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3. This Episode is Carptastic


This week is dumb this time features Garrett and Yury welcoming  special guest Rocky Powell of the Wild Nights with Rocky Powell Podcast. 

Don’t Forget to call the FAN DUMB line at (888) FAN-DUMB (888-326-3862) and leave us your feedback.  We will be getting to your calls next episode (we hope) so keep them coming in! You can also reach us by email at garrett@dumbweek.com or yury@dumbweek.com (We LOVE to get your notes!)

Our Topics this week are:

  • George Washington’s Hair Auction
  • Fill in the Dumb game
  • A YouTube prank that went horribly wrong
  • Gorilla Glue Girl

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Episode Transcript

It’s time for this week is dumb podcast.
A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a
bit and hear about some of the dumb things that
we found this week.
Now here are your host,
Garrett and Yury. Well hi, everybody.
Welcome back to episode #3 of this week is dumb.
Before we get too far into this episode Yury,
we got a note from one of the one of
the people that listens that says,
you know, you and I never really introduced ourselves on
this podcast except in the intro which she says our
names except where our names are.
And you know, if people don’t know us,
which hopefully people are listening but don’t know us,
they probably want to know a little bit about us.
So I figured we should probably take a couple of
minutes just to say hi,
introduce ourselves, maybe talk about who we are so that.
People out there know who we are,
so why don’t you go first man,
yeah, you know we, I don’t think we ever did
talk about how we know each other.
We met in elementary school in 7th grade.
Yeah now if we told you how old we were
now you would understand that that’s been a lot of
years that we’ve known each other.
That’s what 1942 and 1940,
three 45 I think, but 45.
No, it was. When was it?
It was 1991 when I go with it was ninety
9192 ish.
Yeah we. How did we meet?
We met a band in band we met in band
and then you say band Geek and I say Band
We did a talent show together where we did a
magic show.
I wouldn’t say it was a good magic show ’cause
I don’t remember bringing any kind of a trophy home.
And yeah we just kind of stayed connected.
Since then. You know I had this idea for this
podcast of we just wanted to let people just disconnect
from reality,
right? There’s so much crap in the world today.
So many things going on so many problems we thought
how could we possibly just take all that?
Throw it out the window and just let people disconnect
from reality for a little bit.
So we came up with this idea of this podcast
and we went ahead and launched this thing,
and that’s where we are.
I don’t know, is that a good enough introductionary.
I’m going to say most weeks or dumb.
Let’s move into something a little bit more interesting.
We’re joined this week by a special guest.
Her name is Rocky. Hi,
you’re very nice. Very nice to meet.
You know it’s really nice to meet you guys.
Thank you for having me on your show and so
why don’t you tell our listeners about?
Well, actually where we found you because you have a
podcast of your own,
don’t you? Yes, so I have a podcast called Wild
Nights with Rocky Powell and I basically have entertainers from
all over the country.
I’ve had one guest from Canada,
but pretty much just the US.
Entertainers from LA New York all over and they come
on and tell a story from a wild night in
their life.
I do not know the story ahead of time.
The only information I know about the story is that
they give me one word and we call it on
the show.
The wild word. So I usually segue into their story
with the wild word that they gave me.
And yeah, I don’t know what they’re going to say
ahead of time.
Well, so listen so you know Rocky so that you
know we like to bring the dumb news of the
Oh, I’ve listened. OK good,
so you’ve heard before alright you re you got a
story for us through if you give me a sack
this thing keeps falling off so rocky in our last
last episode you probably heard it you said you listened
I did.
We talked about how you re gives us his 30%
every week and I do the other 70%
of this all in 30 and now I’m seeing it
happen in real time.
I’m watching him unscrew his mic on purpose.
You wrote in the other side of the room.
Rocky should be here in person.
It’s even worse. Like the things that were so much
happening here.
I do have an odd article that popped up Washington,
George Washington allocative. His hair is up for sale at
an auction.
