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5. The IMDB Episode


This week Garrett and Yury welcome Karyn Ben Singer as their guest host.  We play This Week is Dumb and talk about wild animal stories and a very strange bank robbery in, of all places, Florida! Plus, we have made the big time!!! Curious as to why? That’s okay so are we, but find out more at the end of this week’s episode.

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Episode Transcript

It’s time for the this week is dumb podcast. A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a bit and hear about some of the dumb things that we’ve found this week. Now, here are your hosts, Garren and Yury. Hi, everybody. Welcome back to episode. Number five of this week is dumb. And boy, what another dumb week it was joining me as always, this week,

Yury. What’s up podcasting world. Pod podcasting world. Is that a thing? It’s a thing. I made it up. Well, if it’s not a thing, we’re going to make it a thing. Right? Podcasters Podernights? . I don’t know. What do you call people that listen to us? I don’t know, you know, every podcast seems to have some sort of a name for their listeners.

And I don’t think we really thought about that. The dumbers the dumbers I don’t know that we want to call our fans or listeners dumbers I just, I think that might slightly offended them. Well I think we should jump right into it. Um, as our listeners know, just having me and Garrett on. Isn’t quite enough for this podcast where he’s like to kick it up and not be honest, it’s just boring.

It’s just boring. And as we discussed, I contribute about 30% to this podcast. 32 now 32. Cause I brought a guest on last week and I hate to say Garrett, but I’m bumping my number up to 35%. Cause I brought another guest host with us today. Today’s guest host is the world’s quickest screenwriter. I’ve known her for almost 20 years.

And I say that because she’s written many screenplays for me and she can do it in about 60 seconds, a full 90 pages. Uh, she’s also a, uh, she’s also an independent filmmaker and a podcaster herself. Uh, she has a podcast. K Ben talks in your ears, ladies and gentlemen, Karyn Singer. Hi, it’s me. I’m here. I feel like we should have had some sort of like dramatic music or something the way he just teed you up.

There was a gentleman, I think we need to have like dramatic fanfare for her intro in a world where screenwriters make screenplays quickly and podcasters podcast. I present to you. Karyn Singer I podcasted a regular, I did mention that you are a pretty amazing screenwriter because back in film school, I had an idea for a short, no, this was way before film school.

Yeah, this was, uh, yeah, it was maybe 20 years ago. I had an idea for a movie, a little short film. I didn’t know much about screenwriting. I went to Karyn and I said, Hey, here’s my idea. Do you think you can help me write it? She said, yeah, hold on. And she went on her computer for maybe 40 seconds and then I hear the printer going and she’s like, yeah, I’m printing your first draft now.

Uh, and she printed out. She wrote like a nine-page script. In reality. It was probably less than half an hour. Yeah. I would say probably 20 minutes, but yeah, you just, uh, you laid out what you wanted to have happen. And I think we just punched it out and the movie went on to, uh, we won several awards at the Cannes film festival and Sundance.

I’m completely lying. I’m like watching, waiting to see if, if you’re actually being serious or not and theater. So, this could go on for like, we were an improv class. We could probably take this on for an excruciating amount of time. That is how we met. Actually, we did meet in community college. 20 years ago, and here we are 20 years later making a podcast, making a podcast.

Why don’t you tell us about your podcast, Karyn, since maybe our podcast listeners might want to know about? Yeah, I do a podcast called, called KBen talks in your ears. It is me talking. Uh, it is more than that. I have been doing a series with, uh, other artists about how they were kind of dealing with the last year.

Um, because if you’re a performer, there weren’t a lot of options in different things. So, I have four episodes up right now. I was on a bit of a hiatus, but I’m going to kick that back in. I don’t know if I’m going to switch up what the theme is, but it’s just an interview-based podcast as pretty, pretty standard, but it’s been a lot of fun and it’s really been a, a vehicle for me to check in with people I haven’t talked to in a while.

