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2. The Bathroom Episode – With Special Guest Omar Khan


This week Garrett and Yury welcome a special guest host DJ Omar Khan the producer and Co-host of the Janky Town Podcast. Omar is also formerly from the Kevin and Bean show on 106.7 KROQ and now is on the Stryker and Klein show on KROQ here in Southern California.

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You can email us at garrett@dumbweek.com or yury@dumbweek.com

Topics this week include:

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Episode Transcript

It’s time for this week is dumb podcast.
A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a
bit and hear about some of the dumb things that
we found this week.
Now here are your host Garrett and Yury well hey good
day everybody.
This is Garrett coming to you for our next episode
episode #2 of this week is dumb.
Welcome back in Yury’s here with me today you re
say hi to everybody.
Hello hello hello hello well thanks for thanks for coming
back and joining us to all five of you that
downloaded the first episode.
We’re very very excited. We have some good news for
This week we decided that we should probably try to
spice things up a little bit and so I reached
out to somebody that I’ve known for a couple of
years at this point and asked him to come on
and be a guest host with us.
So those of you that are joining us from the
Southern California area,
the man I’m about to introduce started his radio career
with the Kevin and Bean show.
Now is, well, the third voice I guess.
Or 4th voice or some voice on the Stryker and
Klein show.
Ladies and gentlemen, DJ Omar Khan,
DJ Omar Khan, DJ Omar Khan Omar.
Thanks for joining us today man really appreciate it.
No worries dude. It’s my pleasure.
Yeah when you guys said you guys down to do
episode #2 I was like oh mall about #2 so.
Omar Omar if for those of you that don’t know,
Omar likes to take bathroom selfies.
He does gigs for people and his trademark is every
guy goes to.
He’s got to take that bathroom selfie.
Yeah man and I’m very immature.
So so any kind of potty humor I’m into.
If it’s juvenile, I’m all in.
I think that’s really kind of the business card of
Is the bathroom self? Yeah,
exactly just a big dumpster fire just everywhere.
Absolutely Speaking of dumpster fires in bathrooms.
Well, not really. Actually, before we get too much into
I actually want to share something that I did this
week with my family and you re I think you
did this as well and it’s kind of a little
free plug. I think for it,
but I took the family to that.
Netflix, Stranger Things Drive into experience for sure.
We are huge stranger things.
Fan and fans in here.
So the wife and I actually stepped out and decided
to go enjoy it and I will tell you the
production value on that thing was amazing you into it
as well, didn’t you? You re I did way over
the top.
Just unreal. The fact that they did this whole thing
instead of a.
Parking garage essentially pretty incredible,
pretty well more. I don’t know if you’ve had a
chance to see anything about this or even knew about
or even a fan of Stranger Things.
Have you seen the show before?
I’ve seen both season. I’m a huge fan,
but man, you guys really didn’t bring that story to
so I know what was going on there.
It’s a stranger things drive through what happened.
Sorry dude, I was actually texting.
I was texting my production buddy.
Sorry my bad.
A way to start a show,
right? An interview here. Anyway,
I’m joining you guys and I’m sorry this guy was
texting me.
He needed to reply right away so I was just
kind of tuned out for just a moment to I.
I wanna be 100 with you guys.
Tell me again what was happening with Stranger Things.
It’s a drive through it you could get like fries
or what hamburger hamburger and fries.
Yeah exactly now it’s not message my bad it’s all
good man I would expect nothing less so you know
we should probably tell people.
Omar is one of three hosts of probably my favorite
podcast except for this one now.
Called Janky Town and, you know,
Omar once you tell us about Janky Town.
I will janky town, kind of.
You know. It came from the B Team podcast in
the B Team Podcast.
Essentially was a podcast where we took a behind the
scenes look of the widely famous and successful Kevin show
on 106.7 Carat Q FM,
and I mean those guys are on the Kevin and
Bean show were legendary there.
We’re on the air on K rock for 30 years
and got multiple Hall of Fame awards.
I mean, people truly just love that show and.
Yeah, so the B Team podcast was a behind the
scenes look at that.
An once kind of everything kind of being left and
then Kevin in the morning got let go.
That left me in a precarious situation where I kind
of wanted to let that be team podcast go.
So after 7 in the morning got fired from K
then we took about a six month hiatus and then
it got with the guys of the co-host are David
King of Mexico Anjani beer Mug,
Kantrow who also worked on the Kevin and Bean Show
and Kevin in the morning with me and.
We just decided to create Janky Town now Janky Town.
We do talk about, you know,
K Rock life, and you know,
Stryker and Klein a little bit and also reflect back
on the good old days we had with Kevin in
the morning and the Kevin and Bean crew.
But it’s just, you know,
a podcast where we make fun of each other.
We talk about weird situations that happened,
happened in, you know, in our personal lives,
and you know, we pick up new stories,
play voicemails, and I mean,
Garrett. You should describe it because you,
as a listener probably have a different perspective.
On how to describe the Junkie Town podcast?
Because it’s truly all over the place.
It is all over the place and I think that’s
one of the things that people like about it is.
There’s a structure behind it,
but it’s just you never know what you’re going to
get from week to week.
Whether it’s Dave putting in his 2%
into the podcast or Johnny Beer Mug,
who finally is responding on social media.
But that’s a story for another one.
