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4. Yury’s 32% Episode


This week Yury really brings his all by booking our guest host, Vance Kotrla with the band SciFi Romance!

Don’t forget to listen all the way to the end to hear how YOU could win our first give away… I mean who doesn’t like free stuff?

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Episode Transcript

It’s time for the this week is dumb podcast. A chance for you to disconnect from reality for a bit and hear about some of the dumb things that we found this week. Now, here are your hosts, Darren, and Yury.

 Hi everybody. Welcome back. This is episode number four of this week is dumb. Uh, boy, it’s been a dumb week.

 This is a Garrett joining me today as always is Yury say hi to everybody yury

 hello? Hello. Hello.

 Thank you all for or coming back and joining us and, uh, you know, thanks for all the communication. We have gotten a plethora of emails, some direct messages on Instagram, uh, even a couple of calls to the fandom line.

So thank you everybody for calling them. Amazing. Yeah, dedicating a little bit of time to contributing to our show. Um, you know, last week we had a guest the week before that we had a guest, uh, Yury Mr. 30% for the podcast finally came through this week and brought us our guest host this week. So Yury why don’t you tell our listeners who our guest host is?

 I, my new year’s resolution is to bump my contributions to this podcast from 30 to maybe 32% effort. So, um, what I did is I, uh, called a buddy of mine and asked him if you. We’d like to come on as a guest host. Um, Vance, can

 I, can I come out of the trunk now? Yeah, I

 wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure. What, what impressed me more is that you wanted to get to 32% or that you actually had a friend you could call?

 Uh, both, both. It was a 31% for bringing someone 32% because he’s actually a friend of mine. Uh, Vance is a musician in a band Saifai romance who interestingly enough, their new album from the play gear, uh, was recorded at home during the lockdowns of 2020. That’s true.

 Most of it, exactly where

I’m sitting right now,

 he is also

the co editor of the Hugo nominated genre site, nerds of a feather flock together. And I’m going to add this little, last bit of information. The pronunciation guide for his last name is actually troll. Uh, I only say that because his last name is spelled K O T. R L a K O T R L, which sounds like  it’s like you

took the alphabet and you just flung it at the wall and whatever stuck.

That’s what we went with.

First of all, Vance. Thanks for coming on today. Tell me what is the worst pronunciation you’ve heard of your last name? Well, I don’t

 know that. It. I mean, the one that I get the most often is Katrina, where they just turn the L into an eye. And the reason why that one is the worst is because that’s the one that was printed on my football Jersey in high school.

And I think it was printed on a driver’s license briefly and, uh, and on our tax forms for awhile. So. That’s a, that’s a particularly pernicious one that was actually

 printed on your Jersey and license Katrina. Yeah, yeah,

 yeah. Awesome. And I said, you guys need to fix this and then like, yeah, yeah, we’ll fix


And his band is quite interesting. What, what would you categorize your genre of music? Modern folk? Yeah, I

 guess I don’t tend to do it. Um, people that write about us tend to call us, uh, alt folk. My favorite is steam folk. I liked that one. Somebody made that one up folk. Yeah. I’ve never heard. I don’t know.

You know, I, uh, I started off playing drums in and metal bands. And so even though I’m in a folk band now, um, there’s still sort of a, uh, I guess, a heavier kind of undercurrent to it that, that in some songs, you know, comes more to the forefront than in others. And somebody picked up on that and they said it was sort of a steam punk folk thing.

And I was like, Yeah, sure.

 We’ll go with that. Can you tell me about this site? Cause I honestly, I’ve never heard of it. I probably shouldn’t say that. Cause you’re our guest. I probably should have researched this my bad. Uh, but nerds have a feather. Uh, tell me about that.

 I live next door to a guy for a long time, uh, here in LA and he was from Kansas city and I was from Texas.

And so we would have a lot of a backyard. Uh, cookouts and stuff in the shared courtyard. And we would always argue about barbecue and, uh, and we connected over scifi and fantasy books. And so after we were no longer neighbors, he had reached out and said, Hey, do you want to start a blog with me? Where we just talk about whatever kind of genre stuff pops into our head and.