Um, for the mic I woke up to probably the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever seen. Or that I’ve ever woken up to. And that’s saying quite a bit, um, I don’t know if you use the app citizen, Yury, have you heard of this app? Citizen of not, yeah. Citizen really cool app, uh, citizen, please sponsor us. But no citizen is an app where you can register and you tell them, you know, kind of your location.

And they’ll send you notifications. So, if there’s like, you know, police, chase or fire, or there’s, you know, vandalism, theft, whatever, going on, like, it’s, it’s a way for you to know what’s going on around your area. And so, they send notifications and I got this notification this morning and no joke. This is exactly what the notification said.

It said, beware of flying debris in the Valley. Now I live in the Valley. Right. And so, it was very timely because the winds were really bad last night. So again, the title says beware of flying debris in the Valley, and then underneath it, it says squirrels, tree limbs, and more may fly around due to high winds, winds of 70 miles an hour have been recorded.

So, they’re warning you for the potential of flying squirrels. Yes, flying squirrels, which not to be confused is an actual species of squirrel because there are flying squirrels. I get the tree limbs, I get the debris, but why would they specifically notate squirrels? Maybe they’re just small enough that they can get caught in the a 70 mile an hour wind.

Yeah. I think whoever wrote that though, uh, whoever put that out was probably going to lose their job anyway. So, they just decided, you know, what. I’m going to make; I’m going to go out with a bang and I’m going to send out this lovely notice. And here you go, world, but why stop at squirrels. I would continue on of that list and make it like, you know, squirrels, old tennis shoes, incandescent light bulbs, small dogs.

Maybe keep them on a leash. Cats birds flying cats. Did you ever watch that, that life after people show? Cause they did say that the, uh, cats, if people disappeared in the big cities would basically become like flying squirrels because they’d jump from building to building. So, I think there’s a scientific, uh, process to this.

I did read an article that said your cat will inevitably eat you. If you die alone in the house, starting with your eyes, you’ve read this too. It’s a thing you have to be up on this news. Are you worried about your cats eating you as this is this kind of what goes through your mind? Karyn? Well, listen, if I’ve died in the apartment, this is, this has taken a turn already.

If that’s happened. I don’t know that I’m really that concerned about it. Okay. Well, that’s fair. I mean, if you forgot that if you forgot to put the food out or the automated feeder becomes unplugged. It’s fair game. Knock yourself out. Speaking of animals, eating things. What a great segue into my first story.

I could not have asked for a better segue into this. So, the first story that I want to bring to you, the first real story, uh, the title of the story says seagull eats man’s tongue after a woman, bites it off in a street brawl. So, this actually was submitted to, uh, to me by a listener. So, uh, listen, one of our listeners, Chris Hull uh, from Colorado reached out to us on Instagram and sent us the story.

And so, I went, and I read this story and the story kind of blew me away. No pun intended; a Scottish woman has been convicted after police say she bit off a man’s tongue during a random street attack. The two apparently got into an argument when they walked past each other, that’s it. They just literally walked past each other.

And they got into an argument. They were just random strangers. So, at some point point, James McKenzie, the guy who lost part of his tongue, allegedly approached Bethany Ryan with his fist clenched. Now Ryan in defense pushed him away, but then for some reason she kissed the man on the lips. At which point she proceeded to bite a portion of his tongue off and she subsequently, spit it on the ground.

See, some people might find that weird, but in Scotland, that’s just a Tuesday. I want to know how she decided she was going to kiss the guy and how he reacted in such a way where he opened his mouth enough, that she was able to bite part of his tongue off. I can tell you; it takes men seven seconds longer to perceive women as a threat.

She, she saw her window, she went for it and he was like, Hey, Oh my God. Well, you know, they teach that the biting out tongue. They teach that in most self-defense classes. It’s true. It’s like lesson three is right after the, uh, the keys, the keys between your fingers. Uh, kick to the shins and then bite the tongue.

