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8. Space Force and Deep Fakes


This week Garrett and Yury have on a Crisis Negotiator named Harry Drucker as their special guest host. Lot’s of fun topics this week including stories about Deep Fakes, The Space Force and how to get arrested multiple times in one day. We also have our weekly game Fill In The Dumb and Dummy of the Week award!

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Episode Transcript


It’s time for the this week is dumb podcast. A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a bit and hear about some of the dumb things that we found this week. Now, here are your hosts, Garrett and Yury. Hi everybody. Welcome to this episode. Number eight, episode number eight of this week is dumb.

Speaking of dumb people. My name is Garrett. I am one of your two co-hosts. My other dumb co-host is Yury what’s up Dumbledoors? Dumbledoors?  What the hell man? I made a Harry Potter reference. It’s uh, I’ve had a lot of feedback, both on Instagram, DM. We’ve had a couple of voicemails and I’ve gotten some emails and actually believe it or not, everybody is saying dumber.

Like Dumbers that’s the, that’s what people should be called. I don’t know, man. Maybe, you know what. I’ll tell you what, if somebody has a good idea or they have a better idea, you can reach out to us on the FAN-DUMB line. It’s eight, eight, eight FAN-DUMB connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. We’re on all the social media is at this week is dumb.

Send us your ideas, let us know what you think we should be calling you guys because right now I’m getting really tired of Yury coming up with some new reference every week. Yeah. Dumbineers call in. Give us a new idea. Dumbineers Jesus. Speaking of Dumbineers  Hey Yury. Uh, you want to talk to us about who our guest is this week, this week, we have someone who works as a crisis negotiator this week.

We have Harry Drucker. Welcome Harry. It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me on guys. I, you know, I’m kind of curious, Yury, how did you convince somebody with such a cool job as a crisis negotiator to come be on our podcast? Because that sounds like a really cool job to have. Uh, we bribed him, we bribed him, but was there a negotiation involved?

Well, it started as a crisis. And, uh, because we didn’t have anything to offer for the bribe and, uh, he negotiated there. You have it. Well, Harry welcome. We’re very excited to have you. Yeah, thanks for having me. I really do appreciate it. And, and, uh, Yury, as far as the bribe, he offered me three times what you, uh, usually pay your, your guests.

So, I appreciate it. You know, maybe perhaps Yury, maybe somebody’s joining us this week. That’s never listened to us before shot in the dark, but maybe there is somebody who’s joining us that hasn’t listed before. Do you want to maybe describe what our podcast is about first for all you fellow Dumbledoors

I noticed you were waving your hands when we were coming up with it. Yes. Yes. Well, I am a fan. I have listened to every episode. I think dum dums, uh, either dumdums or, uh, or dumbees. So, basically we have a podcast where we go through the Internet’s on a weekly basis and we try and pull out just the dumbest news that we can find.

And we like to talk about it. I don’t know what it is about my stories, but this one is titled. Man gets arrested three times in the same day, including twice by the same state trooper. Now, when he was pulled over, the trooper noticed he was driving with a suspended license. The trooper also found something else in the car.

Any ideas, what it could have been a 1992 Macintosh computer, good guess, Harry, any ideas? Uh, an alligator. So, we have Yury with the 1992 Mac Harry with an alligator. I’m sorry. You’re both wrong. The trooper cocaine. Okay. To be fair. I feel like we were both very close on that one. So, before I tell you, the second arrest was for how fast is the justice system in New York, where someone can get arrested.

And then released back out into the wild within less than six hours. I’ve never been arrested before. Let me be super clear, like, but I’ve seen plenty of TV shows and I’m sure the TV shows are accurate. So, can somebody really get arrested and get released that quickly? I think now in New York you get a little gift bag and it’s sent on your way.

I don’t think you spend time behind bars unless it’s like murder or something. And even then who knows, I’m surprised it’s not just an app. Like if you get arrested, you can just pay quick, fine, right there through an app. Like I got arrested.com. You have to fill out a little, I agree to show up to court.

I need to go that domain name now. Thanks, Yury which way do you swipe to get out? I say that old joke. When you go to a job interview and they say, have you ever, you ever been convicted of a felony? You say convicted? No, never convicted. All right. Back to the story. So, six hours later Radek is again, driving this time.

He’s in a different car. He’s in a Honda civic. So maybe he thought. I’m in a civic now instead of a Cherokee, maybe this is less conspicuous. He gets pulled over again for what the article says is another vehicle and traffic law violation. Does this guy just drive around cars that are, that are problems.

How does this guy have access to so many cars for having a suspended license? Exactly as he’s picking them up on the corners, he’s stealing them or is he stealing these cars? Yeah, I don’t know that he’s stealing the cars, but he definitely has cars that have problems that he’s driving in. The second arrest was a suspended license as well.