Other items including John F Kennedy’s Harvard sweater.
Sure I get that a pen that Warren Harding used
to end the US involvement,
World War One sure OK,
but a Locket of Washington’s hair that’s up for auction.
Him an Martha Washington’s here.
First of all, how do we know this is his
Two, why would you want this hair?
3 How do you even display this in your house?
For? Why would you display this in your house?
Because it’s not really a conversation starter like yeah,
check out our new couch.
Forget IKEA the oh the hair you ask.
Funny story. That’s George Washington’s hair how many?
George Washington’s does it cost to have a Locket of
his hair?
Well done and you know if I’m at the auction
that’s how I would phrase.
Yonder stand up there can I get 100 Washington,
George Washington for lack of George Washington there.
Anybody 100 Washington’s well let’s put it this way if
each Locket of hair was one George Washington you would
have 80,000 George Washington’s oh who’s buying who I was
going to say? Who is buying this crap like who
wakes up and says hey I think I’m going to
buy some George Washington here today.
And frankly who has that kind of disposable income?
Because I want to be their friend.
How is this historically relevant?
It also says the clippings of his hair were passed
down through their grand nieces family and include documentation.
First of all, what’s the documentation?
What’s the problem? How do you prove the provenance on
Oh, could you take it then?
An Goto’s pawn stars still,
things that show even still around can can you buy
this hair and then take it to pawn stars Anne?
Will they then buy that from you?
Do you have the right provenance to prove that you
that is really George Washington’s hair?
That’s what I want to know.
What’s even the documentation on that like is it a
post it written in?
Handwritten note that says I certify that I am the
great, great, great great nieces,
nephews, cousin of George Washington and this Hersman passed down
as a family heirloom,
but guaranteed that documentation was written like with a feather
and like quill and ink and like it looks like
the Constitution they had to get John Hancock to certify
And who had the 4th ought to say,
hey, George, let’s cut your hair today an instead of
just running away.
Let’s just keep some of it for the sake of
but let’s not even debate that.
Last week we introduced a new segment on the show
called Fill in the Dumb.
So I thought we got Rocky with us.
We got you re let’s play a little fill in
the dumb what do you say?
I love it.
And the dumb love that Jingle,
that’s so much fun. Alright,
so I have three questions in front of me and
I’m going to read the headline and this is a
real headline that pulled from the news this week.
I’m going to leave out one or a couple of
I guess maybe a word or a phrase,
and that’ll be the blank that you have to try
to guess and fill in the dumb.
OK you guys ready. Let’s do it alright #1 Florida
man with a Florida tattoo on his forehead was arrested
this week for calling 911 to ask.
For Blank, is it a a ride home?
B we delivery or see a relocation package to West
OK, so he has a Florida tattoo on his face.
By the way, it’s the center of his eyes like
it’s literally the top of Florida goes over his eyebrow
and the bottom part of Florida is down on the
bridge of his nose. Mom must be so proud.
I’m not sure how that’s related to the to the
but that is correct. OK,
just a fun fact. And so it was for a
ride home.
Yeah, so option A is a ride home we delivery.
Weed delivery and see was a relocation package to West
OK, So what does that entail?
Like, do you need a package to relocate to West
I mean it is Florida light right?
I don’t know Rocky. Or do you need to be
Though to relocate? I would say it seems like the
more obvious answer,
but I feel like the other two are a little
like he’s just a silly Florida guy.
So I would say we delivery alright.
Rocky is going with weed delivery.
Yury, what about you? My man,
I’m gonna go with the relocation package to West Virginia.
He wants to go marry a family member,
Prancer? No, because I mean OK,
you get that at you.
Get the tattoo on your head.
Maybe you regret the tattoo.
The only way to distance yourself from a Florida tattoo
on your face is to leave Florida.
If he’s not too keen on the process of moving,
I would think maybe it would trigger a call to
the police.