I actually heard a rumor about the B team,
and I heard the reason that B team actually went
off the air was ’cause you let some Jackass come
in and guest host episode 93,
and that just completely ruined it for everybody.
There you wouldn’t be that Jackass would you?
Yes, he would be that Jackass.
Yeah for sure and no man.
Your when your appearance and we brought you in as
Beer Mug 2.0 because Johnny Berba Kantrow for some reason
wasn’t making it to the B team recording sessions ever.
And we were like fine,
yeah, exactly so we’re like fine,
we’re going to get this guy who I know who
By the way, Garrett puts,
you know, like people who are in the actual radio
broadcasting industry.
He has this voice that puts those people to shame.
So we’re like, you know,
he has a good voice and he has got it.
Got a likable personality we brought him in.
He you know wasn’t overzealous it,
didn’t, you know want to?
He was actually a little bit too reserved.
I think on the podcast.
If I remember correctly there and correct me if I’m
we had to kind of like coerce you to kind
of like speak up because you didn’t wanna I I
think you put it you didn’t want to disturb the
magic or something. That is exactly I didn’t want to
disturb the magic in the flow that was happening in
the room.
But you know that was back in the day where
you could actually have three people in the same room
and you didn’t have to wear a mask for it,
right, right? No, yeah, but yeah,
you were well received. A magic trick for us.
You blew people’s minds and yeah,
so I think. Under the Yankeetown podcast,
we’re going to have some beer Mug 2.0 action on
because yeah again, beer mug proper can’t make it to
all the recording sessions.
So yeah, Jenkintown listeners. If you guys are listening to
yeah, Beer Mug 2.0 AKA Garrett will be probably on
a future episode of junk down probably soon,
because beer mug just can’t seem to,
you know, make it every single week.
And for those listeners that are here with us enjoying
this week is dumb.
I highly recommend the Junkie Town podcast.
Go check it out, go subscribe to it.
I’ve never seen a podcast with that many five star
reviews with that high of a store like this many
episodes in you guys are doing a great job man.
Seriously, that that was so humbling and I want to
say Garrett in the first month.
We had an so I don’t know what those five
star reviews are for.
I know it’s to sell the podcast,
I’m not. I’m not a sales guy.
I don’t know analytics and I don’t know.
That’s just not my jam.
I like to be, you know,
quote unquote, funny and entertaining.
I hope that’s what we accomplished on the podcast.
You try, you know. Yeah,
thank you. But the first month,
about four or five episodes in,
I just got a wild hair up my butt and
let me see what we’re doing on Apple Podcasts.
And we had about 505 star reviews unbeknownst to me.
It’s insane, and we’re all we’ve only been doing it
since we’re recording this in February.
We’ve only been doing it since early September,
and I think we’re almost about at 805 star reviews.
If I’m not mistaken, that’s amazing.
It’s really great when comparison to our eight that we’ve
gotten in our first week.
But thanks for rubbing that in Omar.
I’m feeling pretty proud with our eight.
Hey mate, I’m at least three of those.
I think I wrote three.
No, I’m just kidding. I don’t think you could do
Yury was rubbing his me in my face before we
got on recording,
so I had to drop something back in your face,
Only flex I have my man.
Flex it up dude. Well,
I’ll tell you what we should probably get into.
The real reason why people are coming into this podcast
and that is to talk about some really stupid news
that is happening this week.
So now nothing. Nothing stupid happened this week.
Nothing at all, right? I’m going to kick it off
with a story out of Portland,
ME, and this story comes to us.
There’s actually a theme I think to my stories today
and it’s fast food,
so this first one happened at a McDonald’s restaurant.
The Westbrook Police Department received a report that a male
suspect was chasing people with a chainsaw.
That’s right, a man 26 year old Alice Sweet went
into a McDonald’s,
went behind the counter, revved his chainsaw,
the article says intermittently, which I don’t know really what
that means in this scenario,
before stealing some food and a drink.
Now that by itself is pretty dumb,
I think we can all agree to that.
I mean, there’s a lot there.
That’s pretty dumb, but continue,
it gets better. That’s what that was.
My listen, listen, listen, I don’t understand what I mean.
Maybe the guys in Lumberjack and he wanted to get
some Mickey D’s and he just he didn’t want to
leave his chainsaw in his car so he just brought
it in an and man give the guy some food
you know going on there I’m going to side with
him on this one.
I mean the guy might have a sensitive chain saw
that maybe it was having idling issues that morning.
Xactly right? Thank you. The salesman said hey don’t let
this thing shut off ’cause it’s gonna die.
It’s not going to come back on and he’s like
you know it when you want a Big Mac you
want a Big Mac.
Absolutely. I think he was probably pissed off because the
mic rib was gone.
I think that was part of the issue.
The mic rib the most boring sandwich McDonald’s ever made.
Oh no, you love the mic.
Rib crib is ass. Oh OK.
But hold on. So I gotta tell you the rest
of the story,
because there’s no right. So the manager from McDonald’s decides
you know what?
I’m going to go after this guy so he chases
the guy out into the parking lot and confronts him,
at which point sweet begins chasing the manager with the
So now the guys running around the McDonald’s parking lot
chasing the manager running with his chainsaw and damaging multiple
vehicles in the process.
So let me get this straight so the manager standing
guy comes in with a chainsaw Revs it a few
runs out the door. The manager turns to his right
and says Denise,
don’t worry. I got this and takes off after the
That’s exactly what happened. Brilliant,
brilliant. Who? Who is this?
