,
whether it’s a robbery at a grocery store or convenience
store with a hard wired camera,
this camera is plugged into a recorder somewhere.
Looks like a flip phone camera from 1999.
I actually felt like it looked like a 1950s television
Or even worse. I mean,
it’s just. It’s absolutely insane that we cannot get a
good photo of these types of things.
I’m still coming up on why people are stealing shrimp,
police said. When the two went into the store,
they filled up multiple reusable shopping bags with shrimp,
bacon, OK, cool bacon, wrapped shrimp,
right? That makes sense and Kool aid.
I’m going where they’re going that sounds delicious.
What sodomies? I’ve never seen a grocery store that had
like a serve yourself.
Shrimp. It’s always like behind the butcher counter or something,
so the fact that they were able to like help
themselves to the shrimp.
I’m imagining. Frozen shrimp. Yeah,
I guess that would make sense.
And also it’s not a grocery store,
it’s a stop and shop which I’m not from the
East Coast or Connecticut,
but I believe stop and shop is like you know,
like a 711 or. One of those other convenience stores
here that we have on the West Coast.
How do they have that much quantity of shrimp at
us at a place like that?
I can’t imagine like is that all they sell at
the stop and shop is true?
You know they always say don’t buy gas station sushi
’cause that’s just a recipe for disaster.
I wonder if the same goes true for gas station
We’ve scoured the Internet for recent headlines and we came
across a woman who we have nominated the dummy of
the Week award,
the inaugural dummy of the Week award.
It’s time for the dummy.
There we go. Who will it be?
Let’s find out instead of just reading you the headline,
I’m going to walk you through sort of a timeline
as if we were doing a deposition so this woman
goes to the store and basically purchases a bath bomb.
She’s had a long day,
just been working normal. I mean that doesn’t sound dumb.
Sounds great, she goes home muscles,
achy sets up her bath.
She throws her bath bomb in.
She gets in the bath and she starts relaxing until
she notices a little white puffy things.
Basically floating up to the surface of the bath while
she’s in it.
So she’s in the bath and little white puffy things
turns out to be marshmallows,
little odd and she starting to notice that the bath
scent smells a lot like cocoa,
not realizing that. She didn’t actually buy a bath bomb
which she bought was a hot chocolate bomb,
which is a little ball that you place into a
Cup of hot water that instantaneously turns the water into
a Cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
I mean, I’ve seen hot chocolate spoons like my kids
love these things.
They got them for like Christmas and they would drop
them into the mugs and they put water in.
It says the unnamed woman’s Pal explained that she bought
what she thought was a luxurious bath bomb for a
nice relaxing night in only for her to realize her
mistake when dozens of mini marshmallows started floating around in
the tub.
All she needed all she needed to remedy that situation
was a straw.
The few minutes of confusion in her eyes,
hot chocolate bath bomb, hot chocolate bomb and water are
two of the three ingredients in an espresso martini.
There you go. That’s true.
So wow, we really coming full circle today.
I’m I’m really digging it guys.
What is the third ingredient in espresso,
martini, despair, despair, depression, self loathing?
My thing is, is what section of this store would
a hot chocolate bath bomb being?
Because I feel like it’s not like they just have
the bath bomb in the food section and why would
they have the hot chocolate one in that section?
Unless unless the store people the employees got confused?
And put the bath bomb or the chocolate bomb in
with I don’t know.
Have you gone to these stores that have like the
impulse items in the front?
I know places like Michaels or the art store the
art store.
Yeah, Michaels art store and there’s like this long aisle before
you get to the register.
It’s just an aisle of like like impulse items like
And it’s the weirdest concoction of things put together.
It’s like headphones, candy, bars,
popcorn and scented candles. Best Buy does that too.
Yeah, Best Buy does that too.
And right next to the DVD’s and 4K.
Blu Ray stuff. You’ll have the bath bomb,
scented hot chocolate bomb. I wonder what color the bottom
it was Brown I could you know?
I mean, I’ve only used bath bombs a couple times,
but I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Brown one.
I was going to say would you put a Brown
bath palm in?
I mean ’cause that just seems so.
It like relaxing and makes you just want to get
in the bath right when you water is just Brown.
I’ve bought they have these little die tabs for baths
and I’ve bought him from my my kids where you
can for his kids kid for me.
For me I like colored baths,
yeah, and they have one that’s just yellow and every
time I throw it in there I’m like it just
looks like something.
This looks like a public toilet that I filled with
Thanks for bringing us our very first dummy of the
week and let me just say that was pretty dumb.
That was the dummy of the week.
There’s nothing you can’t buy on fiber fiber is the
best place ever.
To do it whole podcast where we where we send
out just the stupidest fucking requests to fiber and just
see what comes back.
In fact, anyone listening any fans if you call her
fandom line at 1888 FAN DUMB
that’s F A N D U M B call us and give us some kind
of requests that you would like to see a send
out to the fiverr world and have them bring it
back to us and see what they come up with.
Again, if you have a funny idea of a request
that we can actually send out and pay people on
fiverr to come up with.
Call us on the FAN DUMB Line and let us know
what that should be.
Well thanks everybody for joining us this week.
This has been episode #7 of this week is dumb.
If you go to any of your favorite search engines
and type in this week is dumb ladies gentlemen,
we now have our own website.
It is dumb week, dumbweek.com you can reach
out to us at Garrett@dumbweek.com,
or Yury@dumbweek.com come check out our website
all over episodes are there.
You can stream it live from Spotify there.
So if you happen to be sitting in front of
your computer you just want to listen.
You don’t want to download it.
Hit the stream button there.
You can listen to all of our episodes.
Send us feedback. Let us know any thoughts you have
about the show.
As Yury said, if you have some ideas on
what we could send off to fiverr to have done
and please please please.
Listeners go check out Jamie’s podcast.
Does that make me a Dick?
It’s a lot of fun.
Great time Jamie. Thank you so much for being here
in joining us today.
Yeah, thanks so much for coming really funny podcast we
got there,
does that make me a Dick?
Thank you and I hope all your listeners are asking
that to themselves constantly alright?
Thanks again for joining us,
and hey, we’ll see you next week.

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