I love old cult movies, like terrible movies that no one could love, but me. Um, and I just absolutely adore them. And so I was like, yeah, sure. I was literally watching one, you know, when he texted me about it. And I was like, I know exactly what to write about. And that was, that was almost 10 years ago. And so in the.

In the, uh, in the interim, the site has really grown. We’ve had, I want to say over 25 contributors. Um, right now we have, uh, four co editors that are working on it and we’ve been nominated for a Hugo award four times in the best fanzine category. So it’s a, it’s a lot of fun. I don’t write for it as much as I used to anymore.

Um, I’m more in the editorial role, but yeah, it’s a great site. I couldn’t be prouder of the team that we have. It’s really. No, a bunch of thoughtful people that, um, I’m very, very pleased that I get to hang out with, uh, even if it’s virtually

 awesome. Well, I think, uh, just to reiterate the whole idea of the podcast, as we like to kind of just go over and chit chat about some of the dumb things that have happened this week in the news, uh, sometimes it’s.

Couple of weeks, past couple of weeks, but nevertheless, still dumb things. There’s usually quite a bit of a large pool to pull from, but we’d like to narrow it down to a few. Uh, I’m going to shoot it over to you.


 I’ll tell you this week, I had trouble narrowing down my selections. Um, the story this week, the first one I want to start off with takes place in a lovely little state called the JZ.

And the title of this article is New Jersey man sets fire to his lawn to get rid of snow and ice police. And firefighters responded to a home where a man had set a small fire to try to melt the snow and ice. When the fire department arrived, they called him the hazmat unit who then was allowed to remove all the gasoline.

So this dude, basically he poured a half a gallon of gasoline on a two by two section of his backyard thinking, Hey, this is a really great way to remove the snow quickly. So, is this

guy dumb or is he a genius? I’m

 going to go with dumb for a thousand,

 please, Alex, but it’s a two by two foot square. That’s that’s what the size of his

 CD cover.

There’s a joke in here somewhere about two feet. And it’s a guy who measures versus a woman who measures, but I think I’ll leave that one alone.

 See, I’m curious what he thought was going to happen with the fire once the ice. And so, because you’re trying to save your lawn, right? Bye. By burning it. This is a very curious approach to, to horticulture.

 That’s what he’s trying to get. He’s trying to get rid of the

 snow, right? Well, I mean, I’m assuming, so here’s

 my question. Two foot by two foot square of snow. Why is it that emergent to get rid of the snow? I’m guessing

 this was like his test area. Like he was like, all right. I’m going to try it out in this two by two area.

And if it works really well, then I’m just going to spread this out. Or maybe he just assumed it was going to spread farther. I don’t know. Or maybe the dude just had a really sore back and he was trying to recreate the formula for it.

 I, I want to take it one step further and I wish I could hear the recording of that nine 11 call of the neighbor, or even just the five minutes leading up to that.

Some lady talking to her husband. Saying you got to come look at what Bob’s doing. Well

 lucky for you. Yury I have a piece of the nine 11 call. Let me play it for you.

Okay. Maybe that wasn’t the nine 11 call, but you get the point. Fire to the rain, the Adele song on it. It works right. I was tracking,

 I got it. Okay. I got it.

 By the way, New Jersey it’s now the new Florida only 100% colder

 new Florida. Well,

 now I will wear, but has New Jersey ever had frozen and guanos fall out of its trees.

 I’m sorry, can you back that up and repeat that again because I’m sure I didn’t hear you just say what I think you just said.

 That is an actual thing that happened in the state of Florida. They had frozen Guan is fall out of their trees during

 a cold snap, to the issue of weather advisory. For

 that it’s a Florida specific weather advisory.

 It’s like one of those alerts you get on your phone. Today’s weather alert, falling, frozen iguanas, stay indoors. All right,

 I’m going to, I’m going to push this along. Uh, Vance, if you didn’t know, we started a game show where we basically play for points. That don’t mean anything perfect for the chance to win a prize that is invisible, great

 weight, but you’re forgetting something.