Gung ho manager? I mean,
you know you’re working at McDonald’s and you decide to
chase a guy who’s wielding a chainsaw just because he
stole the Big Mac or two.
What the hell is this guy thinking?
He was very, very proud of his job and he
wanted to make sure that nobody would get free food
from his restaurant.
I guess, Oh my Lord,
I mean. I mean, there’s two demos in that story.
The guy wielding the chainsaw and the manager.
Well, so that was going to be my question.
Who was the Dumber person in this story?
Is that the guy with the chainsaw that went into
the McDonald’s to get Food First of all,
there’s much better restaurants. You could Rob the McDonald’s.
Or is it the manager that chased the guy in
the parking lot,
who then got chased by the chainsaw?
I’m going to go with the manager on this one.
Yeah, yeah, I’m on your side because unfortunately I don’t
know if there’s video of this,
but it sounds like maybe some mental health issues are
involved with the guy will need a chain saw,
but the guy the manager in his right mind who
what where, why he, you know you just don’t do
Yeah, not a smart move.
No, I have a few articles here,
but I was going to kick off our little game
show segment here.
So rather than just read the articles,
I created a little game I’m going to call it
Fill in, fill in the dumb.
and the dumb. So I’m going to read a headline.
I’m going to work it out and you have to
guess I’m going to be three options with the word
Is one of ’em Yury and Garrett.
Jump ahead of me, man.
You’re 2 steps ahead.
Why you gotta steal the punchline?
You ruined the glory, my bad,
my bad. Alright, I’m going to kick this off this.
These are actual headlines, so an Oklahoma lawmaker he wants
to create an official blank hunting season.
Official lawmaker wants to create an official blank hunting season
and your options are Turtle.
Pelican Bigfoot Sir turtle Pelican or Bigfoot man Oklahoma lawmaker
wants to create an official season out of this a
hunting season.
God man I go like if it’s making headlines I’m
guessing it’s going to be so absurd that it’s Bigfoot.
What’s your guess? My man,
yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna go opposite Omar and say
Pelican Pelican well almarza smarter man because Oklahoma wants to
create a Bigfoot hunting season.
By the way, I am down with hunting Bigfoot that
it’s so cool I’m so down let let let them
be clear ’cause in this article they say that they
don’t plan on actually shooting.
The squatch they put Squatching quotes any in quotes.
I want to be really clear that we’re not going
to kill Bigfoot State Representative Justin Humphrey says,
wait, let’s watch isn’t a Sasquatch Sasquatch.
He called us watch in Oklahoma.
Is that like the cool nickname that they they give
him his watch what?
We’re going to. We’re going to trap alive Bigfoot we’re
not promoting killing it,
we’re just promoting, hunting it,
trying, trying to find evidence of Bigfoot.
And they want to make a national season at this.
I got it. I got it.
We need to go to Oklahoma.
OK, I have. I have the perfect trap.
OK, we buy like you know this big shed an
you know like in the cartoons we we Jack it
up with like a 2 by 4 and we buy
like 20 or 40 Mick Ribs and Bigfoots gotta love
the big rib right?
So then we just put the huge Mick ribs.
In the middle of the Sheddan boom,
Sasquatch goes in and then we pull out the two
by four Bam.
We begged us a Bigfoot.
Yeah, it’s a great plan till he runs in with
a chainsaw.
Well played, well played gentlemen.
Right, I’m going to say Omar gets the point on
Thank you. Think first one gets getting to three points
nothing, right?
This is a study on scientists.
Scientists are trying to teach blank.
Uh. How to send emails.
Scientists are trying to teach blank how to send emails.
Possible answers are monkeys. Spinach or earthworms?
Oh come on, scientists are trying to teach blank to
send emails monkeys,
spinach or earthworms.
OK, well the obvious is going to be monkey,
so it’s that I’m going to rule that one out
Not going to be monkeys,
right? Spinach it. We are scientists that bold where they’re
going to say listen,
mother fuckers. We’re going to spend a boatload of money
on an research and we’re going to teach this God
damn spinach to email.
I don’t know if that’s a feasible answer and the
last one,
earthworms, earthworms.
Let’s see, let’s see, they can kind of like slither
an move around.
So I think that they could,
possibly. You know how when people are like all Stephen
Hawking and they use their little eyeball to use the
computer and stuff like that.
I think they could kind of generate some sort of
weird ass program and connect it to the body of
an earthworm,
and they could teach an earthworm how to email.
I don’t know for what reason,
but my answer is earthworm and that’s yeah,
that was a pretty logical explanation like you walked that
all the way through from start by step.
Yeah yeah, you got there.
But I am going to have to go against Omar
just because I don’t ever like agreeing with the guy.
So I’m just going to say monkey and take a
shot that it’s the obvious one.
Alright guys, well in this study researchers from MIT and
the University of California,
Riverside embedded tiny sensors into spinach leaves.
Come on it. Spinach, spinach,
leaves so that they can detect Nitro or Nitro aromatic
which are often found in explosives.
Why they’re doing this? I’ve no idea.
Once the roots came into contact with these compounds,
the sensors in the leaves issued a fluorescent signal that
triggered an email.
This went viral.
Spinach I you know. Scientists around the world,
you know cancer aids Covid now now we gotta get
spinach at Gmail account that is.
That is bizarre and man couldn’t they get like a
sexier vegetable rather than spinach.