If I go to a self-defense class and the third thing they teach me, isn’t how to bite off the tongue. I’m coming after you Yury. Well, you have to bring a copy of the article to reference to the instructors that this is what you’d like to learn. It’s like a coupon. You have to show that you’re there for them.

The special it’s okay. It’s like, is there a Groupon, is there a Groupon available here for the tongue biting class? So, let’s move it on to our game piece. Karyn, if you weren’t aware, we play a game weekly on the show called fill in the dumb.

And here we are for another week of fill in the dumb. Karyn, if you aren’t familiar with the rules, I take actual headlines from the news. I will read the headlines. I will leave one word blank. I will give you three possible answers. For you and Garrett to basically through process of elimination determine, which is the correct answer.

I assign make belief points, each question and points mean nothing because I just pick the winner at the end. Taking it over to Australia, a sheep found living in the wild was groomed shearing off blank, pounds of wool. Basically, they found a sheep living in a wild. They decided to groom it and they sheared off blank pounds of wool.

Your options are five pounds, 23 pounds. 78 pounds, Garrett, we’ll start with you. Alright, so we’re in Australia. Good on you, mate. I can say that. Cause I know people in Australia is that the rule for accents, you have to know someone who lives there to be able to do the accent. Uh, all right. So blank pounds of wool, five 23 or 78, you know, five pounds just seems like it’s too little.

I mean, why would there be an article about this that doesn’t really make sense? 78 pounds. That’s a fat ass sheep if you took 78 pounds of wool off, and I think I’m going to go with 23. I’m going to go 23 Yury and I’m going to lock that one in locked in at 23. I’m going to agree. I’m going to go. Wow. I’m going to agree.

That five seems too low, but I’m going to go ahead and go for the 78 because I think. I don’t know if it’s been out in the wild and it’s been growing and, uh, yeah, but 78 pounds of wool, like how much wool would that actually be at 78 pounds? You have to account for the Australian gravity on the underside of the planet.

Oh, because the water spins backwards and the gravity is different. Oh, I, I damn it. I should’ve gone and said, what’s the answer Yury? Well, a sheep found living in the wild in Australia was given an overdue shearing and instantly lost, 78 pounds. Rescuers said the fleece was so badly overgrown that it covered parts of the sheep’s face and severely limited, his ability to see, let me tell you it’s 78 pounds.

That’s basically like a 13-year-old, right? I’m fascinated with the, like the, the descriptive. Point of all this being that it just couldn’t see, like, listen, my, my hair it only has to grow like three inches for it to like it’s blocking my vision. Right. Like if it was like the thing like this poor, sheep couldn’t walk or like it, but no, it grew 75, 78 pounds.

Of wool so much so that it couldn’t see covered, which means it didn’t even probably understand what was happening. Was it even emo?

 Taking it over to Tennessee, uh, Tennessee man died leaving $5 million to his blank in his will. Is it his wife’s ex-husband his maid or his dog starting with Karyn. I mean, Dog feels like too, like a rom com or like a, not even a romcom just a com, a comedy just feels like I saw that movie in like 1986. Um, I probably wasn’t, I wasn’t, I wasn’t old enough to be seeing that movie in 1986, but I, the maid could be, but I think though it was his wife’s ex-husband, is that way the first one was, uh wife’s ex-husband yeah, that makes wife’s ex-husband.

I’m going to go. Cause that’s also like a really good country song and we’re like in the heart of like Nashville out there. All right. So, you’re going for wife. Wife’s ex-husband. I’m really stumped on this one because quite frankly, any of the three of these just seems dumb. I mean, I shouldn’t say that the maid doesn’t seem as dumb, but maid seems like it’s too obvious of an answer.

And Yury just kind of threw it in there and it was the second one. So, he was like, Oh, I just got to fill this in with something. So, I’m not going to go with maid, you said wife’s ex-husband. So, I’m just going to say the different one just because I don’t like to ever agree with anybody. So, I’m going to go with a dog. Garrett locks in with a dog.