I mean, I guess. But I hate to be the
one to break it to you,
but. You’re both wrong. Actually,
deputies arrested a man with a tattoo of the state
of Florida on his forehead after he was accused of
misusing the 911 calling system to ask for a ride
home. 22 year old Matthew Leatham was arrested early Sunday
morning by Pasco County deputies and according to deputies,
he called 911 to ask for ride home and then
cursed at the operator while on the phone,
investigators said the operator gave Leetham the non emergency number.
A tepee also spoke to him and said they offered
to call a taxi but leave them said he didn’t
have any money and instead started traveling.
On foot deputy then met up with him while he
was still on the phone with the dispatcher and arrested
him so he leaves and then they go back and
arrest him. Yeah, he was walking to his house and
the deputy found him while he was still on the
phone and arrested him.
And oh, by the way the deputy said just to
tie it back a little bit during a search they
found marijuana but Leetham denied knowing what it was.
Thank you. Probably said it was oregano probably was oregano.
All right question #2 Australian government may use herpesvirus to
control invasive blank.
Is it a covid variant?
B carp or CA new STD.
OK, so it’s something that’s invasive and the answers were
Well, the answer no. I mean a answer options here.
He wants to an section A is covid variant,
option B is carp. The fish and option C is
a brand new discovered STD herpes vaccine herpes virus.
Well, the herpes vaccine I don’t even think cures herpes
so I’m going to go with carp.
Alright, Rocky says Karp, Yury,
how about you? I’m saying car for sure.
Well you guys are both right.
Congratulations, that is an absolutely correct answer and I don’t
think either one of you thought it was actually going
to be correct,
but the Australian government is talking about using the herpes
virus to control a population of invasive carp.
They’re going to use it as a biological agent to
reduce the population of carpet in the country’s waterways,
says since the introduction to Australia in the late 1960s.
The common carp has become an ecologically destructive species,
but how do they even put these two things together?
Like how I want to be in the like the
scientist room where they come to this conclusion and there
they sit there and they go.
You know the carpets a problem.
We have this herpes thing.
It could help. It could help.
Maybe a guy with herpes slept with one of the
carp and then the carp never called again.
So he was like. Listen guys,
I know what’s going to keep the carp away.
You know what? That’s probably the most logical explanation.
I think you could have come up with for that.
If I start a band I’m going to name it
stocking carp.
I’m going to name it the Carpenters.
carepoint 82.
Oh come on, keep going.
There’s gotta be more carb jokes in there somewhere.
Some car P1 car palumba the rolling carbs.
Smashing car pins.
6 Pence Karp. The richer.
Steve carpets band.
They’ve got, so I got one carp fighters OK.
There you go, attributing there we go screw the rest
of the podcast.
Let’s just do this for the next 10 minutes.
Jon Bon carpi. Sean Podkarpackie looking at the podcast analytics
and about this time is when we’re going to see
everybody just drop off and nobody is going to listen
to the rest of the episode.
Alright, great so.
How did we even get here?
What just happened for the last two months?
OK, so our score is currently Yury,
has one point, Rocky has one point.
I’m going to have to give Rocky an extra point
though because she was had more carp jokes than you.
So technically Rockies up two to one well then naturally,
naturally thank you, thank you.
Alright, our last question for the game,
but he laughing at just.
I think you should. We should ban your limit on
the use of that sound bite.
Which one?
It’s catchy man. It’s really quick.
Rockies like dancing to it.
Come on I was. I’m gonna make it my ringtone
question #3 our last one for the game.
The owner of a mask list blank grocery store says
coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and your options are quick.
Stop vegetarian or Florida. I don’t understand the question.
Am ask list blank grocery store.
That’s correct, so it is a type of grocery store,
and the owner doesn’t make people wear mask in there.
OK, because the owner says the coronavirus pandemic is a
And what was the options?
Again, option A is quick stop,
option B is vegetarian so would be quick stop grocery
Option B is a vegetarian grocery store and option C
is a Florida grocery store,
so I don’t know what it means.
Like when you say Florida grocery store.