I mean choose me and go Basil.
Yeah, thank you. You know something better than frozen spinach.
Oh yeah, something with some kick.
Yeah, some flavor. You know radish that can Skype?
I don’t know.
So that’s at zero points for both and.
I’m doing really well in this game so far.
Yury, you’re doing really great on here.
Kind of lost my place here.
Thank God for editing. Thank God for editing,
killing the flow. Dude, come on.
It’s so funny on on the Janky Town podcast there’s
barely any editing now.
I just got sick of it.
I was like, you know what?
I am not going through and editing this like it
unless there’s something like,
you know, like a glaring error in content.
I just let it fly.
Now I’m just I’m just over it.
You know, I may have to start with going with
that model.
Oh here we go and he’s back.
And for the final bonus round,
whenever this one takes it all.
What all is I have no idea,
but I love how we went from.
You have to get 3 right to just get the
bonus question right and you win the game.
Go ahead. You know these are my rules are podcast.
We can make stuff up as we go.
We win bragging rights. This is for bragging rights.
OK here we go blank.
In northeastern China, tests positive for COVID-19 blank in northeastern
Test positive for COVID-19 is it?
Coral snakes
or ice cream. Ice cream and ice cream.
Test positive for anything. I mean O positive for being
yeah? Hi Garrett, I’ll let you feel this one first.
Yeah, I’m I was actually waiting ’cause I thought this
was going to go and seems to really know how
to like get to the answer very logically so I
can’t. I’m actually interested to see how he’s going to
arrive to either one of these.
While some salmon typically you’re worried about things like salmonella,
what was the second option?
Coral snakes, coral snakes. Yeah,
to be honest with you,
I’m not a big Snake fan,
so even if it tested positive for COVID-19,
I wouldn’t worry about it.
But ice cream sounds really interesting to me because you
think about the coronavirus an it’s supposed to have like
this like the vaccines have to be sold,
stored at super cold temperatures in order for them to
be effective.
So I’m guessing that the virus thrives in the cold.
So I’m going to go with ice cream that tested
positive for the coronavirus Garrett I owe more.
I think you’re just went up to you,
he he he really arrived.
I mean, I believe him.
Alright, well let’s see. Let’s see if my reasoning can
have any effect on you and I just don’t have
any idea what the right answer is.
So here we go, salmon.
They swim upstream so they could potentially swim inside your
butt hole.
Coral snakes. I’m going to go ahead and have a
Just from an educational angle,
can you just elaborate on that just a bit?
Listen man. So you listen.
If fish are slippery and slimy and wet,
and if your fly fishing out there an one is,
you know, kind of like you just going for it
and you’re trying to take a poop in the River.
Bam salmon in the butt.
Hey I got there. I don’t know how I was
going to get there but I got there made in.
OK, and then coral snakes man the coral snakes again
there in the shape that it’s perfect for your butt
hole so I don’t know what that has to do
with chobit. But you know what?
They recently introduced this in China.
This anal swab test because you could detect covid.
It’s more effective if you do it.
If they take the swab in the butt hole.
So I think there’s something there to be said,
but you know what? Final answer salmon and I’m basing
that on nothing.
I don’t know if you’re basing it on nothing.
You came to an explanation there.
You got to the end,
I don’t. I don’t know.
Yeah, I’m unclear how you got there,
but you did get there and we all believe you.
Let me tell you 3 ice cream samples,
chocolate, strawberry and Taro tested positive for traces of coronavirus
after they were submitted,
submitted. And that’s a word submitted for food inspection in
northeastern China.
The samples were produced by a food company,
which makes cakes, ice creams,
and other frozen products, and the company locked down after
the discovery.
So it’s so gross. Just I want to know who
came up with the idea and said we really need
to start testing our ice cream to see if it’s
got the virus in it or not.
Like how were they sitting in a room and came
to that conclusion.
That’s what I want to understand.
Well, you know there’s always that one marketing guy that
well, if we put the ice cream 6 feet apart
in the display case,
then maybe the customers will notice.
Or it was like, you know the obligatory sign outside
32 ice creams and rock.
Hey try our new COVID-19 flavor that could tip them
That was fun. Well, that concludes this segment.
I’m going to say winner is Omar,
not for his right answer for the explanations.
Explanations of his wrong answers.
Thank you, re so it’s I have to agree,
I’m not going to argue with you on that point.
I think Omar takes that one for sure.
Trillion E for effort on this game.
Correct answers as always mean nothing in this game,
And the dumb, well, I’ll tell you what continuing on
with our fast food related stories.
Here’s a short one for you.
A man was recently taken into custody after police tracked
a stolen ambulance to a Southwest Houston Jack in the
So now we’ve moved from McDonald’s over to Jack in
the box.
The man was arrested after police said they had found
the ambulance in the drive through line.
The police said damage was stolen while paramedics were on
a call.
So this guy steals an ambulance while the paramedics were.
On a call. That’s just terrible.
Then, instead of doing something like,
you know, stealing the ambulance,
disassembling it, whatever the guy goes to a drive through,
and starts ordering food at Jack in the box,
and by the way, had the emergency lights still running
when he was trying to go through the drive through.
And that’s how the police found him.
So he went through the ambulance.
He went through the drive through in the ambulance with
the lights on.