Well, the second arrest was for another traffic and vehicle of law violation. So, the trooper makes this traffic stop immediately recognizes Radek from earlier when he arrested him and. Yeah. And finds him in possession of cocaine, but this time, not only did he have cocaine in the car, he also had, here’s the second shot for you both.

A 1993, Macintosh computer Damn, close Harry, uh, a barn owl. No, uh, you’re both wrong this time. He upped his game instead of just having cocaine. He also had heroin in the car. So, strike two gets arrested, sent back to jail. 5:45 PM. The guy gets arrested for a third time. So, this is. Four hours after the second arrest, when a different trooper stops Radic who’s again, driving his original Jeep Cherokee from the first arrest for multiple vehicle and traffic law violations.

During this traffic stop, the trooper then determined Radick was impaired by drugs and was arrested for a third time. And this time he had a barn owl an alligator and two Mac computers. That’s correct. You got it. You hit the nail on the head, Harry. I think this is, this is a good, uh, ad for Uber or Lyft.

Forget all these times he’s getting arrested. This guy has hookups because on the drop of a dime, this guy’s, this guy’s getting cars, this guy’s getting cocaine, heroin all within like an hour of each other. I had three things that popped into my mind. And I’m glad you said that Yury, the first one was, does New York have like a catch and release system for criminals?

Like do they just, you know, it’s like fishing where you throw it out there, you reel them in and then you just cut them loose. And then how did this guy not have his car impounded? And then the third thing is how many drugs does this dude actually have on him? Right. Because he’s got busted twice. He, I assume they took the drugs from him both times, but he still had enough to be arrested a third time while he was actually impaired from them.

So I think you’re right. Yury. He’s either got some amazing hookup or he just has a massive stash of drugs at his home. And instead of releasing the guy, they should just go serve a warrant on his home. At what point do you just stay home though? Can you just say, you know, I’m going to sit the rest of this day out, apparently in his mind, never.

He just wants to keep driving around and testing things. You know, I think we should roll right into fill in the dumb

It’s another Monday, which means it’s another time for a round of fill in the dumb Harry, if you weren’t aware of, we take news articles from the week, I take the actual headlines and I will read them to you and I will leave one word blank. I’ll give you three possible answers and there’ll be up between you and Garrett to determine through process of elimination, which the correct answer is, are you ready to play Harry?

So I’m ready. And I am well aware because that song has wormed its way into my brain. And I hear it. Uh, about 14 hours out of every day, it is Yury favorite thing ever to hear. He loves it when we play it, I have it on a loop and I listed into my, I listened to it in my ear on a loop as I’m going to bed.

And this is not a good thing. I’ve had to do other things too, to just interrupt the, the, the loop and, um, So I’ve, I’ve kind of broken in into the, uh, the dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb from, uh, from South park by Menon and, uh, Oh, your first question, NASCAR, either one of you guys, NASCAR fans. Nope. Not a little bit.

Perfect. NASCAR to begin using blank at Atlanta motor Speedway and your possible answers are COVID detection, dogs. Tesla fully electric dragsters or virtual racing. Harry, I’m going to start it with you. Well, that is an interesting one. And I would say that there’s no doubt in my mind that, uh, my, my, I have two little dogs and they can find a crumb of food, three rooms away.

So, I, they probably could, uh, dogs could detect COVID, but, uh, I don’t think that’s it, you know, I, the virtual thing, I’ve got a son who’s constantly on the internet, you know, playing games. But for NASCAR, I think it’s, it’s got to go a little bit bigger than that. So I, I, and I have had the opportunity to drive a Tesla.

And when you step on, I guess it’s not the gas, when you step on the accelerator, that thing goes, so I’m going to go with the Tesla, Harry locks in, with Tesla, Garrett, over to you. I like how you said that, Harry. I like how you got to your answer and I appreciate that you explained it all. Uh, so we’re talking about Atlanta motor Speedway.

Harry said Tesla dragsters. I got to tell you I’m a big Tesla fan. I like the cars. I haven’t heard anything about a Tesla Roadster or a Tesla drag racer. So I’m going to say that’s probably not the case. Uh, virtual racing seems like it might be a little bit too out there in the wild. And so I think I’m going to have to go with COVID detection dogs on this one, because if you can train spinach to tell you there’s a bomb, you can train a dog to tell you there’s COVID right?

Well, NASCAR officials plan to use trained dogs to detect COVID-19 among essential personnel. I have so many questions. Hold on. I don’t care about your questions. I got a point, right. Yury. When is the last time I got one, right? Can you give me some credit please? Harry, it’s kind of a big deal. I believe in the history of our entire podcast.

This is the first time Garrett’s actually got an answer, correct. Or at least the first time that I’ve acknowledged that he’s got an answer. Correct? We should just end the game right now. Hey, well, Yury brought me to come on, which you don’t know Yury is, is Garrett. Uh, Bribe me to throw that first question, right?