Well, In Tennessee businessman, Bill Doris died late last year, and he left $5 million to his eight-year-old border Collie, Lulu, his dog. Hey I got one, right? That never happens. The will specifies that the $5 million is to be placed in a trust to provide. I can’t, you can’t make this stuff up, guys. Can’t make this up.

It’s to be placed in a trust to provide for Lulu’s care and that the dog should remain with his friend according to the report. Yeah. Your, your first story. I said, I wanted to sign up to get 78 pounds shaved off, but I want to sign up to be the trustee of this dog’s estate because the dog is probably old anyway.

And so, what happens after the dog isn’t around anymore? Does it just roll over to this friend? Does he, does the friend get to keep the $5 million? Did you say rollover as a pun? I did not. Wow. How did I miss out the fact that I said that?

This last story actually comes out of North Hollywood. Uh, you might’ve heard it. It actually made major news headlines, but a man spent $10,000 on a newspaper ad to complain about blank. And the answers are global warming. Slow internet speed or city traffic. Karyn, we’ll start with you again, since you’re the guest, when you said slow internet speed.

I feel like it, it triggered me not in a way that I was struggling with so triggered by these like slow internet kind of flashback. Um, but no, I felt like, I felt like I had a little hint of recognition, so. I think that might be, that might be it. Lose global warming, sorta speed. What was it in traffic?

Listen, no one. Everyone knows about the traffic. Why would you take out an ad to complain? So, you spend $10,000 to complain about any of these? Well, because listen, the slower internet speeds means that you can’t stream. You can’t watch the crown to know what’s happening, even though it’s already happened.

And we’re just like watching it again. There’s no spoilers. We know about princess di I mean, I guess spoilers if you, Hey, I haven’t seen that. Ah, but uh, you know, it really, it really brings it down. So, I think that, uh, I think it’s, that’s, it’s gotta be the internet. All right. She locks in internet, Garrett, slow internet, uh, global warming.

Uh, so obviously I’m not going to go with slow internet, cause I just, I can’t agree with you, Karyn. Sorry, just the rules of the game. So that means I’ve got two choices left, either global warming or traffic. We all hate traffic. And in North Hollywood, the traffic is terrible. However, I think this guy was just trying to do something nice.

And so, he took out a $10,000 ad. To complain about global warming final answer. Well, a 90-year-old man frustrated at his slow internet connection spent 10 grand on a newspaper ad to complain about his provider. So that means, uh, this time we don’t even have to play with a handicap. That means Karyn, congratulations.

You won. Fill in the dumb this week. I feel great about it.

Hey, uh, I thought we could do something fun this week because we have been getting some voicemails. You’re not having fun yet. Karyn. Uh, so we actually have a couple of voicemails that I want to play for you. Uh, and so this first one, well, I’ll tell you what, let’s just play the voicemail and we can talk through it.

Okay. Hi, I’m calling because my husband and I listened to your podcast. And now he is being dumb. He is now thinking that salmon are going to swim up his butt. If he goes on a Lake and that his ice cream has COVID, even though. The chances of that happening are so slim. He is now being dumb and thinks that what he heard is true.

So thanks for making my husband even dumber. Well, you’re welcome. That’s our goal is to try to make people dumber with this podcast, right, Yury? It sounded like that was a sponsored ad and she was getting like a kickback every time. She uses the word dumb. Why would you go and say that about one of our listeners who actually took the time to call us and leave us a voicemail?

Because she’s one of our dumbers. Have we have we come to a conclusion on what we’re calling our listeners now the dumbites no, the dumbineers?

I try so hard not to laugh at that. Oh, okay. So first of all, let’s just, let’s just throw something out there. Okay. Uh, there are not going to be any salmon swimming up anybody’s butts. Anytime soon, that was a myth. It was brought to us by our friend, Omar. Uh, and one of our previous episodes, sir, please rest assured no salmon is going to swim up your butt, right?