 Now you can go. All right. Our first headline is coming from New Zealand and Vance. If you don’t know the rules of the game, I’m going to read a headline. These are actual headlines. From the news. I’m going to leave one word out and give you three possible choices, uh, between you and Garrett. It’s up to you guys to decide, which is the correct, is the answer always Florida times out of 10, 5% of the time.

You can’t go wrong with that answer. But in New Zealand, a woman was sentenced after she was caught, attempting to smuggle 947 blank strapped to her body. The possible answers are. A turtle, embryos B cactuses or see natural sea sponges. She was caught and sentenced after she was attempting to smuggle 947 blank strapped her body turtle, embryos, cactuses, or natural

 since you know what fancier the guest I’m going to let you go first.

 Now it seems like. The cactuses would be a sentence in and of itself. You know, a punishment you have to have 947 cactuses strapped to you and slipped through the airport. I’m going to go with the term. I’m going to go with the turtles

 turtle, turtle, embryos. Yeah. I mean, it would be hard to strap almost a thousand turtles to your body, but Hey, there’s a Guinness book of world records out there and it’s filled with information.

It might be fun. And

 you never know what, uh, what they do in, uh, New Zealand,

 Garrett, what are your, what are your thoughts? Well,

 the first thing that I went to was. It’s cat die, not cactuses Yury uh, yes. Let me correct you there. Uh, and because you didn’t say the word, right. I’m guessing it’s not that, but I also would like to know if it does it say in this article where she put these things to try to smuggle them out, because if it’s cacti that really liked to know where she tried to do that, it just

 says on her body,

 on her body.

All right. So turtle, embryos. 900 of those that seems like a lot. Cactus is far too prickly for this person. I’m going to have to go with sea sponges for no other reason. Then you can smush them all and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine to try to smuggle them out of New Zealand. You

 know, before you reveal the answer, I want to say that.

I actually think that you’re probably correct because expanse, you know, New Zealand. It’s an aquatic place, I guess. Right? It’s an Island and turtles, I think, come in eggs, baby turtles, I think come in eggs. So I’m probably wrong, but I’m still going with the, with the baby

 turtles because to commit to it, man, I appreciate that you have the confidence to just commit and stay


Well, you know, turtle turtles are cute. Right? I think, I don’t know. They might be, I’m going to go with the thing that could potentially


 day be cute. Well, let me tell you, in New Zealand authorities have sentenced a woman who tried in 2019 to smuggle nearly 1000 cacti and succulents into the country, strapped to her body on March 24th, 2019.

Uh, she strapped. Stockings containing 947 succulents and cacti valued at over $10,000 to her body and attempted to bring them into the country. Cacti included eight endangered and threatened species. And she tried to dispose of the items in the airport, toilets after attracting the attention of a detector dog.

I have so many questions. I didn’t even realize that this is one of the things that they train the

 dogs. How do you train a dog to sniff out CAC die?

 Karyn the problem? The problem is so severe that someone would have had to think, you know what we need. We need a dog. That can smell these

 things. Yeah.

This goes back to the conversation last week about warning labels, right? Somebody had to do something like this at some point in the past. So they realized, Hey, the dog needs to be trained to sniff out

 cats die. And not only that, but then the dog has to only be trained. It has to be a cactus dog because you can’t cross train him to like.

Detect explosives and cactus, uh, CAC di uh, cause how would you know, you’d be so confused, the dog’s scented and, uh, alerted they’ve either got a pipe bomb or a little potted plant


 I do you see? So, uh, for our listeners, we’re we’re on video so we can see each other fans. Do you see Yuri’s face whenever I play that, because it really makes them happy. Why watch what happens?

 adds a whole other dimension of cheer.

 Go ahead. Yury

 next question. Two year old, a panel full of buttons.

 All right. Said I was mature.

 This is from an article last week. Uh, I study revealed that blank can be trained to play video games. Is it pigs, newborn, babies, or catfish? I don’t think

 we need a study to tell us that newborns can figure out how to play video games.