Is that like a chain?
Or are you just talking about in general?
Stop trying to overanalyze this ureki.
There’s do I get a 5050?
He got a phone, a friend.
He’s 5050 wouldn’t work would be more like a 30
three and a 633 and a third yeah.
I’m going to say vegetarian Rocky.
What do you think I’m going to have to also
say vegetarian?
I know a couple vegetarians on Instagram been posting some
things about how coronaviruses a hoax and it’s specifically vegetarians
that are saying that which is an odd thing to
reveal, but it’s true about my life and so that’s
why I’m going with vegetarian.
Well, I appreciate that you took the time to arrive
at that answer in a logical fashion.
So thank you for that.
Unfortunately, you are both wrong this time.
The title actually says the owner of Maskless,
Florida grocery store says coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and
says despite the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic,
no one at a crowded grocery store in Naples,
FL wears a face mask.
And that’s because Alfie Oakes,
the owner of Oaks Farms,
seed to table Market, is not enforcing customers or employees
to wear a mask because customers can wear a full
body suit.
And if you’re afraid of bumping your head,
wear a football helmet, Oakes said his post on Facebook
referred to the deadly pandemic as.
A hoax, you know. I personally don’t believe it’s a
but let me tell you what is 100%
real is that covid nasal swab test.
I don’t know if you guys have gotten one of
these yet.
I have not you re but I understand you had
Did my man. This was a experience of no other
that I had yesterday.
They basically take I don’t know.
It’s gotta be 3 feet 4 foot long now Q-tip
and they basically push it into your nose until it
hits the back of your head on the inside.
Yes so in your case did it go through to
your ear because there’s nothing up there.
Correct and and it’s the most uncomfortable experience I’ve probably
ever experienced in my life.
Yeah, there no joke. Have you had one?
I’ve had quite a few I’ve been tested for Covid
probably 10 times,
all for recreation. Sounds like a fun thing to do
You woke up and you said,
hey, I think I’m going to get a nasal swab
shoved up my nose when you say recreation.
You mean like in lieu of going to like a
movie or a park,
I was well. I would say the beginning.
The first couple of months of Covid I was starting
to see someone so he and I were trying to
be like.
Sponsible so we got over tested before and then later
on it was like Oh my friends are all my
friends and family.
Everybody obviously believes Covid is real and so if we
did hang out it was a small group outdoors always.
If people went inside it was with masks but anytime
I would do something like that the people in my
life and myself we would get tested before hand.
It was no just like oh hey when was last
time you test your good right?
It was people got tested before seeing each other.
Now did you have the nasal swab or was it
like the spit in a tube?
I think they used a yardstick for me.
Actually it was like a yardstick exactly that’s exactly what
it was.
I have not had the pleasure of having the nasal
swab covid tests.
I count myself pretty lucky.
Well it’s carb tastic. You should definitely try it when
you get a chance.
Unbreakable oh, so with that that means Rocky because well,
she’s the guest and frankly she had better answers than
your eight wins.
The fill in the dumb game.
Congratulations, rocky. Thank you. So way to go way to
Thank you.
Phil and the dumb. I just do that to get
on your reason earlier so you could see it in
his eyes.
Right now he’s like God damn it because it’s laying
there playing every two minutes every two minutes.
I only give the listeners what they want.
OK, by the way, Speaking of giving the listeners what
they want,
you know we talked last week about the fact that
we’ve introduced the fan dumb line and the fandom line
is a place where you can actually interact with us.
You can call and leave a voicemail.
Or you can even text us at that number.
We have had a couple of voicemails that have been
Thank you very much. It the phone number is 888
fan dumb.
That’s 888-326-3862. Make sure you call an be funny because
your call may just get played on Eric.
Moving back into our amazing stories,
the title of this one is you tuber shot and
killed while attempting prank robbery.
So a 20 year old man was shot and killed
in Nashville,
TN on Friday night in what police say was a
YouTube video shoot gone wrong.