I mean, you can’t guarantee things. I mean, anything the last time you heard a story about somebody having salmon swim up their butt Yury? When’s the last time you heard someone leaving $5 million to their dog? Damn, I got nothing. Oh, wait. I heard it today. Oh, and the COVID ice cream. Um, just don’t eat ice cream for a little while.

I mean, I don’t know. Are you, do you eat ice cream still, even after hearing that story Yury? Uh, I do, but the place I go, they keep their ice cream six feet apart. Oh. It was from like a, I almost called it a salon and ice cream salon, a parlor and ice cream parlor. Like, listen, I haven’t been out in the world for a long time, so I forget.

I meant, you know, I missed the good old days with the ice cream salons and, you know, the haircutting. Parlors and you know, all that hair cutting parlors and ice cream salons. That sounds great. Yeah. So, but I guess so the fear was because the open ice cream was getting contaminated. Yury brought us a story a couple of weeks ago of a factory shutting down in, where was it?

China? I believe it was China. And they were determining that their ice cream was testing positive for COVID-19. I got another voicemail. You ready for this one? No, but we should play it anyway. Hey guys love the show. I was listening last week, and I heard this story about the guy who was attacked by a samurai sword.

And Yury said that he, the gentleman was quoted as saying he had trained for that his entire life. So, a couple of questions, one. What would provoke someone to think about the need to train your entire life, to be attacked two; how exactly do you train to being attacked in your sleep? I mean, you just wake up, pop up randomly at four o’clock in the morning and a fighting posture.

I suspect if I tried to do that, my wife was not as well. I would actually need some, uh, some defense. Fighting techniques. Great show. Keep it rolling. I think he had a couple of questions in there if I heard him. Right. Uh, and by the way, sir, please get a better cell phone because your cell phone quality sucked.

Uh, so the first question was what prompts you to think? You need to train, to be able to defend yourself in your sleep. And I think the second thing was. How do you train to defend yourself in your sleep? Uh, any thoughts on that one? Uh, two things. If you stay ready, you never have to get ready two; how can you train yourself in your sleep to be prepared for any situation?

Well, let me tell you, I have a five-year-old and the five-year-old. She likes to wake me up at six o’clock in the morning by just slapping me in the face. Oh, can you please tell your wife to record that the next time it happens because I would pay to see that. She does, she slaps me in the face to wake me up.

Uh it’s it’s a very calm, peaceful way to wake up in the morning. Um, I also have a cat who likes to jump on my head sometimes. So, my solution to you, if you’d like to train in your sleep, either get a five-year-old legally, either have one or adopt one. Don’t just go take a five-year-old Don’t take one off the streets or get a cat.

Karyn, you have cats. I have three cats. Yes. And how is the situation? Uh, do you have any issues with when you’re sleeping? Yeah, I mean, my back tends to, Oh, you mean with the cats? Yes. Uh, one, our, we have a cat who’s 20 years old and she’s still very active and because she can’t hear when she meows, she screams in your face.

Uh, so at around five in the morning, we get treated to one of these samurai wake-up calls. She will. So, there’s that? That’ll wake you up. Our, we have another cat who is just barely a year old and he weighs like 16. No, he means like 17 pounds. So, he’s a treat when he jumps up there. Uh, so yeah, and then our other cats pretty, and it’s kind of middle of the road kind of guy.

So, he he’s a little more chill actually. No, he’s not chill at all. He jumps up and tries to smack the calendar off the wall. So, I guess they’re all kind of maniacs and they really are, but they’re also so precious. They’re wonderful. I have two cats. I’m not really down on cats. I have two cats. So, so what I’m hearing you say is get a cat, get a five-year-old.

Not off the street and that’s how you train yourself to be ready to be attacked in your sleep. I’d say so. And you know, to loop it around you guys, we all have cats. Do you ever play the game burglar or cat? Because sometimes I hear noises in the house, and I always have to run the scenario. That’s either a burglar coming through the window or it’s just the cat chasing nothing, probably the cat knocking some shit off the chips, off the counter or something.