My son unlocked my iPhone before I did. Uh, I’m gonna go with catfish. No reason. Just catfish

 D all of the

 above. Yeah, I was going to say pigs, um, pigs are not necessarily known to be the smartest of animals unless you’re willing. Well, now

 this is somebody who I guess has never seen young guns. I

 have also never seen young guns

 and you’re missing out.


 do the whole thing, pigs, newborn, and catfish. And regardless of the answer, why would any of those answers, uh, require a study to see if that can be done? This

 goes back to with all the things that scientists could be studying right now to make this world a better place. This is somebody said, fuck it.

I’m going to study to see if a pig or a newborn baby or a catfish can play a video game. This is my life. I need to come up with an answer. Hold on. I’m working on my answer. Yury stop interrupting me. So you said catfish, Vance, uh, because.

 No, no reason I just catfish or ornery and I’m from the Gulf coast.

So I’m going with, I’m

 going with cafe. We dealt with carp last week. You know what? I have absolutely no idea why I’m going to say it, but I’m going to go with pigs just because I’m gonna go with pigs. I dunno. I got

 nothing. Well, they’re Garrett uh, pigs can be trained to play video games with their snouts as steady reveals.

It said that pigs are highly intelligent creatures in a study released. Uh, last Thursday has revealed that they’re skilled gamers too. And, uh, they basically did a study where they, they were trained at a rudimentary joystick operated task. Are they playing Pac-Man pretty much, should they learn how to manipulate the joystick with their snouts to move a computer cursor across the screen?

Once they maneuvered the cursor to hit a wall, a treat dispenser connected to the joystick would deliver a snack. Why would you devote again?

 I’m going to circle it back to young guns. I think somebody grew up watching that movie just like I did, and they wanted to put it to the test. There’s this great line where somebody like kicks a pig or something and he goes, you shouldn’t do that.

Pigs as smart pigs, as smart as dogs. It’s true. I knew a felon. El cap, Dan taught his pig to bark at

 strangers. Well, the tagline for the headline is pigs might not be able to fly, but give them a joystick and see what happens. That’s

 some, that’s some high quality writing right there. The, the

 regular headline writer must’ve called in sick

 to hit the button,

bringing it on to the third and final article. I believe Garrett is up by one. Vance is down by nothing, but being again in the whole being the guest hosts, he has a handicap of plus five points. So Vance is in the lead. Uh, last one, a four year old girl discovered a blink footprint on a Welsh speech and the answers are dinosaur alien Bigfoot.

 Well, I know that they declassified a bunch of alien stuff, but I don’t know that they’ve gotten, as far as the footprints. I’m gonna go with the dinosaur.

 Dinosaur answer from Vance it’s over to you. Garrett Yury where was this? This was in Welsh beach in Wales. South Wales. Got to give Garrett time to Google it.

 Well, hold

 on South Wales is known for its, uh, its treasure trove of dinosaur footprints. Is it

 now? And video game playing pigs. It’s all right. All right.

 So not North Wales, only new South Wales part only. So, all right. I don’t think that alien is the right answer because nobody in their right mind would visit South Wales.

And so aliens probably wouldn’t go there voluntarily and dinosaurs. That seems a little bit too obvious. Uh, I’m going to go with, I’m going to go with Bigfoot. I think they’re looking to create a national hunting season and it was probably Bigfoot. Well,

 Derek incorrect. As usual, a dinosaur footprint was found by a four year old girl walking with her family at a Welsh beach.

And that footprint is now headed to a museum where it will be displayed alongside a plaque, identifying its discover the four year old girl. So

 I, I’m just curious. Yury so I got one point advance has one point. What are we going to do here? Who wins

 the game? Oh, Vance by a hundred percent. He’s the guest house.

And given that he has the five point advantage and I make up the rules. Uh, Vance’s the winner also

 on my side of the scales is the fact that I can’t push the button that plays the jingle.

 Oh, thank you. And thank you. Yury for loving that jingle so much. And the irony is. You’re the one that gave me the jingle in the first place. I was so glad you did that.

 I hear it in

 my sleep. Did you set your ringtone yet though? Because that’s what I really want to know. It

 plays, uh, when you send me a text message.

 Nice. Perfect. Uh, all right. Moving on to my next story. Okay. Uh, we we’re we’re, we’re leaving the, the beautiful town of New Jersey, or I guess the beautiful state of New Jersey. And we’re moving to a little town called Chattanooga in Tennessee. And the title of this article is Chattanooga man charged with impersonating president Obama on gun permit application.