Timothy Wilkes was shot by 23 year old David Starnes
who claims self defense Wilkes and some friends were apparently
trying to pull a prank on strangers in the hopes
of becoming the next viral YouTube video.
So apparently this happened in the parking lot of an
Urban Air,
which I guess is a trampoline,
adventure Park Place, and some strip mall in Nashville.
And what happened was the police then said Wilkes.
Anna friend approached a group of people with both of
them were wielding butcher knives.
So these two dudes are approaching a complete random group
of strangers.
Carrying butcher knives dumb right?
Apparently this guy Starnes was among those people and not
realizing that Wilkes was filming a prank,
pulled out his gun and shot him.
Stars later told detectives he was protecting himself and others
from a perceived threat.
Why would you do that?
It’s the viral culture. It’s the I gotta be the
next big thing on YouTube and I want to get
views and so I watch a lot of these stupid
YouTube stunts. They are kind of the reason they make
the videos,
they are, but I’m the first to admit that I
am convinced.
99.9% of them are staged,
I would hope so, but This is why This is
why there staged because you don’t run up to people
with butcher knives in your hand.
That’s horrible. I feel bad for them,
but also, you know. What are you doing?
What are you doing? When I went to knife as
a joke,
well I’ll tell you. So I was reading further in
please say no charges have been filed against Starnes,
but they do have an investigation open and underway.
Wilkes Video was apparently supposed to be a fake robbery,
so it’s not even clear if he and his friend
could have even faced criminal charges as well,
because they made it look like a robbery.
So, not only did this guy get shot and killed,
his friend could be facing criminal charges for the whole
I was on a YouTube prank show once.
Where are you? What did you do?
I was on a YouTube prank show called Prank Academy
and it was where these two YouTube stars pranked other
YouTube stars.
Ann, I played basically like a Dax Shepard Esque character,
how he started out in punks.
Basically, that’s what I did.
So I pranked these guys.
Don’t remember they were like a three brothers in the
Midwest and they had a big YouTube channel and they
came to the YouTube studios and I pretended to be
a Baker for this girl’s 16th birthday party.
And I baked this epic.
Cake and then I just like hit they hit a
button and it made it look like the brothers.
the YouTube brothers knocked the cake down and then it’s
called Epic Birthday Cake prank.
If you look it up on YouTube,
I’m going to look it up on YouTube now so
it was not staged.
This was a real prank.
It was staged where one of the brothers knew and
the other two brothers didn’t know it was going to
So he kind of LED them to the cake.
And when I walked out of the room he’s like
hey guys let’s take a picture.
It’ll be funny and that’s when the cake fell and
then I come back into the room and I’m like.
Yo, what happened to my cake?
What’s that? And what’s that called on YouTube?
I will look that up.
Epic birthday cake prank an it’s under Prank Academy would
be the YouTube page that I think are you still
getting residuals from that?
Absolutely not. I got paid $75 to do that and
they were like oh,
we’re going to. You’ll probably be on other episodes in
this series.
Is going to really take off and then it never
really took off.
I think the couple who ran it broke up or
But yeah, it never took cough and but it was
a kind of a cool show.
Speaking of stars Leonardo di Carpio.
Starring in a new movie with Tom Carp.
Oh my gosh, that joke never gets old.
This one is really relevant to me and I’ll explain
Alright, the title of this article is Gorilla Glue Girl
Testicle Brown raises over $13,000 in one day on Go
Me have you heard about this person?
I have actually. Does this have something to do with
It does. You’re absolutely right,
so this go fund me was set up by testicle
Brown who raised more than $13,000 in just one day
as she grapples as the article reads with getting this
adhesive out of her hair.
That’s right. This Louisiana woman whose hair has been stuck
solid for a month.
After she used super glue in lieu of Hairspray started
the fundraiser on Monday.
She only set out to raise 1500 bucks,
but by 9:00 o’clock in the morning on Tuesday,
she had raised more than $13,382 with donations from over
776 people.