Yeah, exactly. I wonder if he thought that he was
going to get his food faster ’cause like figure like
like like hey if you pull up to the drive
through and you know like hey man can I get
a number 6 and #7 and some onion rings on
the side but you’re inciting you hear the sirens going
off your like cooking all crazy fast.
So I mean let’s jumbo jet exactly he’s got he’s
on his way to an emergency he’s gotta get his
Jack fix you know so hey man I don’t fault
the guy.
It would be better if you if it would be
better if you really sold it in the drive through
like he kept looking over shoulder to the back.
Keep doing compressions. Hurry jumbo Jack.
It’s funny, alright. I’ve done you re you can have
the next one you know I I have a little
bit of a small game.
It was now you named it Gary what was it
The true one in the fake 1.
Oh really. Stupid or stupidly real.
Here we go. Time for next game.
Basically we’re going to call this real stupid or stupidly
I’m going to give you 2 headlines.
One of ’em is really one of ’em is fake
or should I say one of ’em is stupidly?
Real real fake stupid real.
No idea what I’m saying at this point.
Yeah, which one is which one is the actual true
Is it the stupidly real or the really stupid?
There there you go? Is it really stupid or stupidly
real there you like?
Really, really stupid is if it’s not a true story
and stupidly real is if it is in fact a
true story.
There we go and to test this one out I
have two of ’em and starting off with the first
we’re going to make it a lightning round.
Headline 1 Massachusetts lawmaker wants to name an official state
Massachusetts lawmaker wants to name an official state Dinosaur.
Second headline Man discovers a new island off South America
declares himself King.
So those are two separate things.
Two separate things. Yeah, how about we just start with
one and get through one before we go to the
second one?
’cause I’m never going to remember both of them.
Good point.
Try that again. Let’s go back to the first one.
All right. I’m going to give you headlines,
and here’s the first headline.
Massachusetts lawmaker wants to name an official state Dinosaur stupid,
real or really stupid.
That’s definitely, in my opinion,
stupidly real, because that is awesome.
I want to freaking state Dinosaur.
I would totally vote for that.
the California State Dinosaur is actually a real thing,
Omar. It’s called the Gavin Newsom.
No man, sorry, I said I wouldn’t go politics on
this podcast.
My bad.
What’s your hold on? I gotta guess too.
I’m going to go with that is also stupidly real.
It is stupidly real and if you want to see
it you can go move to Massachusetts,
’cause that’s who’s that’s where they’re lobbying it.
Second headline Man discovers New Island off South America and
declares himself King.
Yeah, I honestly don’t really care if this is stupidly
real or really stupid.
I’m going to try that the next time I get
to actually travel anywhere.
I’m going to find a piece of land out in
the Pacific Ocean,
take a boat out there,
jump on it and call myself King of the island.
And I don’t think anybody is going to argue with
so I’m going to call this one stupidly real.
Is there anymore though I was just going to say
isn’t like there is no undiscovered land anymore.
I mean the human beings that we’ve been everywhere,
right? Or no.
I would imagine, especially with all the technology where you
could send these those little drones everywhere.
I mean is there any part of this earth that
has not been explored?
Well, you bring up a good point.
I don’t know Omar, you’re gonna have to decide one
way or the other,
Now I think this is just really stupid.
I don’t think it’s possible.
Yeah, it’s pretty stupid. Made it up next headline.
Texas State of Texas. They sent out a you get
those Amber alerts on your phone missing child.
Oh yeah, they freak freak me out there so loud
Texas sent went out it was an Amber Alert for
the vicious Chucky doll and his missing son.
Stupidly real, really stupid. Wait,
wait, wait, wait, you’re telling me that in the state
of Texas there was an Amber Alert sent out with
a picture or details describing Chucky doll with picture completely.
This girl picture. Holy crap.
Hey, I want that to be real,
so that’s gotta be stupidly real because that is amazing.
I’m going to have to go with really stupid on
that one.
I can’t see how that would possibly happen even though
it’s Texas.
It happened, Texas issued a member lamble.
Check it all. The alert typically sent out for actual
missing children who may be in peril with sent out
via email.
Three separate Times, 3 *
3 times.
Response was this alert is a result of a test
We apologize for the confusion this may have caused.
An are diligently working to ensure this does not happen
which in corporate speak is someone was getting fired that
And wanted just, you know,
an awesome way to go out.
Hey man, that is that it listen if you’re going
to go out,
go out on top and send out that.
That’s the way to do it.
That wraps up that segment,
and again Omar wins. Not for any correct answers,
but just ’cause he is the guest today.
Thank you.
Alright, so Speaking of not going to politics,
this next article that I was reading this week was
entitled they stormed the capital to overturn the results of
an election,
one that they didn’t even vote in.
So this one actually comes to us from CNN.
They were there to stop the steel and to keep
the president they revered in office yet records show some
of the rioters who stormed the US Capitol.
Didn’t even vote in the very election that they were
One of these people was Donovan Crowl,
who was an ex Marine charged toward a capital in
in a paramilitary garb on January 6th as the Pro
Trump crowd chanted,
who’s our president? So they were there to try to
keep Trump in as the president,
but they didn’t even vote in the election that my
is pretty dumb.
Yeah, it is pretty dumb.
It’s not surprising though an I think I’ve seen the
picture of the guy you’re talking about an IT strikes
me his photo.
It strikes me out like this guy is some sort
of conspiracy theorist guy.
That’s why he didn’t. You know,
vote, but he wasn’t going to let that get in
his way of who he wanted to run the country.