So the police are charging the man from Chattanooga, Tennessee, after they say he forged former president Barack Obama’s name on an application for a handgun permit. Robert Joseph Hallock was arrested on February 11th and is being charged with perjury, forgery and identity theft. Now, apparently Hallock was previously denied a gun permit request in November because he had an active or a doubt for his arrest in the state of Michigan.

So instead of just accepting that and taking that as the answer, how it decided to apply again. But this time he sent it in with the name president Barack Obama and the word president, he added the word president burrata got the middle initial. Exactly. But he also included a $50 check with the application.

So the first question that came to my mind when I read this article was, do you think this guy had the thought, Hmm, what’s going to happen when the name on the check doesn’t match. Barack Obama.

 I don’t think it ever occurred to him. Cause I’m still trying to get to the point where you get denied a gun permit because you have an outstanding warrant and you go,

 I know what I’ll do.

I got this, I got a plan. I got a plan. Do you think he left and came back 10 minutes later wearing different clothes.

 Whereas ain’t Ghostbusters guys, guys. I know exactly what to do.

 Follow me. Why would, why would that be top of mind in the best plan though?

 Like, hold on. Sorry. I saved the photo. The second part of my thought on this conversation was the guy’s a spitting image.

So I don’t understand why they didn’t think that this was Barack Obama. Say that’s a white guy.

 That’s yeah, it’s

 really good. Yeah, really good listening. I’ll post the picture for our listeners so they can see it. But I mean, if I had seen that, I would have thought absolutely a hundred percent that’s president Obama, right.

 He basically tried to pull the mic 11

 Oh, super bad reference. Very timely. Yury very nice. Uh, well,

 go on.

 I know I was just going to say, just to add on, because it’s not bad enough that he says his name was president Barack H Obama with a $50 check. It also says the application contained a letter with the United States of America seal on it.

And the us department of state letterhead. No,

 that’s just a quick Google search. Anybody can do that.

 Dummy. I mean, did he actually think he was going to get away with this? What, what was going through this? Guy’s mind? A lot of meth. I mean, I can’t argue with your logic there, Vance. I mean, that’s, that’s pretty how logic


Kids don’t talk. Don’t do drugs kids. Drugs are bad. Well, my final story, surprisingly enough, brings us back to Florida. I’m going to walk you through this a little step by step, rather than just reading the headline. A man’s girlfriend suspected that he was, that he was cheating on her. So she discovered that he had another girlfriend who this guy proposed to.

So he’s dating the girl, cheating on her with another girl. He proposes to the girl. He’s having an affair with one step further. The man stole a ring rings, engagement, ring, and wedding ring from the first girlfriend. And use that to propose to the second girlfriend. First girlfriend sees the post, says that looks like my ring and goes to her jewelry box and discovers her rings have been stolen.

And the headline is. I’m Florida man, proposes using rings stolen from the other lover. It says,

 hold on. So Yury, I’m kind of disappointed. You don’t have a flow chart for this one because I feel like we need it. You

 and your flow charts, man, this

 guy sounds like a

 catch. Yeah. So this guy is dating this girl over here, but they break up and he says, no, they don’t break up.

 He’s cheating on her.


 he’s cheating on her. He’s cheating better. And so he says, Hey, you know what? I’m cheating on this girl with this girl over here. But I really want to lock that down. So I got to put a ring on her finger, but I can’t really afford the ring. So I’m going to take it from my current girlfriend.

 You know, you know, this, this puts me in mind of, uh, if I can jump in with some, some retroactive dumb, it reminded me of, uh, of the guy who a couple of years ago was attacked in his sleep by his girlfriend with his own samurai sword. Do you guys ever hear this one?

 I’m sorry. He was attacked while he was sleeping, sleep samurai sword.


 his grandparents or his own samurai

 own samurai sword, not the neighbors, not the neighbors samurai sword. So Alex Lavelle 29 said, quote, he had to wing Chun his way to survival in quotes. When his girlfriend allegedly repeatedly slashed him in a jealous rage. When she suspected he was unfaithful, because one thing we know about guys with samurai swords is they’re having to beat the ladies away.