Who’s the dumb one here?
Is it the girl who put the Super glue in
her hair and then subsequently couldn’t get it out?
Or is it the 776 people contributing over $13,000 to
get it out of her hair?
The real heroes are the marketing agency that has been.
Where to buy Gorilla Glue that now has to add.
Do not use as Hairspray on their warning label so
whenever you read these warning labels and this is actually
how I heard it.
A friend on Facebook posted the ad and the article
and was discussing about you know,
every time you see those weird warnings on labels and
you wonder why would they put that?
It’s because of reasons like this.
It’s because someone did it and now they’re going to
Sue Gorilla glue.
I didn’t know I was supposed,
wasn’t supposed to put this in my hair.
Here we are with. A lawsuit she actually is planning
to Sue,
as well as flying to California,
where she is reportedly getting free treatment from a Beverly
Hills plastic surgeon to finally free her locks.
And by the way to your point Gorilla Glue.
Tweet it out. Its sympathies over the unfortunate situation but
stressed there was no reason to think it was wise
to use the adhesive on her.
It’s this is just a unique situation,
they said because this product is not indicated for use
in or on her as it is considered permanent.
But why would you need surgery to get it cleared
Wouldn’t your hair just grow?
Can you just shave your head and be done with
So I think it’s two sides of dumb because,
OK, we’ve all had a moment where we’ve done something
where you’re like.
Oh wow, I wasn’t thinking that was a really stupid
error on my part so and but you learn from
This woman kind of an opportunist.
You know she’s saying, hey guys,
I mean I don’t know how much glue she used,
but if she used enough to erase.
$13,000 and everybody. Either she’s a really nice person,
so everyone’s like, oh, we gotta help her out.
Or you know they’re dumb.
I just looked up on her go fund me the
go fund me for this person it’s now over $19,500
that have been raised on this go fund Me account
and it tells me that 533 people just donated to
So this person is still getting donors.
It’s up to over 1200 people that have donated to
this thing,
so Rocky, let me ask you if you’ve used Hairspray
in the past.
Indeed, OK, have you ever run out of Hairspray,
seen a bottle of glue?
And said no, that’ll probably work.
Yes, I’m hurt. I am.
This woman surprises no, no,
never. I would never do that.
That is ridiculous. But The thing is,
they’re not even the same consistency.
I’ve put Elmers glue on,
my hand was it’s pray Gorilla Glue Garrett.
Or was it like in the tube?
Like Elmers, I just don’t understand how how you get
from point A to point B,
’cause if it was like spray glue like the adhesive
then at that point I would just say,
oh, I grabbed it by mistake and thought it was
I don’t think I would admit to the fact that
I came up with this great idea of using spray
glue or God.
I hope it was just for her own dignity.
I hope it was spray glue would have been better
And funny if it hadn’t been the spray it in
the stuff you have to put on your hands and
then she was stuck with her hands in her hair
so she had to walk around like that all the
whole time instead of just having her stock.
Yeah, I’m going to start a new word and I’m
going to cook carp like bad like Oh dear,
that’s Cartman. That’s going to be a New Saints card.
Have eaten at that new sushi place or not.
Sushi place ’cause I’m good with any other type of
But if you say that about a sushi place that’s
just terrible dude well I mean guys.
That was a lot of fun.
I want to say a huge thank you to Rocky
for coming in and joining us this week.
I really appreciate you guys have me on.
I laughed a lot. We made her cry at one
Yeah you made me cry laughing.
Call into the fandom line.
It’s 8883263862 888 fan dumb. That’s 888-326-3862.
Call us, leave us a message.
Heck, you can even shoot us a text message.
There will likely play your message on a future episode.
I didn’t get to them this week.
Sorry. My bad again. Special thanks to our guest.
Rocky for joining us this week and if you haven’t
checked it out yet,
wild nights with Rocky Powell is the name of her
Go take a listen to it.
It is great content. Very,
very enjoyable.

dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news dumb news

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