Do you ever pull your samurai sword out and go check? You know, I have a machete in the closet that was like, you know, listen to me, rolled back for a second. I used to live in a house where there was a tree that fell. And so, I had to, I had to go to. The Home Depot and buy a machete and a pair of gloves.

And no one asked me any questions, but it’s fine. So, when moving into this apartment, I was like, I kind of put this machete somewhere. I’ll keep it in the closet. But you know, if I had to, uh, if I really felt like there was something crazy going on in my. I might grab that. And I have had two experiences in life where I have seen someone either show up with a samurai sword or grab one off the wall to chase somebody down the street.

So, they’re more common. Who are these people that own samurai swords and display them on their walls? I’ll tell you, they, they don’t have the, you know, the guy who called had a problem that his wife would get angry at him for, uh, practicing this in the night. And I don’t think that the guys, some guys who own samurai swords probably don’t have that problem.

I don’t know if samurai sword would be my nighttime weapon of choice. Uh, but it is handy. I guess I’m going to go with most, most guys that own samurai swords don’t have a wife at home that they have to worry about. So, it’s not an issue. I just realized we have a friend who. I’ve seen him grab the samurai sword as a weapon of choice.

So, you know, it’s, uh, it’s real. I think it’s very real. I got one more for you, woman in electric wheelchair, robs a Jacksonville regions bank in Florida. When’s the last time you heard a story about a bank robbery in the news? Is that still a thing? I don’t think people are robbing banks anymore. Well, apparently it is.

I mean, maybe I’m missing something, but I genuinely, I can’t remember the last time I heard this, but so that the investigating officer says this may be the first time he has seen this, where a suspect robbed a bank while in a motorized wheelchair police said the woman, they were looking for had blonde hair, a silver COVID-19 mask.

And she was covered with a red blanket in her motorized wheelchair. And after completing some business with the teller, she then asked the teller politely if she could withdraw some money from her account, for some reason, the article it doesn’t say why the teller told her no, at which point she got super pissed off demanded money and told the teller she was going to kill everyone.

So the teller being smart, gave her some money and the suspect left the bank. When the sheriff arrived, the teller handed him the suspect’s ID, which she had just used to access her account and had left behind. Shortly thereafter, the sheriff arrested Kenyatta, lucky Gordon. So she’s handicapped and she’s in a wheelchair while she was in a motorized wheelchair.

So, I’m going to go with, yes. The article says actually the article specifically says no details on her disability were readily available. So, I think this boils down to don’t most corporate stores now. Banks. They have a policy where you’re not supposed to fight with the people, but where do you draw the line?

At some point you just lock the door. She’s not getting out. Yeah, but you don’t know what’s under that red blanket. Thank you. I used to work loss prevention for a store, and somebody came in and stole like stacks of like baseball cards and the guy was like six foot nine, 300 pounds. That sounds like an exaggeration, like the cover of a Gold’s gym flyer.

And he goes running by me and it’s on camera. He runs by me and I don’t do anything. And I remember they pulled me in the office. Now keep in mind, I’m like five foot, eight, 160 pounds on a good day. On a good day. This guy goes running by me and I remember them asking me, Hey, why didn’t you stop him? I’m like, I make $6 an hour guys.

Exactly what you expected me to do here. Uh, as far as I concerned, he can have the baseball cards. It’s just not worth it. I mean, it’s, it’s really, it’s not worth it. Like why would you, why would you risk your life? Ah, that reminds me. I was, I was shopping Rite aid recently about two weeks ago. They now have all their liquor locked up and I couldn’t figure out why.

And then I remembered about a month ago I showed up and these guys, like I was at the checkout line and these guys just came running by and they had a bunch of alcohol in their arms, and they just ran out the door. And the clerk looks at me and he goes, it’s not my money. I’m not going after him. So last week you put a call out to our listeners, uh, that we were going to give them a $20 Starbucks gift card for whoever came up with the dumbest thing that they had been involved in.