He continues. I was just so proud for beating the samurai. Want to be crazy lady with hate in her heart. I’ve been preparing my whole life for something like this. They’d been dating for two years when his 30 year old girlfriend accused him of having a Tinder account, which he vehemently

 did. You know, I read a study that owning a samurai sword is the number two, uh, birth control, uh, product in America,

 same research team that figured out pigs could play video games hoots.

 First of all, owned samurai swords. Second of all

 clearly a guy who’s been preparing his whole life to be attacked in his sleep by his girlfriend with his own

 samurai sword. I think we’re going to start a new jingle called retrospective

 down. So just to recap a little bit, we talked about New Jersey with a guy setting his lawn on fire to melt snow.

We played. This has done where we talked about turtle, embryos, cacti, sea sponges, dyno, footprints, aliens, big foot pigs, newborn babies, and catfish, and finished up the day with a Florida man who can’t seem to figure out how to propose properly with his own ring instead of stealing it from somebody else.

Bingo. Oh wait. And last I forget. Wayne Tran Vance fans brought us weighing Chung and the samurai, sorry, this has been a, this has been a word and I have to say. Okay, so we’re again, we’re,

 we’re sweeping. Yeah. Coast to coast.

 We went, we went East coast sort of Midwest, I don’t know is Tennessee. Middle Tennessee is considered Midwest isn’t it never really understood that.

Even when I lived in Ohio, like Ohio is considered the Midwest, but isn’t really the Midwest because it’s really the North East or

 yeah. It’s East of the Mississippi. The Midwest is East of the Mississippi, which is its own sort of Dom, I think. Yeah. You’re

 making me feel dumb. Cause I had no idea what actually defined Midwest, but thank you for that Vance.

 Anything I can do to embarrass my

 cohost. Oh, perfect. Yury anything else


 add? We do have a voicemail service, uh, that you can call it’s one eight, eight, eight fandom. That’s F a N D U M B. And I think we wanted to try something different this week right here. Yep.

 Sure did. And for those of you that have trouble with spelling that that’s (888) 326-3862.

So fandom three, two six, three eight six two. Yeah. We’re going to start a new thing this week and we thought, you know, Well, let’s do a little competition. So we decided we want you to call in and leave us a voicemail and tell us about the dumbest thing that you have done or the dumbest thing that you have been a part of.

It can be any kind of a story, but the dumbest thing you’ve done and Yury. What are we going to do with them? Uh, we


 listen to them a vote amongst ourselves, which one is the dumbest and we’ll play it on the next podcast. If we do select your dumb story, we will send you something. What are we sending of Garrett?

Uh, well,

 the idea. Yeah, hold on. You asked me what we’re sending them. Let me say it. We’re going to send, I decided I would chip in $5. So we’ll send you a $5 Starbucks, the gift card, which

 translates to don’t bother calling. I will throw in another $5 and make it a $10 Starbucks gift

 card. And, and if you don’t drink coffee, we could just send you a $10 over Venmo.

 I’m going to kick it up a notch. I will say a $20 Starbucks gift card for the winner of the most dumb story that is provided. Now, this has to be something that you did, or you were a part of that is just plain dumb. Now, when you call, please leave your callback phone number or some kind of contact information, and we should probably put a.

Deadline on this in case someone’s listening to this episode

 down the line, nobody’s going to listen to this episode after the apocalypse. No, it’s not going to happen. Yury I’ll tell you what, um, you know, for some of our astute listeners, we typically have been publishing our episodes on Friday. Uh, we changed our recording schedule this week, just due to family schedules.

So this episode is actually going to come out on Monday. Uh, so that’ll be Monday the 22nd. And so let’s do this. Yury, let’s give everybody a couple of weeks to get their stories together. So we’re going to, we’re going to go, well, this’ll come out on the 22nd. Hold on. I’m pulling up my calendar so I can say this out loud.