All of those people are just giant,
just it would just scum of the earth.
The people that you know took any kind of participation
in the insurrection.
Yeah, fuck those people. Totally agree with you.
Yeah, last week we were talking about a guy who
was police officer that was off duty and a Corporal
in the National Guard who was one of the people
that stormed the Capitol and just to tie it back
posted about the fact that he peed in Nancy Pelosi’s
toilet and that got him arrested because they found him
because of it. My God just just morons morons.
So we should have saved that story for this week.
This week seems to be the bathroom episode.
As long as there’s no salmon,
swimming nearby should be should be fine.
Should be alright, or coral,
snakes, coral, snakes, whatever. It takes,
That’s it on my end.
Well then crap. I’ve got more hold on here.
I was thinking you had something else to add you
re so you know in your podcast you got people
that had like 2 to 5%
Omar. I mean yeah you re gives me 40%
so he’s better than some of your photo.
My God dude 40% is a lot like you re
so I’m in the crew with these guys.
David King makes 1 beer mug and you know we
joke around about them doing the three 3%
or whatever and I do the rest but it’s really
It’s realistically Dave stepped up his game now that he’s
so I set up this game so he does about
a good 25%
and then mugs. He does about 5%,
but I’m going to give mugs Pass because he’s had
covid and then his parents both got covid.
So I’m gonna give him a pass for that.
But yeah, it’s a tremendous thing trying to put on
I I, you know, even just the simplest podcast man.
But yeah, 40%. I applaud you man,
that that’s that good job dude.
You know, I like to think of myself.
I am more of a solid.
25 thirty 30% is trying to give you extra credit.
Man come on, I like that you’re it keeps it
real though you know he does he even if you’re
trying to like,
you know a problem up he’s he brings him.
He brings himself down a notch.
Well hey listen I have two more stories that I
want to get through an then I promise I’ll be
I’m saving the best for last,
by the way, so this next one is about that
lovely pharmacist who sabotaged the COVID-19 vaccines.
You guys hear about this guy.
So this pharmacist got a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines and
he left it intentionally out of the freezer so they
would all go bad.
Did you hear about the story?
I did hear about this?
Was this. This was like in Illinois or Michigan or
right? Yeah, I don’t know.
It was somewhere I didn’t say I didn’t figure out
what state it was in.
I remember hearing about it,
I think, but it was this guy like an anti
vax are or is he kind of like a covid
is a hoax thing.
Oh no, it’s it’s better than that.
So the FBI recently declassified their search warrant application on
defendant Stephen R Brandenburg,
who was 46, reveals more context around the alleged motivation
and the mindset fueling a sabotage of 570 doses of
the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
So apparently this guy was really big on conspiracy theories.
For example, he would talk about the Earth being flat.
In the Sky not being real.
Instead what we see up there is a shield put
up by the government to prevent individuals from seeing God.
So that’s why he destroyed the vaccines because he believed
the Sky was a shield to stop people from seeing
It’s a medical doctor right now.
Pharmacist oh pharmacist. OK yeah,
I’m assist. OK, I get it.
I mean, I hear you,
but I I, you know,
I thought your pharmacist had to go through all this
schooling and there are,
you know, relatively intelligent people you don’t.
I mean, at least I don’t expect this behavior from
a pharmacist.
My crazy, not. I mean to learn that much about
medications and chemistry and science,
you have to be a little nuts.
Yeah, yeah, I can’t argue with that know for sure,
downplaying their profession. ’cause I couldn’t do it and God
bless them for doing it.
But let’s do a mental sanity test.
You know, maybe check in with him once every few
Absolutely man it. Whenever I hear a story like this
or I hear like somebody who’s cutting in line or
somebody’s getting a vaccination that isn’t,
you know it’s not their time to get a vaccination,
just pisses me off so much because they don’t understand
that you are potentially taking somebody’s life.
You know, that’s a lifesaving dose potentially.
I’m not saying, you know,
it’s 100%. This is going to be a lifesaving dose,
but the potential is there so you potentially can be.
Killing somebody, it just upsets me a tremendous amount.
Yeah, I was talking to.
I was talking with someone about the vaccine,
and obviously I’m a proponent of it.
You know somebody was mentioning to me.
They said that you know the covid.
At least they were leaning towards this idea that Kovid
was a hoax.
And it was brought on by the pharmaceutical company and
it’s a big conspiracy theory to sell vaccines.
And the person I was talking with today.
There are also proponent of the vaccine,
and we both agreed if this scheme is accurate and
it’s true,
and it’s that elaborate, they win.
They win ’cause I’m still getting the vaccine.
We know enough people, probably in our circle that have
been affected by COVID-19,
but I don’t know how anybody could still say that
this thing is a hoax.
Same same here, Annand. Listen,
nine months ago I was like,
OK, you know, I don’t know about it,
but now my brother got it for instance and I’m
like what and then my you know you know Kevin
and Bean got the covid and now beer mug got
the covid so it used to be like 6 degrees
of separation.
But now that’s I just,
you know it’s just like right there boom in your
face in your own family now.
Yeah, I always tell people you know I’d come inside,
but the Covidien level is really high in there,
so I think we should just stay out here.
You re that was terrible man,
that was the bad joke of the day.
Hey apparently, and to my opinion,
not shockingly. The same pharmacist is actually going through a
very heated and contested divorce.