That makes sense. I have so many questions. How do you even begin to train a dog to detect something? Something like that? I know you, I know they train dogs to know when, uh, when, when someone’s going to have a, uh, a, a seizure. So maybe the service dogs that can do all sorts of things. They have service dogs for autistic kids that can see when something’s happening.

If you think about a person that’s got COVID right. They probably got a fever going. Uh, they’re probably, I don’t know, dogs are really good with their sense of smell. Right. So maybe they can smell a person who’s lost their sense of smell, I don’t know. It’s unreal. I, I can’t even wrap my head around it.

And, and how do they alert when they, when they, I know that they’re, there’s bomb dogs, that instead of, you know, scratching at the, the, uh, the package, they’ll sit right in there, you know, does the dog put a mask on the dog immediately runs six feet away from you?

All right, for the second question, have you guys heard of Space Force, Army Navy Air Force Space? Steve Corolla is going to say the Netflix doc or the Netflix series or the actual, the actual Space Force. Is it real like, does it actually exist? It’s a real thing. They’ve, they’ve become a part of the military.

All right. So Space Force members. Will be called blank. So basically the Navy has sailors. Army has soldiers. Air Force has airman. What are the Navy members called sailors Space Force members will be called blank. And your possible answers are Space Cadets, lunar corps Officers. Or Guardians and Garrett, I’m going to start with you.

I want to be in the room when Yury finds these articles, and then he thinks about the non correct answers. Just last week, we talked about finding the questions. Aren’t hard. It’s finding the coming up with two of the ones wrong answers. That’s right. Because if the, if there’s one, uh, two reasonable ones and one ridiculous one of course.

So I have to make them all in the dumb. All right. So Space Force members are going to be called either Space Cadets, Lunar Core Officers or Guardians. Correct. I hope that they’re going to be called Guardians because Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel reference mean. Hey, if it’s the Space Force, uh, you know, they sued Netflix trying to get Donald Trump sued Netflix, trying to get them to not air that show because it was called Space Force.

He tried to file some like trademark or patent and I don’t know whatever that. So if, if they can still Space Force  maybe the Space Force can steal the Guardians of the Galaxy name. Yeah, uh, Space Cadets. Uh, I’m I’m all for Space Cadets. Like I think if that’s, if that’s what they’re going in and being called, sign me up yesterday, uh, Lunar Corp Officers just seems like it’s too obvious.

So I don’t think that’s the right answer. So I’m going to lock in with what I sure should hope is the right answer and say Space Cadets Space Cadets. Okay. Space Cadets. What are your thoughts on this topic? Oh, you just, you threw me there. Garrett. I thought you, uh, I thought you were saying that, uh, Guardians was your name.

I thought he was going to lean towards Guardians. I have to keep you on your toes. Okay. So, and, and part of the rules are that the guests cannot answer the same answer. No. What? We’ve read both. We’ve reviewed revolting. We’ve. We’ve changed that rule and you can come up with your own answer on this one. I do not, I believe the same answer I am.

And here’s why the Space Cadet, the term Cadet is more for people in training, in my opinion, to my limited knowledge. Um, although I do like that one, um, I think that, uh, if you, if they’re gonna call them Lunar, uh, anything with Lunar, I think limits the scope of where they are going to do their duties and, uh, Uh, we’re already looking at Mars as, as a planet and, uh, uh, going to, so I I’m going to go with Guardians.

I think that’s the answer Harry’s going with Guardians. Well, the Army has soldiers. The Navy has sailors. The Space Force has Guardians. Apparently they took a lot of submissions for this year. The article goes on and says they were sending out surveys. It gives some of the rejected names I wish it did.

That’d be fantastic. Space Cadets, Lunar Officers.

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For your third and final question, a breeder sells specially bred Python with blank for $6,000.

And your answers are three smiley face emojis on it. Two heads or bunny ears. And Harry, we’ll start with you, you know, in, in another light the life many years ago, I actually owned a Python, a Burmese Python, and the only bunny ears that were around it were coming out of its mouth, uh, during feeding. Oh, I don’t think that’s had to go there.

So, uh, I don’t think, uh, yeah, not bunny ears. There was the, uh, emojis. And what was the other one? Two heads, two heads. I know that does happen in nature. At times, uh, and that sounds $6,000, huh? Correct. I’m actually going to go with the emojis three smiley face emojis on it. Yes. It’s a $6,000 Python right there.

Garrett, what do you think? I was thinking Python is in the scripting language because you know, I’m in the computer geek side. And so Python’s a scripting language. Harry locked in on three smiley face emojis, which I’m not going to lie. I was kind of leaning towards, uh, the two heads thing. Again, it just seems too obvious.