Right. Yep. Do you remember that? I do. I hope you do because it was your 20 bucks that was given away, not mine. We we cracked a joke. Uh, you know about, we should put a timeframe on this. So, the people listening to the episode later on that they wouldn’t, you know, come back and try to win the 20 bucks. Right?

And do you remember what I said after you cracked that joke? I don’t. I said nobody listens to this podcast that late. I said, well, how many calls do you think we’re going to get? And I think you said one and, and I said, Oh, yeah. Who and what was your response? That’s right. I said the only person that’s going to call is going to be probably your mother or my mother.

And then we both agree that neither one of us wanted our mothers listening to this podcast. Right. It’s true. Yeah. Check out this last voicemail. I got. Okay. Haha. This is Mother Bundy. You cracked me up. I want my Starbucks gift card. Thank you. Yes, folks. That is actually my mom calling the fandom line, which can be reached at eight eight, eight fandom fan D U M B.

And for the love of God, can somebody please call in and give us a dumb story? So, I don’t have to send my mother a $20 Starbucks gift card. Part of me wants a Mother Bundy just to win the $20 gift card, just because she’s the Mother Bundy. That’s how I’m going to have to refer to her from now on. Every time I call her and talk to her on the phone.

It’s going to be high Mother Bundy Hi Mother Bundy. Well, I’ll tell you what, uh, that was a lot of fun. Uh, thank you so much for joining us today, Karyn. Yes. Seriously, cannot. Thank you enough for spending a little bit of time with us this evening. Uh, I know our listeners appreciate having a friendly voice as opposed to just having to listen to myself and Yury.

So, thank you for joining us today before you leave. Is there anything you want to plug anything going on in your life? Oh my God. Uh, well, uh, as previously mentioned, I have that podcast, Kben talks in your ears. It’s on all the majors, streamers platforms, whatever it’s out there. And all this stuff. I also have a YouTube channel.

It’s uh, Karyn Ben, Singer.com it’s K A R Y N B E N S I N G E R a, which has a bunch of short, like really short, short films that I shot last October. And, uh, anything else I’ll be doing will be on there and, and that’s, I guess it, for the moment you can look me up and I M DB, I guess, if you want to know more about me or whatever.

What I’ve been making. So let me tell you, the reason me and Garrett are reacting so heavily. Garrett has had a childhood dream. Uh, for many years that I was unaware of, he brought to light to me this past week. Yeah. Garrett’s childhood dream was to one day reach the pinnacle of entertainment. And that was for him to have his own IMDB credit.

Garrett. Now tell us what, what have you done to achieve this goal specifically this week? I didn’t do anything. Our podcast has been so well received. That the folks at IMDB reached out to me and asked me for our details so that they could include us on IMDB. So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you go to IMDB and search for this week is dumb.

You can actually find our podcast on there. And yes, I finally have my IMDB credit. I hit the pinnacle and I will say the only reason they reached out to you is because you did put a $10,000 ad on the paper. To complain about not being on IMDB about not that’s correct. Oh, look, there it is. I’m looking at it right now.

Yeah. Well, thanks again for joining us, everybody. Listen, I hope you had a great time with us this week, please, please, please. I cannot say this enough. Connect with us. Rate the podcast five-star review Apple podcast. Write a review, share it with your friends. Help us spread the word out there and let people just disconnect for a little bit and enjoy some downtime with us.

Uh, remember the fandom line eight, eight, eight fandom, F A N D U M B. You still have time. I know we said we’re going to give people till Monday, the first, uh, to get their calls in, but I’m going to extend it out until next Wednesday, which would be the third in my calendar is that if I’m thinking about that correctly, because this episode will come out on the first.

So, I want to give everybody a little bit of a chance to beat my mother. And please call in so I don’t have to call my mom on the air.  I’ll tell you what I will add an extra five bucks. We’ll make it 25 bucks. If I don’t have to call my mom on the air. Okay. Thanks again for joining us and we’ll see you next week.


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