We will, we will judge the entries the week of March 1st and we will announce the winner on the March 8th episode. How does that sound? Yury

 sounds good to me. All right. So you have. Until March 1st, Monday to submit your dumb story. Should you accept

 this challenge? How many calls do you think we’ll actually


Probably just one. And it’ll be like one of our moms

 to show mom,

 listen to this podcast. Absolutely not. You know, it’s funny

 when you say submit your dumb story, it feels like you’re being dismissive, but that’s no, that’s actually what you want. And you want a dumb story.

 Where’s the, where’s the damn gift shop.

This is there a damn bathroom here? Is that a goddamn? Isn’t a national, Lampoon’s where they visited a, the dam in Nevada for Arizona. It’s walking around and then it’s the damn gift shop.

 And then in a Beavis and Butthead, they go to the Hoover dam for some reason. And, uh, Beavis raised his hand. I have a question.

Is that a goddamn,

 uh, Damn that looks cool. Oh, well, Hey, that was fun. What do you think? Yury

 it was fun. I want to thank, uh, Vance for coming out again. If you didn’t know, uh, go check out his new album from the play gear, from his band Saifai romance, you know, the year

 we all just lived through and it’s still going, I guess.

 And if that’s not your cup of tea, then check out his. Hugo nominated as genre site nerds of a feather flock

 together. Hey, Vance, real quick. Where can we find your band’s music since Yury hasn’t told us that yet?

 Oh, we’re on all of the things we’re on. We’re on the Spotify. And then, uh, if you want to download it, which I guess is something people did in the last century, um, It’s Saifai romance.bandcamp.com, but everybody’s streaming everything now.

So we’re on we’re on the Spotify and the Apple music and all

 those things. Well, basically our listeners who are listening to us on Spotify or Apple podcasts can just jump over to Apple music or Spotify and find your bands

 thumb right up into the search bar and type in scifi romaine. You

 know, it reminds me, I didn’t feel old until I watched, I think it was Buzzfeed or college humor or one of these random sites where they gave teenagers a old.

Computer from the nineties. And they said, turn this on and access the internet. And they were forced to use AOL on a dial up connection. And at which point that gave them an error that said, Error initializing modem. And a majority of the teenagers said what’s a modem. Yeah. What’s a modem. Yeah. That dial

 up sound.

It’s just like a, it’s woven into my DNA at this point. Like I could hear that on my death bed and be like, Oh yeah,

 well, it was be connected to the

 internet. Well, I have 493 hours left that I needed to use up before the end of the month.

 We just microwave to those, uh, those CDs

 when they sent them.

Doorstops doorstops

 alright. Are we good alum into Chinese

 stars, Wang Chung with AOL

 discs. That’s all right. That’s what that guy did. You’re surrounded by AOL disks that he had whittled into throwing stars, preparing his whole life for that one

 moment, which came suddenly in the night.

 Are you done now?

Or are we good? I think I’m through. Okay. Well, listen, everybody, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to join us again. You know, we, we created this thing with the idea of just giving you a chance to get away from reality. Just have something that you can just laugh at, and hopefully we’ve somehow managed to do that for you.

Thanks for spending the time with us. Uh, remember if you liked the podcast, please go us. Uh, ideally if you’re listening on the Apple podcast then, and the Apple podcast app five stars, write a nice review or don’t, but, uh, we would love to have your feedback. Remember to e-mail the showGarrett@dumbweek.com or Yury at dunwich.com actually just e-mail me, garrett@dunwich.com cause Yury is not going to check his mails anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

So just send me the email. Call into the fandom line. Make sure you leave us your dumbest story that you have been a part of, or that you did the dumbest thing you did for a chance to win that $20 gift card coming straight out of your pocket book and being sent to you. Don’t forget to leave your contact information so that we know how to get back in touch with you.

And Hey, if we pick you for the winter, who knows, maybe we might call you live on the podcast to tell you you won. Wouldn’t that be something fine? That’s an invitation for trouble. That’s how we live though. That’s how we live every day. Hey, you’re you’re muted. If you’re talking to unmute

 yourself, Karen,

that would be $20. Well spent.

 Thanks again, everybody. We hope you have a fantastic week and we’ll look forward to seeing you, uh, next week on this week is dumb. Okay. Bye.

SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance SciFi Romance

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