Like that’s just something Yury threw in there to confuse us. And bunny ears. You know what? I have this vision of a Python with little ears on its head, like this little bunny ears. And so I’m going to go with bunny ears, Yury Garrett locks in with bunny ears, a snake breeder who accidentally bred a ball Python with the shape of three smiley face emojis on it said he sold the designer reptile for $6,000.

Wow. I’m in the wrong business. Nicely done Harry! The breeder said the snake was born after about eight years of working to breed pythons. For the color combination, this guy needs a hobby. He has a hobby. He breed pythons. He said he estimates about one in 20 snakes. He bred for the color combination would have a smiley face, but this snake is the only one he’s ended up with that has three faces on it.

Scales. Wow. I feel bad for the snakes that didn’t make the cut because now they grew up with like confidence issues and, well, it looks like Harry. Steals, this week’s fill in the dumb by a landslide as usual, Garrett wins nothing. And clearly Harry wins nothing because really we didn’t have a prize for anything.

And I thought we were sending the virtual trophies. We are selling a, so Harry, we created a virtual trophy, which we will send you and you can display proudly. We did, I will virtually appreciate it. Well, we don’t have to actually send them one, but we can. Just say we did, and it’s a podcast. Nobody’s going to know if we actually did it, right?

Yeah. And our listeners are called dumdums

cheerleading mom accused of making nude deep fakes to incriminate daughters rivals. The mother of a teenage cheerleader has created deep fake images and videos using social media photos in an apparent effort to damage rival members of her daughter’s squad. According to Pennsylvania police Yury. Have you heard of these.

Deep fakes before. I don’t even know what deep fakes are. And you’ve said it like 16 times, I was going to ask that what is a deep fake? So deep fakes are these digitally altered videos and images that can look super realistic. So somewhere somebody created this like computer algorithm and you can like upload a picture of a person’s face and it will swap the faces of the person.

So it looks like it’s that person like all, why are they called deep fakes? Because they look so real. It’s really hard to tell that they’re fake. Like, unless you’re looking at it and you’re a trained person. You’re looking at these videos of these pictures, they look like they’re real. So they’re deep fakes, not just fakes.

How did she use these images to hinder other people? So these, uh, these very realistic images, uh, were used to depict some of the rival cheerleaders in nude, smoking pot, smoking, or drinking alcohol pictures. So she’s just basically setting up these fake pictures to make it look like they’re doing bad stuff.

Yeah. I mean, you know, you want to have like, Uh, if you’re on a team, a sports team, there’s, there’s a level of ethics that you have to display, right? You don’t want your teenage cheerleaders going around and posting videos of themselves or photos of themselves in compromising positions. Let’s say in today’s day and age, you can’t trust any image or anything.

You see, it reminds me there’s a website and I can’t think of the name right now, but you can go to it. And it uses all the images from the internet to create fake people. And it’s like, this person is fake.com or something like that. And it looks like a real picture. But apparently it’s a digitally composited person.

Well, as usual, we like to select one person every week for dummy of the week. It’s time for the dummy of the, week oh, will it be, let’s find out. Uh, our dummy of the week goes out to not one person, but actually a group of 35 OB GYN residents who were. Keyword were training at the spectrum health in grand Rapids, Michigan.

This group of residents created an Instagram account where they were posting surgical pictures. Now in one post, a picture of an organ is being shown after being removed during a cancer operation with a caption saying the other game we play in the operating room is guests that weight it applies to so much more than just babies and as always.

Price is right. Rules apply. So if you go over then you’re out. Then there was a second post on the same account that showed a doctor holding a fibrous tissue as a patient lies on the operating table with a caption that read longest one wins. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to do this as it’s would it be stupid or would it be dumb?

How dumb do you have to be to do something like this now? The account has since been deleted. So you can’t go out and find the Instagram account anymore says you, the only official comment from spectrum health on this was we were disappointed to learn that surgical images were posted on an Instagram account, used by a group of residents and are taking steps to resolve this issue.

Well, you don’t want their official response to be. And the closest one without going over was Frank from Denver, Colorado. And it’s okay. They’re they’re only residents. It’s not like they went to school very long to get into that program. That was dummy of the week thanks everybody for joining us this week and a special thanks to our guest Harry Drucker crisis.

Negotiator. Extraordinaire Thanks Harry. For being here with us, man, it was a lot of fun. Thanks. Remember, there’s lots of ways to connect with us. You can reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter at this week is dumb or check out our new website,  dumbweek.com reach out to us on the FAN-DUMB line eight, eight, eight fan dumb

we’re still looking for your suggestions on stupid fiverr things that we can have done. And we’re going to do a whole episode on that hopefully soon, right? Yury. Uh, hopefully I’d love to send something out and just see what they come up with. I’m pretty excited about that. Me too. Take care. And we’ll. Talk to you soon.

Talk to you soon, What the fuck am I saying?

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