They pulled some records from his ongoing divorce,
which backed up his conspiracy theory claim where his wife
basically said he’s been stocking up on food and guns
and rental units,
and he believed the world was crashing down.
Sounds like I think you re is right.
The this guy needs some definite mental help.
I’m saying man just check in with every every couple
years like hey how you feeling feeling depressed you having
any anxiety?
Yeah, but they have access to all that medication though.
Man, if they’re feeling depressed they can self medicate,
Now, OK, thank you think that’s frowned upon in the
pharmaceutical community maybe,
but that’s why we’re not pharmacists,
Alright, I have one more for you and I literally
saved the best for last.
By the way, this next one comes directly from People
so you know it’s true because it came from People
magazine clearly.
This time we’re heading over to.
By the way, notice no mention of Florida in this
so that worked out well for us,
but this week we’re heading over to West Virginia where
a woman strangled her sisters boyfriend.
After injecting him with meth.
But wait, the story doesn’t end there.
Anybody want to guess what happened next?
Wait, so the girlfriend strangles the boyfriend and then injected
with meth.
Now a woman strangled her sisters boyfriend.
Oh, after they injected him with meth.
So OK, so OK. So the sisters roommate’s cousin.
Jan injects him with math,
not voluntarily, right? Yep, but the dude doesn’t die,
he just he just like you know,
strangling him. I’m guessing what happens is that he gets
a huge boner.
An both ladies are so turned on that they have
a 3 way.
That’s my guess and I’m I’m locking that in Regis
final answer.
You re you wanna try and top that one I
I think they both went and stormed the capital.
I don’t.
Well done now. Unfortunately neither of you are correct.
The final part of this article title says so.
Let’s see. Let me read the title.
Woman strangles her sisters boyfriend after injecting him with meth
and then her sister married their dad.
Let that sink in for a minute.
Let that sink information out.
I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried listening.
This all happened within 24 hour period.
Are you sure this is in Florida?
It’s not Florida, but it’s West Virginia.
Isn’t that like Florida Light is not true.
Great point. Listen to this.
So apparently the night kicked off with a Valentine’s Day
dinner back in 2019,
so let me see if I can paint this picture
for you and actually,
I’m going to share this and I’ll share this with
our listeners.
I actually put together a little slide.
And I’m going to share it with the both of
you right now so you can see kind of how
this whole thing worked out so.
Your computer is like 11 T?
What the hell, yeah, so that’s the dad.
So this was Valentine’s Day dinner in 2019,
so we have Larry McClure senior,
the dad, Anna Marie Chandri and Amanda McClure which are
the sisters.
And then there’s John Thomas McGuire.
So let me see if I can continue to break
this down for you.
Ready are you paying attention?
So yeah, it’s hard to keep track of this,
but I love the diagram I love.
I love I didn’t expect it.
Feels like I’m sitting through a deposition.
Yeah, keep going. The guy in the middle,
definitely pharmacist percent. So so John and Amanda were dating,
so you’re following me, right?
So this is where it gets weird.
So after they had this meal they were eating steak
potatoes and they had wine.
A game of trust ensued.
So this is a game they made up.
It’s called trust. Now during the game,
Mcguires Fietsam acquires one, got killed,
Mcguire’s feet were tide up at one point and when
he leaned over to untie them,
Amanda stands up. Grabs the bottle of wine and bashes
him over the back of the head with it.
OK, so Chaudhry says Larry and Amanda had tide McGuire
up and were accusing him of being a federal informant.
The two then handed Charlie the two syringes with meth
that they had cooked from a bad batch.
So this wasn’t something they could sell.
This was something they cook from a bad batch and
said that since she was the only one that had
medical training,
she needed to inject them directly into his carotid artery.
That’s just brutal man. So she’s injecting two syringes of
meth into this guy’s carotid artery.
After she did this, Amanda was reported to have said,
well, that should be enough to kill him.
Unfortunately, it didn’t. So this poor guy has his feet
tide head bashed with a wine bottle by these.
Women, I guess. Lovely ladies.
Hello, don’t besmirch these ladies.
So so he so he lives.
Yeah, so he’s alive still,
so he said the wine bottle smashed into his head.
Two syringes full of meth,
injected into his carotid artery.
By the way, you re was right,
he is a pharmacist. He’s cooking meth.
Let me tell you, for a game of trust like
this guy is going to have like trust issues.
The rest of his life.
Well, unfortunately for him, the rest of his life didn’t
last very long.
The three of them then push Larry’s face into some
sort of cushion,
tighter rope around his neck and then ultimately strangled him
to death.
So you know, that’s where you kind of lose me,
because this is a jump from a conversation that happened
5 minutes prior to that,
where they’re discussing who has medical training to ingest,
inject his neck with meth and.
The medical training goes out the window.
Now let’s just put a rope around his neck exactly.
They then buried his body in a shallow grave outside
the house.
Now two weeks later. So two weeks after this Valentine’s
Day dinner,
the father, let’s see if I can get this right.
So it’s funny. I just I just notice the little
crack pipe drawing there too.
Very nice touch, Garrett.
I put it. I put in the 95%
for the show. I was like what is that?
At first I thought it was a little sperm swimming
around and couldn’t make it out.
So they buried this body and then two weeks after
Valentine’s Day when they’ve committed this horrendous crime,
the Father Larry McClure senior and the daughter Amanda McClure
crossed the state lines to Virginia.
So now we’ve moved from West Virginia to Virginia and
officially got themselves a marriage license.
And then on March 11th 2019.
So not even a month after this crime was committed.
In Tazewell County, Virginia, Chaudhary says she was forced to
be their witness and they were married on March 11th.
So less than a month later,
this father and daughter married.
After killing the daughters boyfriend.
I love love is in the air by the way.
Valentine’s Day is coming up.
This is a perfect story.
It’s so romantic timing it’s got everything it’s got strangulation.
It’s got bad meth. I mean some sort of weird
incest thing going on.
It’s truly magical. This is this is the new version
of 50 Shades of Grey.
This is 50 Shades of West Virginia version of something.
Oh my God. And just just to kind of put
a bow on this whole story on the evening of
their marriage.
So March 11th, 2019, all three of them exhumed Mcguire’s
dismembered it and then re buried it in two separate
places because the father Larry was going to landscape the
property for sale and didn’t want any of the remains
found. Please tell me everyone is in prison at this
Holy crap man. Well, I sure hope so.
I think at this point yes,
at least two of them are in prison.
The father has committed or has a.
Pled guilty, and I believe that Amanda McClure has also
pled guilty.
But I think that Anna Marie Chaudry is fighting this
saying that she was not a willing participant and she
just did it because they threatened her if she didn’t.
Well, she’s the one that had the medical training.
She’s the one with the medical training.
That’s right. Wow, unbelievable story.
Isn’t that a great way to end the episode like
doesn’t that just make you all feel so happy and
ready to just go out and take on the world
later? I mean, if that’s not a Hallmark movie plot,
I don’t, yeah. I mean,
it really just makes me want to go smoke some
meth to be honest with you,
so I’m going to do that.
Just don’t eat salmon after you’re done.
OK, I promise I promise I won’t.
Well, that was fun. That’s episode 2 in the bag.
As they say I like that is Pulp Fiction posters,
basically pointing at his head.
Alright, it is right there.
Sorry, I didn’t see that hold on.
Let me stop sharing my screen’s like,
oh look at that. Yep,
right next to it right next to my hero,
Homer Simpson. Do they speak English in what?
I love that scene.
Alright, you wanna wrap it up?
Isn’t that what we’re doing?
But I’m sure viewers love to imagine what poster I’m
nobody’s nobody’s. Nobody’s watching this theory.
We don’t have viewers. We have listeners.
Nobody wants to see our mugs on camera.
And besides, unlike Omar, who was gracious and turned on
his camera so we could talk for this episode,
you haven’t turned yours on.
You’ve just been sitting there talking,
so we have no idea about the closet you’re currently
sitting in.
My 30% comes with a lot of mystery.
Well, for the 30% like you get it,
you get the audio but you don’t get the video,
so there you go.
It costs extra. Is that what you’re saying,
correct, correct? Well, thank you everybody for taking a little
bit of time out of your day and joining us
for this episode 2 a big special thanks to our
guest today. DJ Omar Khan.
Thanks for spending the time with us man and for
being a good sport.
We appreciate you for sure.
Thank you Omar. Yeah, no worries dude,
it was a it was a good time.
If you guys want me back in a couple of
weeks or whatever dude I’ll be more than happy to
do it.
I’ll think about it.
And seriously, for our listeners,
go check out the Janky Town podcast.
It’s a lot of fun,
lot of good stuff happening over there.
Hey, you read before we go.
I think you should probably tell the listeners about a
way that they can get in touch with us now,
don’t you think?
They can, if I can remember all the information.
See this is what I’m talking about,
Omar. You remind me so much of my call my
Alright here, how about I just tell the tell the
not the viewers about it?
You re so one of the things that we wanted
to do was find a way that you could interact
with us.
I will tell you I gotta,
I gotta few emails after our last episode which was
really great.
I appreciate it. Keep incoming Garrett at tenweek.com or urea
dumbweek.com and will respond to your emails that were looking
for them right?
We like to see them come in but we decided
we wanted to find a way for you to interact
with us on a deeper level.
So we now have our own voicemail and.
It is can be dialed at 888 fan dumb that’s
And in case you can’t put that on the phone
that’s 888-3263.
Hold on. I’m figuring out three 862.
That’s right 3263862. You can call there.
You can leave a voicemail for us.
By the way, you can also text us at that
We get text messages on there.
One of us will respond back to you and unlike
some other podcasts I listen to,
we’re going to try to be timely with all of
these episodes.
And actually. Get your feedback on the air quickly.
That wasn’t a shot. Oh,
Omar, please don’t take that the wrong way.
But no, seriously, we’re looking for you to call him
with story ideas.
If you hear about something,
or if you just want to provide feedback and get
your voice on the podcast,
please call in, Leave us a message,
shoot us a text message,
hopefully starting next week will have some voice mails to
play and some messages to read on the air.
Anything you want to add to that,
your ear you tapped out in your 30%,
I’ll push it to 31%
and just say you know,
leave those voice mails. And if it’s interesting enough,
if you come up if you come across something that
you think should we should feature.
Let us know on voicemail.
And possibly will play your voicemail on the podcast.
Thanks for repeating everything. I just said to make sure
everybody understood it.
You re 30% women 30%
alright everybody have a great week,
great day, great whatever it is for you and we’ll
see on the next episode by Happy Poops.
Happy poops. I’m so glad I didn’t stop recording yet.

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